Monday, April 9, 2012

Trade number 5 with PTSIA Greg!!

Perhaps you've already traded with Greg.  If not he has the Dodger centered blog Plaschke, Thy Sweather is Argyle.

Greg pointed out that this is actually our 5th trade.  He posted a nice write up about this one too, plus links to our past trades.  I'm not going to.  Mainly because I'm too lazy.  But anyways. I ripped a few hobby boxes of 2012 Heritage a while back and Greg asked for the Evan Longoria Clubhouse relic and a few other Dodgers cards.  In return Greg sent me a 1963 Topps card for my set. I'm assuming that this is one he had doubles of, since I have a hard time seeing a Dodgers collector giving up a vintage Dodgers card unless he had more than one.  Greg also sent along a sweet Big Hurt relic card for my Frank Thomas collections.

Thanks for adding two great cards to the collection Greg.


  1. I'm beginning to think that all baseball card bloggers named Greg like the Dodgers... :o

  2. Thanks for yet another great trade! Thought you might like the Thomas, glad it has a good home. And nope, I had just the one Camilli. Didn't fit as well into my collection as it does in yours.