Monday, April 30, 2012

It's that time of year again.....

I finally got my REA -Robert Edward Auctions, catalog the other day.  I've been looking forward to it.  This is the third spring I've gotten one since I heard other bloggers talking about it.  I highly recommend requesting one from REA.

With over 1600 lots this year there is a whole world of Baseball and Americana between it's pages.  Each lot gets a great write up about the player or set  featured and it's significance.  Everything in this catalog is well beyond anything I could ever afford, but its a great tome of history and artifacts.  The whole auction is also online at their website.   There are lots of higher end auction houses out there and ones that have much more frequent auctions, but REA's is one that seems to get a lot of attention.  They always seem to come up with some amazing stuff.  Last year I featured and tracked a couple really cool cards. Here and Here.

What would an REA auction be with out a T206 Wagner, they've got one.  It's already over 300k.

And of course out of 1600 unique and vast offerings there is lots of cool stuff.  So much so it was hard to single any one or two auctions out.  I mean there's Cobbs and Ruths and Wagners.  There are 5 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards.  There's a Ty Cobb Cut Plug tobacco tin in mint condition.   There are a ton of 19th century CDV's (carte-de-visite) including the 1869 Peck and Snyder Red's card. A slew of 1887 Old Judge, 1888 Goodwin Champions, and T206 cards.

One of the things that stuck out at me was the 1889 Goodwin Round Album.
Images from REA

Just absolutely beautiful cards.

I'm a lover of Oddballs and here's a great one, the 1910 E125 American Caramels Die-Cuts.

The printed catalog is huge and REA does another fantastic job with it.  The online auction has 66 pages of listings from everything from complete early 20th century tobacco sets to Babe Ruth signed balls and everything in between.  It's a great drool gallery even for use basement dwellers.

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