Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TTM Failure Sixto Lezcano

They can't all be successes and for free.
Anywho I sent Sixto Lezcano two cards to his home address I got from around 3/19/12.
Yesterday (4/3/12) I got home and was greeted with one of my return TTM envelopes.  I was excited, who doesn't love getting TTM's back?  

Anyways I opened up the envelope and inside were both cards I sent, unsigned and small piece of paper.
We at least he sent my cards back.

I didn't realize Sixto charged for autos.  At first I thought it was maybe a request to donate to a charity, but it was not.

Now don't get me wrong I don't know if I'd have a problem paying for an autograph and if I was to try this again I would most defiantly send a ball to get signed not a card, but the last sentence had me a little worried.

Chris Potter runs an autograph service that has some pretty big name clientele. And from what I could find he's pretty well respected and runs a good service. Has anyone out there ever used him?

 Unfortunately for me that means no Sixto autograph to add to my Brewers TTM project.  But I also learned that one of his clients is Del Crandon so I won't be getting his auto on card TTM either most likely.  But if anyone is interested Chris is having a Cecil Fielder signing later this month.  I'm tempted to pick up an autographed ball.  Forty bucks for the auto, the ball and shipping seems pretty reasonable.

CB out.


  1. That's a shame. I find it hard to believe that Sixto Lezcano is being overwhelmed with so many autograph requests that he has to be represented by a "card agent" and charge money for it. I talked with a player from the 50s last summer who believed it was "part of his job"--even though he hasn't played since that time--to honor autograph requests, even in retirement.

    1. You know I kinda feel the same way. But I guess this is a way for some of these guys to make a little extra money too. After looking through Chris' client list or at least past signings he has quite a few former Brewers that I might not be able to get through the mail for free. But after thinking about it. It only costs me 2 stamps and the cards to try.

  2. Happens to all of us! On to the next...

  3. I guess the point is the fun of TTM but there are a bunch of Lezcano autographed cards on Ebay for less than $10.88.