Monday, December 5, 2011

A good day for a Packer fan.

Wow.  What a weekend of football. Was the Indy Pats game really that close? Seattle creamed Philly.  Dallas and the Lions are imploding. And holy crap the Pack almost gave me a heart attack again.

 It's funny I was talking with an old college buddy a few weeks ago and he was complaining about how many points the Packers were beating their opponents by and wished the games were more competitive.  Well I guess he got his wish on Sunday as the Packers faced what was probably their closest and hardest game so far this year.  I was biting my nails and cussing at the TV through a lot of it.  But it the end I did get to use this graphic I made last week.  You know it was coming.

Looking at the schedule it won't be a cake walk.  The Raiders are no pushovers.  I think the Pack can handle the Chiefs and the Bears again especially now that Culter is out. And of course we have the season ending New Years Day game against the Lions which will no doubt be a good game as well.  Just an interesting season all around the League.

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