Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am an NFL owner!

Back in 1997 the Packers had another stock offering to help with the cost of building the atrium addition and it is sweet (the atrium that is).  This morning the Packers opened their 5th stock sale to help raise money for another expansion to add about 7000 more seats. That means that 7000 more season ticket holder names will come off a list that has 1,000 year waiting list. Or so it seems.  They sold over 1600 shares in the first 11 minutes of the offering.

Back in 1997 I was a poor college student, just about to graduate and the one thing I'd always wished I'd done was scraped together the money to buy a share of the Packers back then.

Well today I finally got to fulfill that wish.

As a man who's taken his finances very seriously since I graduated college and had money to invest. I can say that this is a terrible investment if your looking to get rich.  It is, however, one of the best investments a sports fan can ever make.  I feel no regrets and I can't wait to be able to frame my stock certificate and add it to the wall.

Here is the website if your interested.  Packers.com  The link will take you to the owners page where you can fill out the forms to buy stock.

After filling everything out it seems you can purchase stock as a gift if your looking for the ultimate Packer fan Christmas gift this year.

Go Pack Go!

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  1. Back when they were still publicly traded, I got a share of Celtics stock for a birthday. I kept getting calls and letters about it once the shares were all purchased by the current owners, but there's no way that I has giving up my share for something like $16. My mom got it through OneShare so it is an unfolded certificate nicely framed. It's by far one of my favorite things in my collection.

    Huge fan of Christopher Moore here. Hope you enjoyed Sequined Love Nun. Have you read The Stupidest Angel? That one takes place during Christmas. If you ever get the chance, go and see Moore do a reading/Q&A. He's extremely funny.