Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fan Packin' Across the USA!! Yankees vs. Red Sox

I found my Yankees fan pack I got a couple of weeks ago and it must be fate that just the other day my Red Sox fan pack made it to me as well.  And since the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is one of the oldest in sports history, lets keep it going by seeing how each team's fan packs stack up against each other.

Interestingly enough the Red Sox package was sent from Florida.

Lets start with the Red Sox.

First we have a letter from Phil Derick the Fenway Ambassador.  At first I was pretty in awe to get a hand written reply letter, but after looking a little closer and a quick search on the internet it's pretty obvious that this a reprinted form letter.  I also got a nice Red Sox sticker and a bag of Fenway dirt. Since this is my third Red Sox fan pack it's also my third bag of dirt.  So I'm slowly working on my own infield track made up of Fenway dirt.
There was also a Red Sox Nation arm band...
The 2012 Red Sox schedule celebrating Fenway's 100th Anniversary.
There were also two picture postcards one of Wally the Green Monster and one of Adrian Gonzalez.

Did you know you could get Wally to come to your next birthday party?

I'm sure his traveling cost would make it a little cost prohibitive to get him up here in Alaska.

Next up the goodies from the Bronx.

We have here 2 bookmarks, 2 pencils, 2 sets of stickers, there are 3 stickers per sheet, and an advertisement for Yankee's Universe.

There was also a 46 page coloring book and...
Two 2012 schedules. This year celebrating Jeter's 3000th hit.

Over all it's really close.  Both teams put out a very nice fan pack, but I'm going to have to give it to the Yankees.  Mainly because of the coloring book and pencils.

cb out.


  1. I picked up a Yankee schedule at Modell's the other night. Shows Ruth on the front. "Called shot, home run in world series game 3, October 1, 1932.

  2. The Yanks have 6 different 2012 pocket sked covers (so far): Jeter, Ruth, Gehrig, ARod, Rivera, and Jackson.

  3. My wife is a Redsox I know, start the burning fire now. However, she has never been to Redsox stadium and neither have I. I really want it to be special so we bought tickets in section 203 "bleacher creature". For a Red Sox fan, this can be VERY intimidating arriving to a ballpark with drunk fans saying inappropriate things.