Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trade night booty Part 7 ... College Football Packs

So here we have the college packs.  Although the Sage 5 Star is pretty much a go between.

Upper Deck is using it's NCAA license here putting out univerity specific offerings.  While I think the cards are well done, it's a pretty slim market for these cards.  Lets have a look.

First up the Longhorns pack.

Next we have the Sooners.
Like I said a nice quality UD product, great photograph, nice simple design, but if your not a Longhorns or Sooners fan who cares?

Next up we have the Sage 5 Star.  I never really noticed this when it came out.  Many because I usually stay away from college cards, so that means I usually overlook all Sage and PressPass offerings, but this was something different.  I did a double take when I noticed the $45 dollar price tag on the pack.  Especially since it was just mingling with all the other packs in the bunch.  You get 3 cards and 5 autos.  Not too shabby.  
Here's what I got.

I have a buddy who's a big Ohio State fan he might get a kick out of this card.  Dane is now with the Bears and Cameron with the Steelers.

Here's a couple of Eagles rookies.  Of course I know of Casey, he comes from a very famous football family, too bad he's not having such a great year.  I am , of course, a huge fan of his brother Clay.

And here we have Torrey Smith, who now plays for the Ravens.  
I really like this pack a lot, although I doubt I'd have ever actually bought a pack of this.

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