Friday, December 23, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #63

I know what your going to say.  "What two Robin Younts in a row??!! And didn't you already feature a 2005  Baseball Heroes card on here??"  

The answer is yes to both, but it's a different kick ass card.  Upper Decks Baseball Heroes had so many parallels and variations it's hard to keep track of them all.  I have a fairly detailed spreadsheet with my Yount collection on it and even with that it's hard to figure out all the different cards in this set.  Yount actually has 5 cards in the base set, so that means he has 5 cards in every parallel set as well, you get the idea, a lot of cards.  I'm still picking up and finding new ones all the time.  Some are numbered, some are signed, some have relics, some have relics and autos, some have relics, autos and are numbered. You get the idea.

What we have here is the Blue Signature parallel numbered to 20!  And it's only 3 off his number too, so that's an ebay 1/1 right?  Say what you want about parallels, I like them.  They give me something to chase. Because I don't think I would ever be satisfied if I could look down at my Yount player collection and say done!  

So number 63 on the Top 100

2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Robin Yount Signature Blue #64 Sticker auto, #d 16/20


  1. Sweet card! I agree on the parallels - who wouldn't want more cards of their favorite player(s)? And I say that as someone who builds sets too!

  2. I have the green one numbered to 99. Blue goes better with Yount.