Thursday, December 8, 2011

A funny thing happened to me on the way to Trade Night.....

Actually something awesome happened at Trade Night last night.  I've been going to Bosco's trade nights since I moved back to Anchorage a couple of years ago.  For every 5 dollars you spend you get one ticket.  Every month the sports card manager Pat puts one pack of whatever new has come out that month.  The first Wednesday of every month they host a trade night with pizza and soda and usually a few other door prizes and then draw one ticket and one ticket only for the pack board.  If the winning ticket isn't there the board rolls over to the next month. Well last night's pack board had a worth up over $540!!!! and the place was packed, Especially because all the people who had bought stuff for their  Black Friday double ticket promotion were there.

I wasn't even sure I was going to buy anything.  I've been trying to save money for Christmas and my upcoming Honeymoon to Arizona in Mark, but I had a little store credit so I figured what the hell and bought 2 packs of Gridiron Gear and a pack of Certified Football.  I got 4 tickets and went to eat a couple slices of pizza while there was some left.  And then I won!!!!  Yep over two years of buying stuff and going to trade night and I finally won, on a night worth over 500 bucks!!  You will eventually see me here if you've ever wondered what I look like. But I'm not up there yet as of this writing.  It's not the most valuable trade night in Bosco's history, but damn close.  And I had more than just the 4 tickets that I had just gotten, but it was one of those 4 that won.

Here's what my booty looks like.

Here's a run down of what I won.

2011 Triple Threads NFL($95)
2011 UFC Moment of Truth(4.50)
2011 Absolute NFL($40.00)
 2011 CROWN ROYALE  NFL(25.00)
11/12 SP Authentic Basketball(5.25)
2011 Bowman Chrome MLB(4.50)
11/12 Parkhurst NHL(4.25)
2011 Topps Chrome NFL(5.00)
11/12 ITG Ultimate Hockey(170.00)
2011 Topps Update MLB Jumbo(12.50)
2011 Topps Update MLB(2.25)
2011 Topps Gridiron Legends NFL(6.00)
2011 Leaf Draft Football 1/1 Plate Pack(25.00)
2011 Press Pass Legends Nascar(9.60)
2011 Leaf MMA 1/1 Plate Pack(25.00)
11/12 Upper Deck 1 NHL(3.75)
2011 Leaf Pop Century 1/1 Plate pack(25.00)
11/12 O Pee Chee NHL(1.99)
11/12 Score NHL(1.00)
2011 Bowman Draft MLB($3.25)
2011 UD Texas Football($2.75)
2011 UD Oklahoma Football($2.75)
2011 Sage Five Star Football($45.00)
2012 Press Pass Racing($3.00)
2011 Panini Certified NFL($10.00)
11/12 Panini Certified NHL($10.00)

That's 26 packs and I'll use that term loosely.

So over the next couple of days I'm going to break this up into a few posts and show you what I got.  There was actually quite a few good cards pulled out of this early Christmas present.   

So lets start with the Leaf 1 of 1 printing plate packs.  

You can see from the scan that this group here is worth $25 a piece and you get just what it says on the front.  Shall we see what I got?  And yeah, you'll notice that they are already opened it would have been rude of me to just take all my packs and skedadle from the store. I opened most of the high end packs there so people could see what I got.

First we have the 2010 Leaf MMA Printing plate

Kazunori Yokota!  Who???  I'm a not huge MMA fan, but I do know a few names and this ain't one of them.  To the internet!!  It took me 3 tries to actually find a sight that had stats for him.  He was listed on all of them, but was the only sight that actually had some fight stats.
Let's see record 14-5-3.  From Japan. His last fight was on October 29th in Deep-Cage Impact in Tokyo and he won.  Well way to go there Kaz.  Here's the back.

Next we have Leaf Draft Football.   Let's check it out.

Hmm Shane Vereen.  Who?  Never heard of him.  To the interwebs.  Ah rookie with the New England Patriots.  Lets see so far this year Shane has logged 57 yards on 15 carries in 5 games and has a one TD.  OK well at least he's gotten a little playing time.  Again we have a unsigned printing plate.  Did Leaf insert signed printing plates?  

Lastly we get to 2011 Leaf Pop Century and a name I've heard of and maybe you have too.  Lets have a look at the card see if you can tell me who it is.

Wow look at that beauty any guesses?  I can tell you that he's an award winner!!  Wow if I'd shelled out $25 bucks for this card I would have been pissed.  Here's the card and holder with the name on it.
It's Fonzie!!!!!  It looks like Fonzie has no Magenta in his face.  Wow this is an epic fail, but I'm sure they're not all this bad, but come on.

Here's the back.
This actually could have been a cool card, say if I'd gotten the black printing plate or something.  Henry and Happy Days were responsible for the saying, "Jumping the Shark".  From the episode where Fonzie jumps a shark tank on his motor cycle.  

Well not off to too good of start, but it'll get better I promise and I've got something cool for last too.


  1. Holy poop, you lucky bastard! I cant wait to see this shake out.

  2. Keep me in mind if any of those football packs have any Panthers!

  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see what the ITG box holds!

  4. That was a sweet prize pack! Can't wait to see the rest.