Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog Bat Around

Ryan over at This Card is Cool posed the following Blog Bat Around question...

"The 2011 baseball card collecting season is finally over - other than Bowman Sterling (coming out December 21st). What set or release stands out as your favorite from the year? What set or release brings your lunch back up to your throat?"

Sticking to baseball, because I think Parkhurst Champions Hockey is my favorite card release of the year from just opening one pack I snagged in my Trade Night win.  Just awesome looking base cards.

But in baseball I think my favorite of the year was Allen and Ginter.  I just rocked A&G this year with every box I opened.  All three had goodness for me this year, plus while lots of people weren't overly impressed with the base design I kinda liked it and I really liked some of  the inserts and mini offerings this year.

My lease favorite set or sets was Bowman for the second year in a row.  I've talked with one of local LCS owners last year and he says he always takes a bath on Bowman, it never sells and the only reason last year Bowman went through the roof was because of Strasmania and this year it was Harper Mania.  And don't get me wrong I know there are plenty of people out there that like Bowman and collecting prospects, but Topps also crames Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects down our throats and it's almost the exact same product as the regular Bowman offering, just seems pointless.  And why do you include Bowman Chrome cards in your regular Bowman release and then offer up Bowman Chrome?  

But I digress, so in summary, favorite A&G. Least favorite Bowman, any of it.

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