Monday, December 12, 2011

Trade night booty Part 3...In the Game Hockey Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edtion

I'm going to go on record and say that if In The Game ever gets a full major sports license the other card companies better watch out.  I mean to look at what these guys put out with out a license is sick.  This box  was the most valuable of the Trade night boxes with a price of $170 a "pack".  And I was thrilled with what I pulled. I'm just finding my hockey fandom.

So I guess the premise is that ITG only prints 7500 total cards in the whole release and then each card has a specific print run as well.  I'm sure there are collector's of this out there that can correct me if I'm wrong.

Each pack contains 3 encased cards.  One base, one memorabilia and one autographed card.

Here's the base.

Ron Francis # 29/63

Ron played 23 seasons with 4 different teams and was elected in to the Hockey HOF in 2007.

The autographed card.
Cournoyer played 20 seasons in the NHL and was elected into the HOF in 1982

And the best for last the memorabilia card.
Cup finals Pittsburg/Chicago.  Yawza there's some big names in there.  The best is the Goulet jersey with the stitching and it's pushing out of the card.  I'm pretty happy with this pack.