Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here's some dirty in your eye!

I've been checking out some of the box breaks of the new Topps American Pie.  It's been about 10 years since Topps put out an American Pie set and it use to be more of a Baseball related release.  But with the popularity of Panini's Americana and Leaf's Pop Century, looks like Topps is giving this pop culture non-sports release a try.   There's some neat stuff in the product.  I haven't bought any and doubt I will, but I've seen quite a few blog and forum posts on it.  The one insert that stands out are the dirt cards.  Maybe it's because of Colbey's love of the old Stadium club insert that he keeps posting about over at his blog Cardboard Collections.  The checklist I found only lists 4 cards, but Topps leaves the door open that there might be more TBA.  But I was able to snag pictures of all 4 dirt relic cards on the checklist.  So Colbey this one's for you.

So I guess only 2 are actually dirt.  The Gettysburg and Statue of Liberty look like a piece of wood and maybe a piece of old Lady Liberty herself?  Tough to tell and no one's posted the backs of these cards so that's no help.

You'll notice when I do a box break or my Top 100 I always try to post a picture of the back of at least one cards in a release.  I'm a sucker for completeness like that.  I'm at work right now and can't access ebay so I have no idea what these cards are running or what sellers are asking.  I'll try and do an update later tonight if I get a chance.

So there you go Colbey some new cards to chase for you oddball relics collection.

cb out

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  1. Thanks cb. The last thing I need right now is another card set to chase. These are so tempting though. Perhaps if I change my name to Charity I can get someone to donate some to me!