Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fan Packin' Across the USA!!!! Rangers, Astros and A's

A couple of years ago, about the time I started up this blog I started a spring ritual of asking MLB teams for fan packs.  I make no apologies here on the blog being a Brewers fan, but I'm also a fan of baseball in general.  This might stem from being a former military brat and growing up all over the country.  I also like free stuff.  I've learned a few lessons in the past few years requesting fan packs.  For the most part it's simple, takes maybe a half hour to request them from the teams that still let you request them by email, and don't bother requesting from the Phillies because unless you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware they won't send you anything.  I guess those are the only places Phillies fans live.  I also stopped requesting from the Padres because all they do is send you a PDF in an email.  But some teams send some great stuff.  By far the best are the Brewers, Cubs and Red Sox, but a lot of other teams go out of their way with big packs like the Yankees, Rangers, Orioles, and Twins.  Some teams make you send a postcard.  Right now those are the Cubs, Twins, Yankees, Mets, and Braves.  I'm probably also going to have to send postcards to the Rays and Cardinals because I keep getting an undeliverable email message every time I try.

That being said I've already received a few fan packs barely a week after emailing.  I got one back from the Indians, but unfortunately I found it in a snow bank near the mail box.  I don't know if I did that or the mailman, but it wasn't a real big loss.  The Indians send a letter of thanks and a coloring book page and usually a schedule.  But no schedule for me this year.  And everything was pretty much water logged by the time I got it inside so I just threw it away.  But I got my Rangers fan pack this last weekend and the A's and Astros this afternoon.  I also got this years Yankees fan pack from when I requested it last year, or maybe this winter I can't remember.  I'll dig that one out for later.

First up the Astros.
No letter or anything with the Astros envelope.  Inside was an over sized card of Jason Castro, a window sticker and this years pocket schedule.

Next up the A's.  If I had to pick a secondary team to root for the A's would be right up there being the rookie teams for two of my favorite players.

Inside the envelope we had a photocopy of pages 2 and 3 from the A's media guide documenting the 40th anniversary of the teams 1st Bay area World Series, a pocket schedule featuring Brandon McCarthy, and a 2009 Topps Jack Cust card.  The Cust card looks like one specially made either for the team or Cust.

Check out the numbering on the back OK-3. I know Topps makes cards specifically for teams and players.  Anyone know who #1 and 2 are?  Also interesting that they send a baseball card of a guy that hasn't been on the team in over 2 years.  But a nice oddball for sure.  Cust was released by the  Astros minor league system after spring training.  From what I could find he is now in the Yankees camp somewhere.

And finally that big envelope from the Rangers. Oh you poor Rangers.  I've rooted for you twice now to win the World Series.  Maybe this will be your year.  The Rangers are looking strong already.

Inside we find an oversize card of Neftali Feliz, some temporary tatoos, 3, count them 3, pocket schedules, and a Jr. Rangers application card featuring Napoli, Hamilton and someone else.

There was also a letter of thanks (which I didn't scan) and this cool AL Champion team photo.  Not a bad fan pack from the team.  

CB out.


  1. I just received my Yankees pack requested last year as well. I haven't gotten around to requesting this year's yet. This week. Maybe.

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