Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh a post about Gypsy Queen

As a card collector you have to love release day.  Today is Topps' Gypsy Queen official release day.  I know retail has been trickling out onto eBay for days, like usual, but it's really exploded on eBay today.  With Topps you never quite know what to expect.  I mean they put out a tentative checklist and then when the product comes out it's totally different and usually they have a few surprises not on the sell sheets.  I haven't gotten to bust any product yet.  Boxes are a little over a hundred bucks online.  Which isn't bad considering you get 4 hits per box and the sell sheet says 2 autos and 2 relics.  I'm planning on heading down to the LCS this afternoon. I probably won't buy a box, but you never know.  I will most likely buy a few packs and I'll probably end up buying a few rack packs as well.  So I'll have a review when I actually get some in hand.  I'm trying to be good and save my limited funds for Series 2 and Allen and Ginter, mainly because I really don't plan on putting this set together, but knowing that all the SP's are actually mini's and not regular size base cards, it's tempting.

I've already bought my teams set, and put a few bids on some Brewers relics.  I tend to like to wait a week or so till the fervor dies down, but I'd see if I can snag a few for cheap early.  I haven't noticed anything unexpected, but did find a few cool relics.

The first one is the Indian head pennies.  I know coin cards have been done before.  But I do so love the odd balls.  And these are numbered to just 10.

Here's a great Reggie Jackson I'd love to add to my collection.  Probably not going to happen though.
There is a fairly large checklist for the penny cards.
I figure I'd add this one for the Dodgers fans to drool over.

The other relic I liked is the Stadium seats.  I know it's been done before as well, but even as a baseball fan I've all ways loved the ecclectia that get thrown into sets like Allen and Ginter and Goodwin Champions.

The checklist for this is quite small just five stadiums and I have a Brewer's relic to chase..

MS-MCS Milwaukee County Stadium
MS-SHP Shibe Park
MS-SP Sportsman's Park
MS-TS Tiger Stadium
MS-WF Wrigley Field

I've only seen 3 up on eBay right now, I know it's still early, but looking through brentandbeccas store they only have one up for auction and they break a ton of cases, so these might be quite rare.  At only 5 in the set though I can see a few oddball collectors really going for this insert.

That being said enjoy your Gypsy Queen release day.

CB out.


  1. I'm doing a group break just to let you know over at a lot of good teams still available, Angels, Yankees tons!

  2. I picked up 2 rack packs today on my lunch break and I'm hooked. I said I was going to pass GQ in favor of A&G later on, but dang if these cards aren't beautiful!

    I too like the fact the minis are the SPs. I like minis, but prefer the A&G themed minis so I may have to make a run for the base set as well. It oughta look nice in a binder.

  3. I went to wal-mart yesterday and bought the 20 dollar box with 8 packs of gypsy queen in it. I pulled the brewers stadium relic #100 but cant find a value. Was wondering if you knew or anyone what they are going for ty bubba