Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trade night Booty Part 6 ... The Baseball Packs

Here we have the baseball packs from my winnings at trade night last Wednesday.  I'll start with the Bowman Chrom and BDPP and then highlight the inserts from Topps Update.

This product just seems pointless to me.  Maybe not as point less and BDPP, but still if you can only put out so many baseball sets a year with your exclusive license why not something originial?  The highlight of the pack was of course the Josh Beckett Blue Refactor.

Wow. I'm so glad I never bothered to waste any money on this product.  I just don't see any difference between this and the regular Bowman and Topps doens't even bother to change the design even a little.  The Mike Trout and Craig Kimbrel were the highlights of the pack.

Now onto Topps Update.  

From Series 1

Both from Series 2

I've already bought too much Update, but getting a jumbo and regular pack is always nice and getting a jersey relic ain't too bad either.