Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trade post for the Brians

First off I want to thank everyone who has sent or is sending me stuff in trade and helped me put together my Heritage set.  I still have one card from the base and still need quite a few SP's but that'll come I'm sure.

Most of the trades were basically base for base.  Which is fine and dandy with me.  I'm a set builder and I put the call out to help build a set.  But a few turned into something larger, as they sometimes do.

First up is Brian from Pirates Treasure Room.
Brian sent along a nice stack of 2012 Heritage and these bonus cards:

A nice smattering of cards here, with a great JJ Hardy Allen and Ginter relic and Topps Gold Parallel card.

I didn't have that green Braun Starquest card which is great And while I already got a master team set from Opening day it's nice to have extras for PC's.  I love the Matt Flynn too, too bad he's gone, but I hope he has major success in Seattle.

Next up we have Brian from Play at the Plate.  Brian had expressed interest in a Nelson Cruz relic I had pulled from my Heritage box breaks and before I knew it I had a package from Texas on my doorstep.  Well I'm kinda glad I hadn't sent out my package yet, as Brian up the ante on me here.  You'll notice a few doubles between the two trades.  Now I have two green starquest Brauns and two Elite Skills Fielders, both of which are alright with me.  Like I said extras for the PC's. Brian also sent along a Gold refractor Khris Davis Bowman card he pulled a while back that I had expressed interest in (that bad boy is numbered to 50!!)and the New Age Performers Braun card (Which I didn't have any of so this helps out for my Heritage master team set and I get to count it for my Braun PC) I also asked about, plus a bunch or other stuff.  A  nice blue border Braun Wal-Mart parallel and the Hall and Attman are both numbered.

But sandwiched in between all those cards were these two little gems.

Who cares that both these guys have less than 30 games combined in the Majors and are both currently not playing baseball at all, as far as I could find.

Krynzel got some major playing time in 2004 and 2005 and then was down in the minors till 2009. by that time he was in the Orioles minor system.
Martinez got a whole 4 games up in the Majors in 2003, before he was traded to the Cardinals and Rockies minor league systems. In 2010 Luis was playing in the United Baseball League in Texas.

But both are autographs and both are former Brewers, so they will have a nice place of honor in the team collection, just not too high a place.

And Brian I'm sending off your trade package this afternoon. I think you'll be happy with it.  After seeing the goodness you stuffed in my package, I had to go back through the trade box and dig out a couple of extra goodies for you.  

Thanks again to the Brians and everyone else who worked out a trade with me and helped me out.  You guys are awesome and I'm proud to be part of this great "dying" hobby and community.

CB out.


  1. Ahhh, David Krynzel. The last of the draft pick bombs before we finally started hitting it big with guys like Weeks, Fielder and Braun!

  2. I read this when you posted it, but it must have been on my phone since I failed to comment. I writing up the trade post for your cards and it will go up Saturday.