Sunday, April 8, 2012

TTM Succes John Axford (Brewers Ace Closer!)

I posted a while back after I got back from vacation that I got John's autograph on a baseball at spring training. He's the Brewers Ace closer and a hell of a pitcher. I got to see him pitch in both games I went to this spring. He's a really nice guy, taking time after the game to sign autographs till pretty much everyone was happy.  I had read somewhere that John really likes the fan mail and is a great TTMer. So since I didn't have him sign a card at Spring Training I figured I'd send him a couple and hopefully add him to my Brewers TTM project.
Well I got back from a camping trip this weekend to find one of my TTM return envelopes in the mailbox. 

First we have a 2011 Allen and Ginter.  I think you'll agree the 2011 doesn't look half bad autographed.

And I also sent him a  2010 Topps card that I wanted to add to the project.  I now have 2010 filled in and Mr. Axford gets the spot.

Thanks John and good luck this year.

TTM Stats

Date Sent 3/19/12
Date Recieved 4/7/12 (postmarked on the 4th)

Address used 

Maryvale Park
 3600 North 51st Avenue
 Phoenix, AZ 85031

If you want to send to John now I would use the Miller Park address since the season's started

Miller Park
 One Brewers Way
 Milwaukee, WI 53214

CB out.

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