Sunday, January 31, 2010

2008 Donruss GridIron Gear Goodies

So last week I posted the hot pack of 2009 Gridiron Gear I got for cheap off of Ebay.  Not very exciting at all.  I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for Gridiron Gear though.  Last year or now I have to say 2008 I bought a box and then some of Gridiron gear hoping to hit something nice.  Looking at this years stuff it's very similar to last year in relic and auto designs.  I really liked the on jersey pull out autos.  Here's what I got last year from buying Gridiron Gear.
I got my rookies numbered to 250, and other numbered parallel and inserts.  I won't post all that.  I have to say you get quite a bit in a box but here are the main goodies. 
Jamall Charles Rookie Jumbo Jersey numbered to 50.

Next we have a dual relic, what looks like maybe some piece of  pants and football. This is also numbered to 50.

Now the 2 big hits.

Andre Caldwell Rookie Triple Relic Auto.  Also numbered to 50.  I remember pulling this one it was pretty sweet I just wish I was a Bengals fan or that Andre signed better and yep it's a sticker auto.

And finally....

It's a Jerome Simpson Rookie on Pull out on Jersey Auto!! But is off Jerome Simpson.  :( 
Who last year had one catch for 2 yards and guess how many this year?? anybody??
Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Still a cool card.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My adventure with Checkout My Cards.

Well if you don't know about you haven't been reading your blogs.  So since everyone was raving about them I figured I'd give them a shot.  It was super easy to set up an account and since I already had a Paypal account even easier to get store credit.  I placed my order on Thursday the 21st, last week and got my cards today, Tuesday the 26th. It's nice the company is based in Redmond Washington so living up here in the Alaska boonies doesn't really matter, only took 4 business days to get my order, that is outstanding.  

As far a selection goes I'm impressed as well.  I ended up picking up 17 cards for different player collections for about 11 bucks.   Now here's my gripe with COMC.  The shipping is 3 bucks plus a quarter per card.  Unless you buy 50 cards and then it's 15.00 bucks.  So I ended up paying 8 bucks for shipping.  While I was able to get what I wanted I spent almost half my store credit on shipping, but I guess these guys need to make their money somewhere.  While the selection was great and so were the prices this shipping scheme seems to favor buying fewer higher priced cards as not to get your credit eaten up by shipping and handling.
Now onto what I got.

 Got a nice selection on Prince Fielder Refractors, and a rainbow foil and A&G cabnet card.

Also got 3 nice Braun cards for the Brewers collection and 2 cheap Frank Thomas Refractors.

I also added to my Robin Yount and Rollie Fingers collections.  Got a nice Ziploc oddball of Rollie there. As well as a nice mini Goudey and Goodwin and Old Judge insert.  It's nice to find some Robin Younts I needed as well.  The funny thing is that these cards are cheap but actually sometimes hard to find and definatley not worth buying singley off of ebay. 

Will I be back to COMC?  Yes I've already started putting together my next purchase.   Take them for what they are, a nice alternative to ebay.  Plus you don't have to worry about multiple sellers shipping you stuff since they keep all the cards at their warehouse.  Will I give up ebay?  Probably not. 
Until next time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Favre Blows it Again or how to lose the Fumble Bowl the Brent Favre way.

I'll admit I was rooting for him.  But Brent had to go and Favre it up again!  Must suck when you know the loss wasn't the thousand fumbles your team had but one stupid unnessary throw.  Hell at least he could have done something safe and let Longwell be the villain.

I don't think the Colt/Jets game outcome was a shocker but this game was a fun one to watch.  Well I guess we know that Favre will be coming back next year now.

MVP? I don't think so.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2009 Donruss GridIron Gear Hot Pack

Yep I did it.  I was curious I see these hot packs all over ebay.  And I know how the blogging world hates box searchers and hot packers, but I wanted to see, and to be honest I got the pack super cheap. $3.99 plus shipping so about 7 bucks total.

It was a pack of 2009 Donruss GridIron Gear.  I really liked last years product.  The hits were pretty awesome.  On  card, on Jersey autos that pull out, 4 relic autos, ect. 

I'm not sure if this is a retail pack or hobby.  I know Topps puts a hobby logo on there hobby stuff but I couldn't remember if Donruss(Panini) does it too.  I know the hot packs from Upper Decks retail blasters are seperate from the other packs, so it's possible that this isn't even a box searched pack. 
But I digress.  I actually bought this pack on Dec 14 only got here today.  And the post mark says Jan 20th. 
Grrrrrrrrr.  He got positive feedback only because it was exactly as described. 

Anywho here are the 5 base cards I got in it.

Tony Romo, Josh Morgan, Laurence Maroney, Marques Colston, and Carson Palmer.

And here was the hit.

Roy Williams Player Timelines Jersey.  Can't even tell if it's a Lions or Cowboys Jersey piece, It's numbered to 250.

Not terrible but certainly not great I'm almost inclined to believe this is from a retail box only because the hit was so lame, like Upper Deck Blaster box hits.  I've learned my lesson.  No more hot packs for me and certainlty not from this seller. 
Oh and I love the fact that it says ages 9+ right at the top of the package.

Also did my first order from since it's been the rave of the blogosphere as of late.  I have to say there is a nice selection on the site but the shipping layout almost favors getting some higher priced cards instead of fillling need lists or filling in player collections.  I'll post what I get when I get it.
Until next time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2009 Topps Baseball 1/1 Sketch Card of Carlos Delgado Comes In.

Well it only took 8 months and was delayed.  But I finally got my 1/1 Sketch card I redeemed in March.

And looky here it's of Carlos Delgado of the Mets.  Not too shabby.

Looks like it was done with some kind of water color and pencil. 
Here's what the back looks like. 

I looked up the Artist who signs as Justin on Sketch and his website.
Justin Chung has been doing sketch cards for Topps since 2005 and his work has been in all sorts of sets.

Until next time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

One bad egg, One rotten apple

So I'm sitting here stewing.  Yep it's a rant, so get ready.  I've been using ebay since about 2002.  I consider myself pretty savy as an internet auction buyer.  I've sold my fair share too.  I know what fair shipping is and what to expect for packaging ect.  I try only to buy from people with over 100 positive feedbacks and if it's a big ticket item I'll go in and check feedback and star rating ect.  This is because I have been burned a few times ordering boxes.  Both time from sellers with over 500 positive feedbacks that all of sudden decide to close shop.  And that is one reason I like paypal.  Cause I got my money back, but it still sucks having to go through it. 

Now what's worse a seller that totally screws you or a seller that is incompetant when selling it blows your mind.  Ok Ok I'm getting to my point.
On Nov 24 I won an auction for a pick lot of 50 2009 Upper Deck baseball cards.  The seller had both series 1 and 2 to choose from but since i'm close to getting series 1 done I figured I'd take a nice chunk out of series 2.  I paid the same day I won and sent my list of cards to the seller.  They sent me an email back to clairify some issues and done and done, right?  I figured cool should get these cards before the first.  Well waited 3 weeks nothing and just as I was about to email the seller they marked it as shipping on Dec 14.  Almost 3 weeks to the day.  I figure cool maybe I'll get the cards before Christmas.  Nope Christmas comes and goes and then New Years.  Damn well now I'm a little pissed.  I paid for first class postage and even living in bumblefuck Alaska mail gets here faster than that.  So I pop off and email asking when and how the package was sent.  I get an email back 3 days later with and I quote "hi u should have got it by now hope it didt get lost in the mail "  Direct copy and paste from the email there.  anyways on Jan 14 I get a package in the mail.  It's my cards.  But what's this the post mark says Jan 2.  Over 2 weeks from the time it was marked as shipping.  The only thing that saved this seller from negative feedback was the cards were in great shape and all there.  I really wanted to pop another email off to them and tell them how pissed I was about having to wait almost 2 months to get my purchase, but I didn't I just wanted to be done with them, So I marked them as not to busness with again and left neutral feedback and a timeline of how slow they were.  Still haven't heard back from them and I better not or they will get a piece of my mind. 

I don't know it just floors me sometimes.  As a seller I always try to get the package out the next day after I get paid and always ship in a bubble mailer, top loaders ect. 

On a lighter note, I've decided like so many other bloggers out there to give a try.  So far I'm getting a nice selection in my cart but i'm not overly pleased with the shipping break down.  It just seems steep. Especially if your buying cheap cards and a lot of the. 

Anyways,  I'm working on a little side project right now about the history of modern trading card companies.  It's kinda like a family tree of who owns what and were it came from.  If anybody knows some good websites please pass them along.  I've found a ton of stuff and believe it or not it's a pretty convoluted and incestuous topic.  But I'm not done yet so that will be for another time.  

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  I remain the cynical one.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Upper Deck done? Another day of WHY?

Now this got me.  Matt F. over at Heartbreaking Cards posted a link to the NY Post. Which is an article about the whole Upper Deck Yu-Gi-oH debacle.  The thing I got out of it was that this might take Upper Deck down.  I mean no more, kaput, gone, bye-bye, Auf Wiedersien, Ciao. 

I guess it all makes sense now why there are no preview pictures up at Upper Deck's website, and absoluly no news about this at all there either, although I guess that's not that surprising.  But what's going to happen to Upper Decks NFL and NHL licenses??? Will Panini or Topps come and scoop up the carcass up after UD has to pay millions to Kanomi or will some other company emerge? 

My other question is WHY?  Why on God's green earth did Upper Deck do it?  I'm confused as to the motivation and what was to gain from this?

Another question is if this goes to Upper Deck's credibility, what of all there "authentic" game used cards and autos??  Can we still trust an Upper Deck Guarantee?    mmmmmm.  I've seen card companies come and go and get swallowed up by other companies but this is the first time I can remember a card company shooting themselves in the head. 

I wonder how this will all play out.

I wonder

Well hell, Iguess i'm going to have put my 2 cents in the ring about the whole Mark McGwire thing. 

Actually is anyone surprised he did steroids?? Anyone?  I didn't think so.  Looks like Canseco was telling the truth. 

So first, I have to ask why?  Not why he did the roids but why now after so long admit it?  Does anybody know?  I haven't delved too deep to find out if there was a reason but one has to wonder.  Is it cause he didn't make it into the Hall on his first try,  was he being blackmailed and was forced to do it, was it part of the stipulations of his new employment?  I guess I've been watching too many episodes of Monk.

Surprisingly a couple searchs on ebay show that McGwires cards are still selling at least for now.  I gotta wonder how many people who bid on his rookie cards 4 days ago are kicking themselves now.  

As posted earlier I got a Barry Bonds Topps Traded rookie for under a dollar, My goal now is to do the same for the 85 topps rookie of McGwire, I bet I can do it in under a month.  And then I'm going to start my
Roid Boy hall of fame.  All those players that set records while using.  Hello Mr. Sosa, Mr. Clemens and Mr. Palmerio I'm looking at you.  I'm sure I'll be able to find those rookies in the quarter bin soon enough.  Any other suggestions on who should be in the HOR?  And it's still snowing here.  got another foot last night.  Joy.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Not gonna do it.

Seems lately the talk around town is about collection goals, Topps Chicle, and Trading.  And me I'm not going to talk about any of those.  Alright I will, but it will be brief.  My collecting goals this year remain the same as last year,  Topps Chicle don't care, and trading I'd love to get into it but seeing as my collection is spread out in 3 different locals right now over about 5000 miles, that's right, I'm just not organized enough with my collections or cards to try and work some trades.  But I do love the fact that a vast number of bloggers out there trade.  After all they are called Trading Cards. 

As I ponder possibly leaving my isolated utopia, and gaze out the window at this

If you can't tell that's a lot of snow, even for Alaska.  And for those that don't know where Haines is here's a nice map with ferry's on it.

Right in the armpit of Alaska.  I tried getting the city counsil to use that as there slogan but they rejected it. 

Anyways, so as i ponder leaving this little burg for a job in Anchorage and the possiblities of being in a town with a card shop, movie theaters, and bowling alleys, I just want to thank  all the great bloggers out there that have been keeping me up to date about the hobby.  Keep it up.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am Jack's emotional trama and discontent

What a freaking game.  It was an emotional roller coaster for me.  I'm tired and ready for bed.  I guess there's always next season.  And at least this game was the best one of the four.  I thought it was going to be a blow out by the first 2 minutes of the game. But damn what a heart breaking loss. 

The sad thing is I'm and Arizona fan as well, but first and foremost a Packers fan.  Well I hope they can take it to the Saints.  Now my only dilema is who to root for in the Vikings/Dallas game, both hated and dispised. 

Damn what a game 96 points.  Could have called the first half the fumble bowl. 

No no no need to console me because I am Inconsolable.  This is just what it's like being an Packers fan.

Sometimes I miss Favre just too much.

Sunday Musing

As I sit here and bid my time till I'm filled with either over flowing elation or nerve deading season ending depression as the Packer/Cardnials game is on in about 2.5 hours from now, I've been surfing the blog 'o' sphere reading other's Sunday rambling and sooz over at A Cardboard Problem posted a Sunday question about all the post career and post life issued cards of players ie Mickey Mantle.  I posted a few thoughts and read a few other's thoughs on the matter and it got me thinking.  And trust me that's a dangerous prospect right there. 

I have also been reading a series in Tuff Stuff about what's wrong with the hobby.  ie: exclusivity, $50 packs, ect. ect.  And how companies are alienating the set builders and pricing the youth of today who will be the next collectors of tomorrow. 

So my thinking was what exactly defines us collectors and card junkies? 
And like anything there are lots of diffenent species of us.  Bear with me.  I'm sure we've all thought about this and I'm sure it's been blogged about before and the scientist in me has decided to try and classify, at least the basic, kinds of collectors out there.  See where you fit.  These are in no  particular order.

1.  Player collector:  A collector that collects cards and memoriblia of a certain player, regardless of what team(s) they have played for. 
  Sub-species: Regular issue collector:  A collector that collect only cards issued in the regular sets issued from card companies
                        Insert collector: collector that collects inserts and oddballs of a certain player.
                        General collector:  collector that collects all cards that were issued of that player by all companies and brands. 
                         Completeist:  A collector that tries to collect every card ever issued of a player, even thought the possiblity is slim that it will ever be attained.

2.  Set Collector:  A collector that puts together and collects sets issued from card companies.  This may be a collector that purchases factory sets or hand collates their own sets.  Set collectors may have preferences to certain companies and/or sets. 

3. Team Collector:  A collector that collects cards and card sets from a specific team.

4. Vintage Collector:  A collector that collects only cards before a certain date.  Usually 1975 or earlier.

5.  Autograph and Game-used collector:  A collector that collects only Autographs and game-used cards( bats, jersey, helmets, ect).  This collector may be a sub species of team and player collectors. Also may include Through the Mail (TTM) collectors.

6.  Rookie collector:  A collector that collect rookie and prospect cards.

7.  Speculative collector:  A "collector"  that collects cards in the hopes that they will become more valuable over time and that they can turn a profit.

That's all I can think up at the moment.  If you guys can think of anything that needs to be added to this list or you think you're not represented let me know.

Now this list isn't to pidgeonhole any body.  One person can be a multiple kind of collector.  As for me I know I fall into at least 3 of these catagories.  I'm a player collector, I love Yount, Fingers, Reggie Jackson, and yes, I still love Brent Favre.  I collect sets.  I have been putting together Topps baseball sets since 1987 when I started collecting cards,  and I'm a team collector collecting Brewers and Packer cards.  And I have a nice Autograph collection and there's nothing wrong with that.

God this one still cracks me up.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


First off I want to thank JB over at Sports Card Blogroll for adding this and my other blogs.  Now I might get a few more readers which would be nice. 

I have to say when I put up my first post in October, I didn't realize what a huge community of card bloggers there were out there.  I had been invited to join my friends blog, his own personal rambings and thought I'd like to do a blog myself, but about what.  And of course collecting is what I wanted to do.  I figured I'd be able to rant if I needed too and I'd get to post stuff from my collection, ect.  I have to say I do love the box break posts.  Being in the middle of nowhere Alaska I have to order everything I don't have the luxury of popping down to my local card store and getting a pack of the new stuff to see if I like it.  So online box breaks let me see what cards look like and what kinda hits you might get.  So I guess I'm starting this post off as a thank you to all the great card bloggers out there.  Keep it up.  Even more surprising to me is how many of the good guys are Canadian and they don't just blog about hockey.

Now onto the meat?  I just want to show off some cool oddballs from the 70's.  I love oddballs, especially as a player collector.  I especially love getting cheap oddalls.

 MSA put out a ton of sports discs in the mid to late 70's most people are pretty familiar with the baseball discs.  They were give aways at restraunts, hotels, ect.  Pepsi had some of the best with there discs coming in Baseball gloves  that looked like this.

It's not to hard to find this discs still in the glove and in relatively good shape.  I picked up a full set of the baseball still in their gloves a few years ago for about 20 bucks. 

Pepsi also put out a football set.  I just picked up 24 for a buck still in there footballs a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure of the distribution of these but since it heavy Bengals and Steelers I'm assuming it's probably mostly east coast and central.  I'm sure someone can comment on that.  Here are a few of the scans of what I got.

The set itself is pretty lame with the players in it here look at the checklist up close.

I recognize a few names but really no superstars here.  Cranes potato chips put out a set around the same time and at least they've got some stars like Bradshaw and Starbach.
Now check out the checklist from the Baseball set.

Robin Yount, Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, Stargell, Schmidt, Munson, and More and the cool thing is Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt all have variations in the set. 

Well there you go another oddball to the collections.  Now where is my Duracell Battery Cards????
Until next time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Redeem or not to Redeem is it a Stupid Question??

So we all seem to have gotten our Topps redemptions last month and I'm sure we're all happy we did, finally.  I got lucky with Series 2 pulling a Gordon Beckham Auto Variant among others and not so lucky with series 1 where I pulled 3 of the same WBC redemptions.  But in Series 1 I also pulled a sketch card redemption and guess what I just looked on Topps redemption website and found that they listed my sketch card as shipped and certified mail no less, joy. I'll post it when I get it.  I wonder who it could be?  Only took 8 months.  Jeez.  At that rate half the subjects might be retired already.  

Which brings me to my question of the moment.  Is it better to redeem or sell it and let it be someone elses headache.  Now I have to say that at least Topps tell you it's going to be a long time.  I had a Donruss GridIron Gear redemption from last year I finally got in July.  Eric Ainke.   Who is he still even playing?  Not really. 

Truth be told I got lucky pulling a #2 redemption which turned out to be Beckham and also turned out to be a 1/10 auto variant,  but most of the time redemptions hit ebay long before Topps even announces who it will be for.  A little like Russian Roulette if your buying.  I don't know.  Redeeming the cards is easy enough online through all the companies websites.  But like so many other bloggers out there why even have them?
Seems like another added expense for the card companies that they probably don't need. 

I'm still torn.  Looking back at what some of the redemption cards went for on ebay and what your likely to get if you redeem and try to sell the card it almost seems better to sell the redemption card.  There are a few exceptions of course the Beckham Auto is going for over 100 bucks a pop right now.

I could see if Topps did more gimmicks like the auto variants or relic variants or even relic auto variants it would definatley be worth keeping the cards and redeeming yourself. 

Well enough venting.

And to leave you with this, Is Upper Deck looking for card designers because if this is the shit that they think we want they need to have there heads removed from there asses. 

Worst Inserts EVER!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh, how the mighty have fallen or How to get Barry on the cheap

I was browsing ebay the otherday.  Love'em or hate'em it's still the largest marketplace for used stuff on the web.  And I thought for some reason what I could get a 86 Topps Traded Barry Bonds rookie for.  Now I did my basic homework.  I looked up the guide price, about 20 bucks,  looked on the sportslizard, too much variation with graded cards to be useful. I was not looking for a graded card.  So I looked around ebay and found a seller that had not one but 2 Barry rookies up for auction.  Both starting at 89 cents.  And like all good ebayers I bid on both to take advantage of the combine shipping.  Right at the end I had one of the rookies bid up over my maximium bid but I still got the other card for a whole 89 cents plus shipping.  And 2 weeks later

Add Barry to the collection.  I wonder if I knocked him down a few bucks in the guides.  The card is great not mint I can see one corner is a little less sharp than the rest but overall well worth the 89 cents and shipping. 

My 2 Cents

So I'm sitting on the can purusing the latest issue of TuffStuff Magazine.  Which I subscribe to 1) because it's not Beckett 2)because it's not Beckett 3) because a Subscription is cheap compared to cover prices and it's nice to have some industry news even if it's months old by the time it's published and some current pricing, which is a whole nother rant.  But I'm getting off topic.

There has been lots of talk of all the exclusivity of sport cards and sports card companies.  In the latest issue of Tuff Stuff there is a nice little article Titled: The Times the are A Changing: Sorting Out the New-Look Hobby Landscape.  The article is all about what the exclusive deals between card companies and pro sport organization mean for the companies, the collectors and even the hobby store owners.  There's even a nice little quote from the blogosphere own Ryan Cracknell from Trader's Crack.  Which in another side note had nothing to do with my naming of this blog, as I didn't even know the site existed when I started it.  I actually was going to call this blog Cardboard Crack, which is still open if anyone wants it, but up here in Alaska cardboard crack is slang for Pulltab or Rippies.  The only legalized gambling up here.

Rippies look like this 

Now i'm really off topic. 

So the whole point is and I hope you are all still with me here.  What does exclusivity mean. 

First I want to know what multi-year deal means exactly!! Is it 2 years 3, 4, 10 what how long till I get to put a Topps football set together again?  I haven't seen this fact posted anywhere, especially by the companies that claim it. 
Now some people rail that this is good, that less product out there will be good.  Who are these people?  Mainly the companies who complain that there is too much choice on the selves.  Tuff Stuff has been running a multi-part series where they interview the top execs from all three major card companies and the one thing I remember from reading all the interviews is they all bitched about shelf space.  Ryan points out that the lack of competion tends to be a bad thing and that with good compitition you are always trying to one up the other guy and that it spurs innovation.  And other claim that with companies only have one or two licenses they can concentrate on that sport and ultimately put out the best product. 
Now with that said I have some more questions.  How are these companies going to survive with only one license?  Well I figure they are going to have to put out lots of product.  Could this be another overproduction scenerio like in the 90's? 

Did the license agreement limit the number of sets a company can produce?  I don't know.  I'd love some feedback here from people that do.  If not I think that Topps, Upper Deck, and Panini might only ending up competiting with themselves on the shelves.  Is that going to be a good thing?  Probably not.  Lets face it. 
Card collectors come in lots of varities, from set builders, to player collectors, to collecting only one sport or multisport and some are even company specific.  So what does that mean for companies? 

Well it means that they might be lossing some collectors.  People that would be buying there football product might not be buying there baseball or hockey product.  It means player collectors are going to have fewer sets to get there favorite players from. 

However I do see some bright spots.  Focusing on only one sport will allow that company to product a wide array of priced sets, boxes and packs for all price range collectors.  It will allow the companies to put out sets for set builders and sets for player collectors. 

For someone who's both a set builder and player collector its a little bit of bittersweet. 
Ultimately only time will tell how this experiement works out.  And lets now forget that all these companies will probably be putting out sets they don't have licenses in.  All the license allow the company to do is use logos.  Might we see a bunch or airbrushed set like the old food issues from the 70's and 80's?  I'd love to hear what everybody thinks.  Especially with these agreement starting to take effect.

Until next time.

I stand corrected. Sorta...

I've been meaning to do an update from my last post about the 1976 Reggie Jackson Postcard, but ended up leaving town for a couple days to keep my and my girlfriends sanity in place.    Anyways I posted that Mr. Jackson did not have any regular issue cards that put him in a Orioles Jersey.  And this is still true I believe.  But I had a post from Fleerfan, who has a nice blog mostly about fleer stickers, that he actually did a posting of the exactly topic not to long ago you can find it here.  He actually has a bunch of photos he's found with Reggie in an Orioles uni, but not a lot.  And after looking at the photos I realized that in 1988 Score put out a 5 card tribute sub set in the set.  Cards 500 - 505.

  And card 501 is Reggie in an Orioles Jersey.

 He also had some examples of the Renata Galasso tribute set.  And while the card was in the regular issue of the 1988 Score set Reggie retired at the end of the 1987 season so. . . . he still never had a regular issue. 
And basically what I meant that he didn't have a regular issue Topps card at the time.  Now here comes the interesting part.  Fleerfan had a picture of the fabled 1977 Reggie Jackson Proof card.  After searching around the internet I found a message board at baseball fever, from early 2008 and they had a link to Trading Card Central  from a post in 2004 where the Topps Vault was selling on ebay the 1977 Reggie Jackson Proof card.  I couldn't find out how much it went for, I'd love to know if anyone out there knows.

Here's the image of the proof card from Trading Card Centrals post titled Famous Reggie Jackson Proof Card Uncovered.

And here's his actual regular issued card from 1977.
If you look close the airbrushing is painfully obvious.  Now Fleerfan also points out that Reggie does make an apperance on the team card of the Orioles.  So I guess I'm torn.  I guess you could call that a regular issue but it's not a player card.  Whatever.  I want to say thanks to Fleerfan for the info and the education and I had fun going back and doing more research on the subject. 
Until next time.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The only Reggie Jackson I've ever seen in an Orioles Jersey.

Haven't been doing much the last couple of days except recovering from the holidays.  But I got this in the mail the other day.  I saw it on ebay and had to pick it up for my Reggie Jackson collection.  I was thinking of starting a player collectors blog for Mr. Jackson too but I haven't yet so I thought I'd share it here.  This is the only item I've seen Reggie in his Orioles jersey.  He only played for the Orioles less than a year. Traded to the Orioles from the A's in early 1976, the was granted free agency and signed with the Yankees.  Sadly there are no regular issue baseball cards of Reggie in a Baltimore uniform.  Of course he went to the World Series in 1977 with the Yankees too.

The auction call this a team issues postcard.  It's a nice card.  But I don't know about it being a postcard.  The back is blank.  So it could be a reproduction but at least I know the picture was taken in 1976.  I did a search for other Oriole postcards and found a Brooks Robinson Triute page that had a similar looking postcard so I'm fairly certain its authentic.  It measures 3 1/2 x 5 1/4 inches.
I got most of my facts from and wikipedia.

Oh here's an interesting tid bit I didn't know, even being a Milwaukee Brewers fan.  The Baltimore Orioles can trace there heritage back to the original Milwaukee Brewers baseball club from 1901.  And now you know. 
Happy New Year everybody.