Monday, April 2, 2012

Lego Mini Figures Series 6 and one Series 5.

I've picked up a few of these now in random places.  Anchorage has about 5 Fred Meyer stories.  It's like a Wal-mart or Target but with a better supermarket attached and a crappier electronics department.  I've been to at least 3 in town and only one had any Lego's Mini-figures.  As a matter fact the one I found that had them had like 8 full boxes of Series 6.  Looks like that one store got all the mini-figures.  And then randomly in one of the open display boxes was a lone Series 5 pack.  I've also found random packs spread around my local Target store.  Sometimes there mixed in with the Megabloks blind packs sometime there just tucked behind a random box.  Anyways so far I've picked up 6 Series 6 and one Series 5 from all these various locations.

I'm sure there's a website that could tell me which of these is rare than the rest, but I honestly don't know or care.  Here is the one Series 5 I managed to find.

It's the Royal Guard #3.

Of course the newest series is Series 6 with some interesting characters.  I still really want that Minotaur!!
I've been lucky so far and haven't gotten any doubles yet.  Here are the six I've gotten so far.
#4 Statue of Liberty
Unfortunately I've lost the torch flame for Ms. Liberty.  I think the one of my wife's cats might have eaten it.

#5 The Outlaw or El Bandito!!!
I love that the bandoleros go all the way around to the back of the chest piece.

#6 The Flaminco Dancer.  Probably the lamest of the mini-figures.

#10 The Roman Soldier

#11 The Doctor or Nurse, I can't tell.

This guy has a syringe too, I'm sure I still have it, but I forgot it went with this one before I took the photo.  I do like the X-ray tile that's pretty neat.

And last my newest addition.  This is one of those I found in a random spot at Target.  I was checking out the Super Mario Bros. Kenex figures in there display box, I wasn't planning on picking any up just checking them out, although if Bowser had been in the box I don't know if I could have said no.  Each of the Super Mario packs is labeled with the character inside.  I'm not sure if they are lego compatable but they look like it.  All they had was Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.  Meh.  But in the box was one random Series 6 pack just sitting there among the Marios and Luigi's.

Here's what I got.

#15 Female Space Adventurer.
If you want you can take her hair off and put the helmet on. Creepy.


  1. I just got the dancer, as well. Boring.

  2. I saw one Series 6 package that was over in the baseball card section at Target Saturday and decided to buy it. I got the genie, who is pretty cool. I really don't need to be starting a new collection, though. :)

  3. Better be careful they get addictive.