Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trading with the Coot!!

No that's Cooter!

I'm sure some of you have traded with Dustin before.  He runs a little blog called Coot Veal and the Vealtones.  This trade all started when he posted his discount blaster break of 2008 UD Heroes.

He was lucky enough, at least for me, to pull a Cory Hart relic, I think it's the charcoal gray parallel, numbered to 125.  He posted he really had no use for it and I commented that I would be more than happy to give the card a good home.  Well we worked on a trade, he had a Tristar Jeffress auto on his trade bait page.  Jeffress' time with the Brewers was short before being traded to Kansas City in the trade that brought Grieke to Milwaukee, but it is an auto and features him in Brewers garb.

Well I found some nice stuff for Dustin.  He's a Tigers and Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez fan.  And then I didn't here from him for about a week.  I was getting a little worried.  But I know life happens and I'm a patient man.  Then a couple of days ago he emails me to let me know he sent my package off.  I got that package the other day and wow did he cram it full of goodness.  Lets have a look...

Here's that Hart Relic.  Light Gray background numbered to #125.  There were so many parallels in this set it's almost impossible to keep them all straight.  Not only is there a light gray, but also a dark gray or charcoal parallel.
Here is the Jeffress auto.

Dustin also packed the trade package with a ton of Brewers and cards for my PC's.  I won't show all of them, but it was a huge stack.

Here are some of the best.

Who doesn't love vintage cards.  And who doesn't love vintage cards of their team!  Dustin sent along 3 vintage Packers. One 1974 and two 1972.

He also sent along some nice additions to my Player Collections.  There was a nice stack of Bo Jackson and the Big Hurt.

Was there anyone hotter in the 90's than this man?  I don't think so.
Dustin also sent some of my favorite former A's.

All 4 of these are new to the collection.  Bonus!

Rollie!!!! I love the 82 DK's and I'm pretty sure I didn't have the 85 Donruss Leaf.  That's a sweet card.

I also got a nice smattering of Braun.
That 2006 Bowman Gold is awesome! Plus you can see what I mean about the parallels from the 2008 Baseball Heroes with both light and dark gray side by side.
Some diamondy goodness for my 2011 Diamond team set!!
There were also some great numbered parallels in the bunch

And on top of all this was a huge stack of other random Brewers cards from various years for my team sets.  I'm still sorting through them all.
Thanks Dustin!

Your package is in the mail and I hope you enjoy your cards.


  1. Off topic: which tv character name is just plain old more WRONG? Cooter or Boner?

  2. Glad you liked the cards. You sent awesome stuff. I'll post it soon, eventually, when Cooter gets off my back and stops trying to buy my domain name.