Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some new Big Hurt love

It's been a while since I added any cards to the Frank Thomas collection.  To be honest Frank is one of my lowest priority Player Collections.  That' doesn't mean I don't love the guy.  The first major league game I ever got to attend was at New Comiskey Park and got to see the big guy play.  And I also got to see the White Sox come back from a 5 run deficit in the 8th inning to win.  That's a story for another time though.

I recently was trying out COMC's new shipping policy.  It's getting better.  I had picked up some beautiful 1963 cards for cheap, the last two 1971 Topps Brewers coins I needed for my team set, a whole slew of 2012 87 mini's for my set, and I decided to peruse the offerings for Mr. Thomas to see if I could pick up anything cool for cheap.  And I did.

First up I snagged a 1996 Leaf Frank Thomas' Greatest Hit's #2.  There we 8 cards in this insert set.  All die-cut and made to look like a piece of CD.  All serial numbered to 5000.  Which back in 1996 was a pretty big deal.  Back in 1996 this card was probably worth over $100 bucks, now it books for about 12 and I got this one for under 2.

This card commemorates his sophomore season.

Next up is a dual relic card from 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings.  If you remember the set there were so many parallels and inserts it was a little overwhelming.  I think it could be use as the extreme for parallels in a set.  Not only were base cards paralleled, but just about every insert had multiple parallel variations. This card is pretty much a dual relic parallel of the base card.  
Offiicially called Materials Bronze, we have a slice of bat and pants with the card being numbered to just 200.  I got this bad boy for under 4 bucks.  There was a slight touching on bottom left corner, hardly noticable, but I'm assuming that's why it was so cheap.

Welcome to the collection.

And if you read all the way down here, I went out and bought a hobby box of Gypsy Queen last night.  I'll have the write up tomorrow.


  1. Ive been trying to piece together that 96 Leaf CD for years....of course, I only have one of them that I pulled from a 96 Leaf box, they were too expensive for a long time.

  2. Those Leaf cards are super cool. I miss that type of ingenious card design.