Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A trade with the Card Splitter

Well i did it i popped my trading cherry.  Chris the Cardsplitter over at the Call of Cardboard asked if I had some cards he needed to finish his Series 1 2010 topps set after I bitched about all the S1 I had laying around and said he had a nice packers triple scripts he'd be willing to offer for my time.  Well not only did I have his base cards but after looking at his blog I had quite a few extra inserts he needed.  So I sent him off a package about 2 weeks ago and today I gots mine.  This is a terrible photo sorry it doens't do the card justice at all.

Plus he had a few of the base cards I needed for my second set of Series 1 I'm trying to finish.
Thanks Chris.  What a great trade. 

The Anchorage Card Scene

Well I got some feedback with questions about the Anchorage card scene, well actually one from Roy over at the Paper Chase.  Anywho, I realize most people have never been up here to the 49th state so I'd thought I'd give a little info on the card scene here.  A little background first for me I moved up here in 1998 for a job and have been living here ever since.  I spent the last 4 years living in a small town in Southeast Alaska called Haines.  It's very nice, very small and a long ways from anything, I'm sure if you read this blog with any consistancy you'll remember me bitching about living there.  So I moved back to Anchorage about a month and a half ago for a new job and well I'm back in the card scene the only problem is the selves are getting bare with new stuff.  Exclusivity sucks. 

Sorry sorry back to topic.   So basicly Roy was curious what kinda card scene there was up here cuz in Syracuse where he's going to school there is nothing.  Which kinda shocked me seeing as I'm from a small town in Northern Wisconsin and even we had a card shop, as a matter of fact it's still there, been there over 25 years!

So a quick tour of Anchorage.  My favorite card shop is Don's Sportcards.
This is the only pure card shop in town.  And the closest one to my apartment.  He's got lots of singles.  Decent prices and is always willing to help a fellow collector.

The other two shops are Boscos  and A#1 Comics.  I didn't have time to get pictures but they both have their own websites.  Both are primarily comic book stores but sell cards as well.  Boscos actually has a nice dedicated card room and they keep all sorts of wax around.  Don's and Boscos also host trade nights and have drawings for packs and boxes and you can trade cards with people. 

And occasionally someone will have some ambition and put together a card show at one of the malls here.  To be honest they usually suck, have nothing I want and are overpriced.  But I go just because well cause I can. 
Well this is going to be my last post for about a week or so I think.  I'm headed down to Haines to get my girlfriend and dog and bring them up to Anchorage.  I know a few people have expressed interest in Heritage trading and I'm not blowing you guys off cuz I do want to do some trading. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great Heritage ClusterF@#k

Well I did it.  I finally went out and got my sweetie and engagement ring.  And then I got spend happy and pissed at Topps.  I don't know why I ever decided to try and put together a Heritage set.  I should have saved my money and time.  My favorite card shop is completely out of Heritage and has no plans of getting more siting the cost just to get it.  The other shop in town has raised the price per box to 119 bucks!! That's 20 bucks more than the last box I bought.  So I decided to hit up all the Wally Worlds, Targets and Fred Meyers in the Greater Anchorage Area and buy some blasters.  And I now have officially bought out the anchorage area of Heritage Blasters.  Well at least I thought I had but I just found 3 more at another store.  Haven't bought them doubt I will.  Anywho out of the 7 blasters I paid 19.99 a piece about 140 bucks. That's about 2.50 a pack.  Not to back considering packs are going for 5.50 for a hobby a pack and 3.00 from the gravity feed dispensers at Wally world.  I got one relic, not worth posting, about 20 to 25 high number short prints, 5 chrome, and about a dozen inserts all of which don't need a picture of.

So in all I got 448 cards counting all inserts ect and I still don't have the base set not including short prints.  Geezzz.  I think i'm going to hit up some trade nights in town to get the base done and maybe.  I'll post my needs list and if anyone want to trade for some cards I'd be up for that.

Topps Series 2 better be worth the wait.  :[

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ebay's just pissing me off.

Yep this is a rant.  And this is nothing new I know it's been report before but now if finally hits home.
Since i've been moving I haven't sold or bought anything off the bay in a while.  I know some think it's evil, like Beckett and Wally world, but to be honest where else are you going to get that kinda selection at the best prices.  So anyway I bought a few boxes of Topps Finest and pulled a Joe Mauer logoman patch card #d to 50 so I pop that thing up on ebay along with some other stuff 'cuz i like to sell in batches.  I get a great price, as a matter of fact, I got the best price i've seen on ebay.  I did my research checked current and finished auctions and figured I'd pull about 50 bucks and was nicely surprise to see the devil wanted the card and it went for $66.66.  Now as i'm sending out invoices I realize that I can't offer insurance any more.  Now I don't really believe in insurance anyways but I like to be able to offer it because while I package as best I can who knows if the postal workers are going to play floor hockey with the package.  No biggie I offer it in the comments section of my invoice. 

So now this next round I decide to put it in my listing that while ebay won't let me offer it I will adjust shipping if you would like it and guess what.  I guess I put the magic words in the listing because ebay wouldn't let me post it till I removed the insurance blurb and then I get a link as to why I can't "offer" insurance anymore.  What a load of shit.  So apparently by offering insurance it puts the onus of the object getting to the buyer on the buyer and it's on the seller.  Now wait a minute.  So now I have to take  responsiblity of the US post office or UPS or who ever I use to get my packages there or pay for insurance myself, which is pretty expensive actually, or add the cost of insurance into the shipping and handling.  So what should cost me about 2 to 3 bucks for shipping now would cost about 5 bucks.  Who the hell is going to buy cards from a guy who makes shipping 5 bucks on a card?  Noone, 'cuz I sure wouldn't.  And how am I suppose to know how much to charge before I know the final price?  I can't wait till something comes along to rival ebay.  It's bound to happen. 

Alright thats my rant for today.  Oh and one more bitch they finally blocked my blog at work so now no more posting when I'm bored what shit is that.  Ah well.  Later peoples there's beer to drink.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wandering in Bloggertown

Well I knew this was going to happen.  I knew I had 15 minutes of work to fill a day.  Yet here I am bitching about how little I have to do.  My supervisor is out today and her supervisor is out today.  Know what that means???  It means I wonder why I even came into work today. 

So I'm sitting here persuing my reading list, bouncing from site to the next and then i decided to surg Blogger.  Has anyone else ever done this?  I have no idea how to search Blogger for other blogs I don't even know if you can but they have that little button up at the top that says Next Blog.  So I click it to see where it takes me.  It's amazing how may horseriding, surfer, and knitting blogs there are.  I did however actually find a couple of cool blogs to put on the reading list.  I wish I had written them down some where so I could link but i didn't so look at the side bar and see if you can find them.  One is an art blog from a guy who draws on odd stuff.  I think the 2 most recent posts were scans for coffee sleeve art.  I found a general rant blog, who doens't love to rant.  As for me I finally have gotten a few new cards in the mail.  I won a Finest lot to help fill in holes in my set.  I took all the rookies I could find that I needed.  I also got a card I needed for my 2009 Tribute Rollie Fingers rainbow.  Anticlimatic it's just the base card, but oddly one I've had trouble getting, plus it was paired with a Sal Bando card.  I think the seller was just pairing the 2 A's together to make it more appealing.  Now all I need is that ellusive gold parallel and my rainbow is complete. 

Well it's lunch time. Party on!
CB out

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ramblings from my zombified mind on Tax Day.

I'm bored again.  I 'm sitting here at work with not much to do.  As a matter of fact I did all I really needed to get done in the about 15 minutes this morning.  I got to listen to the last hour of the Rob, Arny and Dawn show.  I enjoy the endless babble they make me laugh.  Now I'm biding my time till Lunch. 

So the main point of this ramble is something that was sticking in my brain for a while now.  Is how or why UD, Topps, and Donuss/Panini,  mmmm getting hungary, panini sandwich.   Sorry sorry.  Stay on target.  How or why the 3 major companies can sit back or at least survive on a one or two sport exclusive deal.  Now this mainly I was thinking of Topps, which has been around almost 60 years now in present form, you can argue that Topps can trace it's roots back farther and I won't contest it.  And now it looks like Upper Deck is going to be a one sport card producer now too after they lost there NFL licsense.  By the way I'm not looking forward to the football releases this year if it's just Panini putting them out.  I just have never really liked the cards that Donruss put out.  Too shiny, crappy unoriginal backgrounds.  They might be great for catching pike but not me.  And while Score (which we all know is now in the Panini family) puts out a decent low end product it still looks like all the other Donruss stuff.  I don't know why action shots with backgrounds are so foreign to the company.  Maybe now that Panini is ruling the roost things will change.

OK so it use to be that Topps was the only publicly traded company, a couple times actually.  You could by stock in it be a part owner what ever.  But Topps was bought by Michael Eisner and some other investment companies in late 2007.  Did you know that Upper Deck tried to buy Topps back then too?  Interesting stuff. 

Wow I really went off topic there.  My point is now that all the companies are privately held, there oversite is all internal.  If they were public companies their actions would be answerable to a board and the shareholders.  This alone is why UD gets away with some of it's shady shinagans.  If they had been a publicly traded company there would have been massive firings over the incidents of the last year. 

My other thinking, and I might be totally off base here is that since they are privately held they don't have to follow the SEC rules about profits and shareholder equity.  Meaning their business model doens't have to be geared to maximizing profits.  Now this can be a good thing.  It could mean that instead of pumping out tons and tons of cheaply made crappy cards that a company can concentrate on producing high quality stuff.   Also to make more money for profits you would want to have contracts with all the major sports so you could produce more products to sell to make more money.  That not being the case, and I have no idea what an exclusive license to a sport cost these companies, you can specialize.  But, like I posted earlier, I feeling the emptyness for the store shelves with the lack of varity now.  I can only imagine whats going to happen with football, I don't see all that much out there for basketball or hockey, although I'm not a basketball or hockey collector.  I remember this is what the goal was wasn't it ?   I remember a few years back, maybe more than a few now.  I was staring at the racks at a card shop and I couldn't decide what to buy, now I'm to the point where I don't want to buy what there is, or at least anymore of what there is.

Well that was a long winded rant about nothing.  I think I made a few points in there.  I was looking at the sell sheet for the Bowman release next month.  Looks like at least the Strasburg Autos will be on card, stickers for the rest probably but at least Topps is moving in the right direction.   It seems to me that sometimes the card companies will see how far they can push something.  And I know that the past couple of years the blogging community and hobby community in general is tired of sticker autos, relics of common players, ect.  I'm interested to see what came out of the roundtable.

CB out

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cynicalbuddha's Midweek Movie Review

Saw Clash of the Titans a few nights ago.  Not in 3D just regular.

IT SUCKED.  Save your money for Ironman 2.

I could elaborate but I won't.  It's shiney but empty.  Nuff said. 

What did you all think?

Why I love Alaska

I'm a cold weather person.  Being from Northern Wisconsin I can say that.  Maybe that was the draw of moving up to Alaska too.  That and there's oceans here and mountains.  Both of which are in short supply in Wisconsin.  Anyway I was all comfy in bed this morning dreading getting up for work, missing my girlfriend who I haven't seen in about a month now and I get up and look out the window and what to I see.  More snow.  Now you all say but your in Alaska of course there's snow.  Well that's true most of the year but actually most of the snow was gone.  And now we have about 6 more inches to enjoy.  This time of year scares me.  Not because of the snow, I have no problem driving in snow, it's all the other people here who seem to have a problem with it.  And it's been nice here in Anchorage since I moved back about a month ago.  People were getting use to dry iceless roads.  Until today.  In Alaska we're allowed to have studded tires for driving on ice and snow.  While I've managed 12 years up here without them, but I do have 4 wheel drive, most people can't live without their studded tires and then they think they can drive like a bat out of hell.   

I guess what I love about Alaska is that you never know what's going to happen at least weather wise.  That and you could always get eaten by a bear or stomped by a moose. 

Can you tell I had nothing to say today. 

Hey Cardsplitter, I'll look through my Topps extras tonight and I'm definately up for a trade, I think I might even have some extra inserts you need.  I'll email you later.  As for the rest of you Bastages keep up the good work. 

CB out!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm feeling hollow.

So i go to my favorite card shop the other day thinking I might buy some of his single Heritage to start filling in holes in my set or maybe buy another box.  When I get there I notice his price has gone up to 90  bucks a box!!  Holy crap.  It's not that much more expensive then the other big card shop in town but wow and blow out has them for 82.  I had sticker shock.   Not because the price was so high, but it was so high for kinda a crapy box of cards.  I'm not saying the set isn't nice, but the inserts and hits aren't all that great.  I did end up buying one box earlier in the month after I bought my blaster for the Cardboard Junkies fantasy league.  I've already put one Topps Series 1 set together and am about 20 to 30 cards shy of another, so I thought maybe I'd give Heritage a try.  The owner of the card shop was totally cool and pointed out if I was just in it for the set I might as well just buy blasters from wally world or target, and he was right.  So I didn't end up buying a box of Heritage, I ended up buying his last sealed box of 206 which was still 90 bucks or so but I did get some nice hits I'll post the break later with pics.

So know we get to the point of my post.  I'm feeling hollow.  I don't know what I want to do.  I'm starting to see the reality of this Topps exclusive MLB deal.  I'm even contemplating trying to put together a UD set of the "illegal card" which are still everywhere.  I'm bored there isn't anything I want to buy, no packs to try, boring.  I don't want to put together a Pro Debut set.  I'm jonesing man!! I guess I can wait for Series 2 to hit next month but man this sucks.  It makes me wonder what the football card landscape will look like this year.   If I had a million dollars I might even try to put a Champs hockey set together.  I really like the looks of these cards but it's the same  problems with Goodwin Champions.  Expensive and not a lot of cards.  Although I do like the mini's.  Especially the oddballs.  Love me them dinosaurs.  Anywho.  My point is I look at this years baseball rack and the cupboard is almost bare.  it was funny looking at the shelf in the card shop and seeing 3 boxes of Heritage left one open for packs, 1 open box of topps series 1 regular and 1 Jumbo and that was it for this year's stuff, he still had some of last years stuff. ung. Well I better get back to work.  Keep up the good work everybody.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Topps Finest Redemption # 1 is announced.

I see that Sports Card Info beat me too it but screw it I'm going to post anyways.  The Topps Blog just announced the first Topps Finest Redemption it's Jason Heyward.  And guess what some of them are going to be autographed!!  Just like last year with Gordon Beckham and the red hot rookie redemptions 10% will be autographed and Topps points this out with exclaimation points ON CARD!!!!!  Maybe Topps heard our yells, maybe this is the start of something good.

And it looks like the auto version will have a different photo on it too.  Bummer for all those who sold them or not.  I'm debated whether or not to hold on to my #3 redemption or put it on ebay.

And even with Ryan Braun slugging a 3 run homer it looks like my Brewers are going to take a loss in the first game of the series with the Cubs.  I hope this is not a picture of what is to come with this bullpen.  Very disappointing.
Ah my first game of the season. On TV that is. I got to see the Brewers almost get swept by the Cards on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball.  I don't get to watch many games of the Brew Crew.  I'm way out of market and too cheap to by the Baseball Ticket.  Seems to me that this season is going to be a repeat of last season.  Awesoe offense, dismal defense with pitching.  I could be wrong but I've already seen Hoffman lose one save outright and almost lose one yesterday.  Luckily Casey at the bat in the bottom of the 9th put them back ahead but they were up by 6 till the 7th and then Pujols started hitting homers.  And 2 run shots at that.  I got so mad I had to go for a short walk to cool down.  Thank god my girlfriend wasn't around to give me shit about it.  Anywho, I'm short on topics and I just read the diatribe by beardy or was it mojo over at the mojo beard blog about the Orioles. 

I really want to take the rest of the day off, seeing as I've been at work a whole hour to watch the Brewers and Cubs play.  Two Brewer games on TV back to back unheard of! It should be a holiday.

Anyways if I get my act together I've got some box breaks to post ect ect.  I'm trying a little experiment with my Topps Finest cards and I've decided to put together a Heritage set, lord knows why.  I guess i need something till Series 2 comes out. 

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Cynicalbuddha's Manifesto part 1

My god am I bored.  I've been cutting and pasting information all morning and needed a break.  So my second post in 2 hours.  Remember back at the New Year when everybody was putting out the state of their collection and stating what their goals were or are ect ect.  I remember at the time that I had nothing to say.  I was going to keep my Yount and Rollie Fingers collections going.  My Rollie collection has added some great cards.  My Yount collection has slowed but I know that there are at least 5 new Yount cards in Topps Series 1 alone this year and a whole rainbow in Topps Tribute.  There is no way I can compete for the really rare 1 of 1 Younts in Tribute I just won't drop that much on a card.  Yep I'm cheap, yet I've picked up the red and two printing plates of Rollie Fingers from the set and each card was under 20 bucks.  I'm only missing the regular and the gold and i've got the rainbow and 2 extra rare cards to go with it.  Who know maybe the other printing plates will we up for auction again soon.  I started a modest Frank "Big Hurt" Thomas collection.  I already had a bunch of his cards so I figured  now that he's retired I might try a little harder.

So I've been contemplating my Team or Teams I guess.  Begin from Wisconsin I'm a diehard Packers fan and a modestly fanatic Brewers fan.  It's been a nice couple of year not to be in the dumper and be contenders.  Who knows maybe someday we'll get to relive that cinderella 1982 season that we almost won a World Series.  So I decided since the Brewers have only been around since 1970 and have cards dating back to 1971 I'd try to put together teams sets from at least all the Topps sets.  Knowing that the 1975 and 1978 would be my most expensive with the Yount and Molitor rookies in those sets respectively but seeing as I already have their rookies it's no big deal.  I was just persusing COMC to see what kind of selection they might have and I'm pretty sure I can get decent cards for cheap.  Not cheap shipping mind you, which is still COMC's biggest drawback, although they are cheaper than Topps Million Card It's not Really a Give away since you have to pay for Shipping promotion.

Rambling again, getting hungary.  OK so to rap this up.  I know you don't care but this is good to solidify in writing my goals. I realize why so many bloggers did it earlier this year.

1.  Keep putting together my Yount, Fingers, and Reggie Jackson collections and when possible pick up cool cheap Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Ryan Braun, and Prince Fielder cards.

2.  Pick up cool vintage Packer cards for the cheap if possible.

3.  Put together my Breweres team sets from 1971 to Present.

4.  Complete all my Topps sets from when I started collecting in 1987 to present.

5. Start to sell down my inventory in my closet and do some trades if possible.

6.  Start trying to make some custom cards and send out for autographs.  PS if anyone knows a good site with some how to tips leave a comment.

That's it for part 1, hell that might be it altogether if I don't think of anything else.  Alright I'm off to lunch.

Bored at work so I thought I'd waste some precious time with this.

Well I'm sitting here and i've been at work all of an hour and I'm already ready for the weekend.  Been at a workshop learning about culverts and fish passage for most of the week.  Riveting stuff, but seeing as this will be my focus for the next couple years enlighting. 

Anywhoo,  I've been following the Upper Deck death debate through the blogosphere and leaving little turds of comments here and there where I felt I should or could.  It's been on my mind for while.  I've been thinking about this since the Konami incedent.  There seems to be so much fear about what the cardscape will look like if UD goes under.  I personally am not all that worried.  I have a feeling UD will be resurrected or resusitated to some degree.  Lets be honest there are still remenants of old card companies around.  Usually their likeness is bought by a bigger company ect.  Topps did it with Bowman, UD with Fleer and O Pee Chee, Panini with Donruss, look at all the retro sets being produced.

I follow UD on their blog and on facebook.  They give away a lot of stuff kinda like Becketts Free Stuff Fridays.  Now Topps is in on the blogging fun here and giving away stuff.  I actually like that Topps now has a blog.  To be honest I tend to be snippy with UD when they post some crap about how great they are.  And I plan to be snippy with Topps.  Lets face it Topps main website sucks.  It's almost impossible to find any information you're looking for on a set.  There checklists are a job and impossible to use.  And it seems like the site gets update one a quarter.  There doesn't seem to any news anymore about upcoming releases, not that Topps could keep to their release dates anyways.  You'll see I have no sponsors and I never get anything for free.  Not that I wouldn't mind either, but I voice my opinion and I'll always do that.  And you may not agree with me but that's ok.  Some people think that UD is the end all be all of cards,  I disagree.  Now they do put out some nice stuff and do top end really well and I like the fact they are getting back to on card autos.  Do you hear me TOPPS we like on card autos not crappy mass signed stickers. I have to say the one set I really loved this year from UD is it's Champs.  I know retro has been done to death but the cards look great.  To bad the resell I've seen on ebay is pretty poor.  And to be honest the fact that you'd have to buy over 5 boxes just to have a chance at putting together the base set let alone all the auto's relics that are all numbered into the set.  I do like the oddball mini, wonders of the world ect.  I love that stuff.  Unfortunately my biggest disappointment with UD is the Exquisite release.  After watching a ton of box breaks and searching though listings on ebay.  I'm just not impressed.  I'm mean there are some nice cards in the set don't get me wrong but it's just not that original.  And the cheapest box i've seen is just over 500 bucks, here in Anchorage the card shop that carries it was selling it at 600 bucks a pop.  Just don't see the value in the product. 

See this is what happens when i don't blog in a week I get all this stuff pent up and it all comes out in one long rambling post.  Anywho love to hear any comments.  Congrat to JayBee on getting over 300 blogs on the blogroll. 

I also encourage everyone to check out the UD and Topps blogs and give them a peace of your mind or your accolades.  I think that these blogs offer real time feedback to the companies and they could use it.  Maybe we can get Topps to start using on card autos, at least in there high end products.  I've got a few project posts in the works I've just been lazy and I need to do some research. 

Until next time keep up the good work.

Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Heritage Blaster Break and Cardboard Junkie Fantasy Team Picks

For those of you who have had your heads in the sand Dayf is having a little fantasy contest over at Cardboard Junkie.  The rules are all on the link there.  Anyways the basic rules were to get a blaster of 2010 Heritage, rip it, document your break,and put a team together from the cards, no inserts!

So here is my blaster break  Sorry for the crappy photos but my scanner is still packed up and 700 miles away so here we go pack by pack.

Pack 1
Ichiro new age performers
#240 Elvis Andrus
119 Royals bashers
413 Andrew Mille
348 Julio Borbon
84 Garret Anderson
129 Ian Desmond
350 Scott Podsednik

Pack 2
116 Jerry Hairston Jr.
175 Scott Rolen
316 Kevin Youkilis
181 Paul Maholm
247 Casey Blake
53 Jason Varitek
126 Garrett Jones
49 NL Strikeout League Leaders

Pack 3
463Topps News Mark Teixeira
365 JJ Hardy
369 Josh Johnson
81 Dustin Richardson
395 Tommy Hanson
246 Johnny Damon
357 Vernon Wells
241 Joakim Soria

Pack 4
1NF  News Flashback Peace Corps
60 Asdrubal Cabrera
141 Kosuke Fukudome
7 Chicago White Sox Team Card
201 Beasts of the East
338 Ryan Zimmerman
6 Ronald Belisario
390 Matt LaPorta

Pack 5

358 Skip Schumaker
259 Jose Reyes
270 Vin Mazzaro
340 Magglio Ordonez
186 Denard Span
268 ChrisYoung
242 Chase Headley
303 james Shields

Pack 6
C96 David Wright Chrome
412 Joe Saunders
229 Carlos Carrasco
328 Joe Nathan
 423 checklist
402 Sisler Baseball Thrills
315 Brandon Webb
422 Dioner Navarro

pack 7

44 AL Home Run Leaders
251 jarrod Washburn
295 RIck Ankiel
170 Alex Rios
317 Brent Dlugach
425 Marcus Thames
362 Brandon Allen
245 Ryan Howard

Pack 8

364 Todd Helton
56 Jake Peavy
123 Nick Punto
208 Jorge Cantu
148 Chris Getz
393 Ryan Braun
418 Jim Thome
302 Adrian Beltre

Over all a nice blaster with some great players.  So here's my lineup

I only had 2 catchers so that's easy

Jason Varitek - Catcher
Dioner Navarro - Catcher
JJ Hardy - Shortstop
Ryan Howard - 1st base
Nick Punto - 2nd base
Ryan Zimmerman - 3rd base
Kosuke Fukudome - Outfield
Johnny Damon - Outfield
Ryan Braun- Outfield
Kevin Youkilis- Corner Infielder
Jose Reyes- Middler Infielder
Matt LaPorta - Outfielder
Garrett Jones - Utility
Jarrod Washburn- Pitcher
Jake Peavy- Pitcher
Joe Saunders - Pitcher
James Shields - Pitcher
Josh Johnson - Pitcher
Paul Maholm - Pitcher
Tommy Hanson - Pitcher

Not to terrible of a team..  And yes the Howard was in the blaster people.  This is the first heritage I've bought.  My card shop ran out before I could buy a hobby box but now that I have a decent wad I might have to buy a box when he gets more in.  My pitching is a little weak as is some of my infield but I got a nice lot of outfielders and 1st basemen.    There you go Dayf.  Sign me up