Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy Crap that's a lot of eTopps!

What does over 200 eTopps cards look like?  Em Well, I didn't take a picture of them so you'll never know, but here's one I know was in there that I yanked from the eTopps site.  I have to say from placing my order to getting them at my front door was very quick.  Especially considering I put the order in right before the Christmas weekend.  But for what the shipping cost would have been if I hadn't used points it should have been.

Anywho.  I figure that the haul should produce multiple posts to enjoy.  I started sorting through them last night and it became a little overwhelming.  Now I have to find a place to store all these bad boys.  I will say these are some nice looking cards.  I'm half tempted to crack one open just so I can get a good look at it without the plastic holder.

And stay tuned for my Super Bowl contest.  I've got the announcement queued up, but seeing as two divisions are still undecided and that the last game of the regular season will determine who wins the NFC East, it should be a good weekend of football even if most of the teams already in the playoffs phone it in on Sunday, yeah I'm looking at you Mike McCarthy!  And how great would it be if the two starting ProBowl QB's don't show up because they're in the SuperBowl?  That's a rhetorical question, cuz the answer is awesome!!!  I have a feeling that a few eTopps cards will make it in to the prize pool for this contest too!!

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