Thursday, February 24, 2011

Panini you do love me!!!

So awhile back I opened a crap load of Score Hockey.  I still need quite a few cards.  Stupid collation.  I do believe I busted 5 boxes or so.  And I got one rookie redemption out of all that.  And I finally got my redemption the other day.

I could have done worse.  A Minnesota boy, Derek played 2 years with the University of Wisonsin before going pro.  Not too bad of a rookie season so far either. 

cb out.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trade Post 'bout time!!

Wow it's been a few days.  I ended up taking Tuesday off and making it a 4 day weekend.  A much needed mini-vacation.  Plus now I only have a 3 day work week this week, sweet.  But that means I neglected my blogging duties.  I've got a few things to post about, but first I want to catch up on my trade posts.

First Marie over at A Cardboard Problem inquired about some Cano's I had pulled from my two Series 1 Jumbo box breaks.  I had a Manu-glove and a Platinum Diamond cards that she wanted and we worked out a trade.

I was also in the Series 1 Case break and she sent me all my goodies all at once.  I didn't get anything too spectacular in the case break, I did pull about 4 team sets, a Braun Kimball and two Brewers Diamonds and a bunch of inserts.  I was hoping for a Braun glove or Fielder auto but what can you do?

So in the trade Marie sent me these two lovely Brewers relics from 2009 Goodwin Champions and a bunch of other Braun numbered cards and some other brewers stuff.  Very nice.  I think we're even Marie.

Next up is another trade with Greg from Plaschke thy Sweater is Argyle a hardcore Dodgers fan who was quicker than the other hardcore Dodgers fan also named Greg who is the Night Owl.  Anyways from the same box break Greg inquired about the Diamond  Clayton Kersaw and Carlos Santana I had up on the break and we set up a trade.  I also sent along some other random Dodgers cards from series 1 I had and he sent me a few odds and ends Brewers and Packers cards and this meat of the trade.
Actually the meat was the Hawk jersey card.  Very nice.  But I put the Freeman in there cuz he's numbered and shiny. 

And last but not least we get to my trade with Tony from the The Common (card) Man.  This is are second or third trade.  I lost track but it's usually a fairly large trade.  Last time I sent him a stack of 2010 Topps he needed and almost finished off his need list.  Oh so close.  So he emailed me asking if I'd like to trade for some 2011 Kimball Champions he had.  He wasn't going to put the set together, but I have a feeling he's going to attempt the Platinum Diamond Parallel set.  Because that's what we trade for.  We did a 1 for 1 on the Kimball/Diamonds.  I don't plan on collecting the Diamond variants other than the Brewers team set so it was a great deal for both of us and he knocked off 6 Kimballs from my need list.  He also sent me a huge stack of  2010 Topps Magic I needed for my set and a few 2010 T206's.  I also happened to have a ton of Score Hockey extras so I sent him a nice stack of those from his needs list.  Whew. 

Thanks to everybody and the trades.  If anybody has any 2010 Heritage extras I'm looking to finally completing that set, at least the base.  I have a ton of Heritage extras, as well as, huge stacks of 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 Topps Baseball and a few years of Topps Football, Score Hockey and Football, and 2009 Upper deck Baseball.  I'll probably put together a nice post about that some time later.  Check out my need list on the side bar.  And if you have any 2011 Diamond, Gold, Black, Wal-mart or Target parallel Brewers cards let me know I'm looking to complete my Brewers team sets in each of those parallel and the cards I need are on the needs list page. 

Alright have a great humpday everybody.

cb out

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Contest Pimp presents Crinkly Wrappers 60 cards fo 60 years!!!

I like winning stuff and so I have no problem pimping a contest or giveaway if it means more entries.  That's for sho....

But I digress.  Head on over to Crinkly Wrappers for another easy contest.  The prize?? A Topps card from 1952 to present. 

cb out

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clear Cut Cards contest Pimp

The return of contest Pimp.

Head on over to Clear Cut Cards for another easy contest with a cool prize.

This contest has been pimped. Yo.

cb out

Topps Diamond Giveaway....Ho hum.

It's been a few days.  I've been busy and haven't had anything to say so I didn't.  But I got home yesterday and found a nice box waiting for me.  It was my swag from A Cardboard Problems Series 1 Jumbo Case break.  I didn't get anything too exciting.  I didn't get a hit, which was a bummer, but did get 5 team sets, a bunch of inserts and a few sparkly Brewers cards.  There was also a bunch of other stuff from a trade Marie and I worked out for my Cano Leather Name Plate and Diamond card.  But I also got 2 Diamond Giveaway cards in the break and seeing as everyone was starting to throw codes in I figured I'd throw these 2 in to see what I got. 

My first code wasn't bad.

A 1973 Sam McDowell card.  I ended up getting quite a few 1973 cards from the Million Card Giveaway and it's a classic set.  At least I should be able to trade this for something I might like better.

Then I got the typical second cards

1991 Dave Hollins.  Who?  Yeah.  I looked Dave up.  He was in the majors for 12 years with 7 different teams. 

On a side note I went and had Topps ship me the rest of my Million Card Giveaway cards I wanted.  I just picked everything 1975 and before and then accepted every trade I had on the remaining cards.  You're welcome.  I also did the same thing with my Gridiron Giveaway cards.  Why do I feel so ripped off from Topps.  Their shipping is worse than COMC.  But I digress.  I didn't have to ship my cards to me.  I will say this for a "free" card giveaway it sure seems expensive.

cb out

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just some thoughts on the Series 1 Wrapper Redemption.

This isn't breaking news by any means.  You should all know that Topps is doing another wrapper redemption for Series 1 Topps Baseball.  Wrapper redemptions were all the rage back in the 90's.  I remember sending in my Fleer Ultra wrappers for a limited edition Eckersley set back in the day.  I wonder where those cards are now? 

I found it interesting that last week while at trade night people were tossing their wrappers away.  Or most people were.  And yep I went dumpster diving.  Why not.  Pretty much free cards.  But unlike the Chrome redemptions there was no advertising for the redemption at the shop.  I'm thinking they probably didn't know.  It would seem like anything to sell more cards would be a good thing.  Not my point.  My point is why do I still have to mail these wrappers in.  It seems like such a waste.  This is the 21st century for God's sake.  I have to spend more money shipping trash back to Topps, Topps needs to hire someone to open my mail and count the trash I send, I need to make sure I include a letter with my address on it or something with my address on it, that's legible, and then they need to ship it out.  At least this year Topps is encouraging us to shipped all your wrappers together. 

So back to why we have to ship this stuff in.  I know Topps is terrible with the online stuff.  I don't see that changing anytime soon, but how hard would it have been if this was planned right to print codes on the insides of packs.  Have an online site where you set up an account enter codes and then after you enter 10 jumbo codes or 36 regular pack codes you get a free pack of there cards?  Seem like we reduce waste by no shipping trash through the mail, Topps doesn't need a person to open letters and count wrappers and it could be fairly automated.  Yes I know their redemption site sucks and it seems they are alwasy behind. 

But it occurs to me as I was packaging up my wrappers to send to Diarehha, I mean Duryea, that this could all be so much simpler.

Have a great weekend
cb out.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stale Gum's Blog Bat Around Fixing Topps

I'm sure you've already seen a few of these posts.  Chris over at Stale Gum posted this Blog Bat Around:

"In the interest of full disclosure, I was going to post my annual rant about Topps Baseball. But, you've heard it all before and the last think you want to read is another anti-gimmick diatribe. So instead, I'm opening up the floor and want to hear from you. Here's the Blog Bat Around question:

Michael Eisner has just fired the entire Topps Product Development staff and chose to hire you to take their place. Mr. Eisner has given you carte blanche to do whatever you want with Topps Baseball -- as long as you keep it under $2/pack.

If you were in charge of Topps, and based upon what you've seen of 2011 Topps Baseball Series One, what (if anything) would you have done differently?"

I figure I'd throw my two cents in the ring since I can.

First lets be clear I love the ecclectia in trading cards, the weird stuff, oddballs, minis, die-cuts, ect.  I miss the food issues from the 70's, 80's and 90's and I hate the exclusivity deals in the the sports card world, all sports included. 

So what would I do?   Let start off with this year.  All the pointless crappy inserts gone.  That means, The History of Topps, Diamond Duos, 60 Years of Topps reprints, Topps Town and the Topps 60th inserts, all gone.  I like the idea of the Lost Cards.  But why make these look like the 60 YOT reprints?  Even the backs look the same.  I think it's a great concept and interesting, at least I find it interesting. 

OK lets rebuild.  First the abortion that is the Topps web presence has to go.  New website and blog.  I hire at least one full time person to run it, add content and keep it up to date.  I add current, easy to use and complete checklists for all products released and if possible upcoming.  I make the redemption center easy to use and up to date with current status of redemptions.  The Topps Giveaway sites I make easier to use and trade with fellow collectors, I put out a sane shipping policy and pricing.

Next I fire the guy they hired to handle complaints and customer service and I hire two guys (or girls) to over see quality control.  That means all cards going into packs, all hits, the quality of the hits and autographs, and customer service.  That means I don't have to provide 20 wrappers, a upc, receipt, and my social security number to get a card replaced. 

Next I start an forum where collectors can voice their opinions on what they like and dislike about the product.  A place to get feedback on what collector's would like to see and what they don't want to see. 

No more claiming that a manufactured product is a relic.  Truth on the box.  Jumbo's contain, 1 auto, 1 relic and 1 other collectible.  As stated above I like the oddballs and weird stuff.  That's why I liked the Hat Patch and Bat Barrel cards.  And why I like the idea of the glove name plates, just not the execution of the idea.

Get rid of pointless sets like Opening Day and Chrome that use the same picture's, layout, and design as the base flagship set.  I like the look of Chrome, not the with the current warping issues, but shiny is never bad.  If we are going to put out a chrome product it'll be different.  If nothing else the Opening Day and Chrome cards can be parallel inserts.  Hell lets make them numbered parallel inserts like Gold and Black cards.  And we are going back to foil number stamping.  No more of this black printed numbering.  It looks like shit and cheapens the cards.

Let's reduce the number of retro sets.  We'll keep A and G and Heritage, but no more National Chicle or Gypsy Queen and lets bring Prime over to baseball or at least the concept or maybe revamp Stadium Club. We'll make the retro card inserts instead. 

Here's a radical idea.  No more sticker autos!  As a matter of fact, to bring value back to the autos in the set, no more guaranteed "hits"  All relics and autos are numbered and limited and all autos are on card.  Now wait your saying wha? no way I won't buy it unless I know I'm getting an auto or jersey card.  Really, so the only reason you would buy that box is if you know that you'll get a sticker auto of a crappy pitcher or a white swatch relic from some unrated rookie?  What if I told you there might be a Albert Pujols auto in that box numbered to 25?  Or Alex Rodriguez, or a Hank Aaron Relic auto numbered to 5?  Still no value in the box?  Let's bring back inserts like Rookie Stars and Turn back the clock.  How about tiered inserts, oddballs, and buybacks.

Here was an idea I had for a great insert and buyback idea.  Topps has had a lot of interesting experiments over the years none so pointless as Topps Coins.  Now I don't really want Topps to put out a set of coins again but how about as an insert.  You could embedded the coin in a card, you could have a new inserts set with new coins and a buyback set with coins from the 60's and 70's and maybe stars from the 80's and 90's sets.  Comic cards, lenticular cards, holograms, stand ups, tattoos, posters, minis, triple cards that are perforated like 1980-81 basketball.  Variety.  No more half-ass rehashing a insert from last year to make it "new" for this year.

I'm torn on set size.  I'm tempted to say screw it lets go back to the early days and having 4 or 5 series'.  200 cards in each series and Series 5 will be the traded and rookie call ups series.  A 1000 card set all together.  This will let us get photos of players that have changed teams in the off season and any other things that might need to be done.  For those that say there are too many inserts this next statement won't make you happy. But reducing the series size would allow for more inserts and oddballs to be put into rotation.  Mix it up.  A reduced series size means I don't need to buy as many packs to complete the base set but if there are cool inserts and a change as a kick as low numbered auto or something else I  might be compelled to buy more packs.  Who knows.

Did I just fuck up Topps?  Maybe I don't care.  Give me quality, good customer service, access, and variety.  And for god's sake give me something new.  2011 has some new.  Kimball's and diamond parallels, but a lot of rehashed redo's, 60 YOT, Diamond Duos, and the Diamond Giveaway(opinion still pending till it gets going).

Just my opinion though and pretty spur of the moment but this is what I came up with off the top of my head.

cb out

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Million Card Giveaway Cards

So I've been seeing a bunch of Million Card Giveaway posts lately.  And it reminded me that we only have till March to have your cards shipped or I guess they go back in the Topps vault.  See you in 20 years 1987 Topps cards.

I decided that I would have all my cards pre 1970 shipped and I actually had two 1970 and above shipped to me.  For a "Free" giveaway shipping and handling is awfully expensive.  It cost me somewhere around 8 bucks to have these 12 cards shipped to me.  To be honest they were all in top loaders which is nice.  But when postage is under 2 bucks it still feels like a rip off.  And to be honest the quality and condition of these cards leaves a little to be desired.  But it's always nice to add a little vintage to the collection.  I was looking through my MCG portfolio the other day and somehow I missed a 1965 card and then traded up to another 1965.  I think the 65's are one of my favorite looking sets from the 60's.  So I'm probably going to get at least one more round of cards shipped, but the majority are high 70's and not worth very much.  I think I'll let Topps put them back in the vault.  Anyway... here's what I got last year from the code cards that was mostly pre 1970.

My oldest card is this 1956 Arnold Portocarrero.  It's a little rough.  This is my oldest Topps card that I own now.  And close to the oldest in my collection if you count the 2002 Topps T206 buyback I got years ago.

Next in line is this 1958 Paul Giel.  Terribly miss cut and a nice crease on the top portion.

1962 Don Hoak.  This card actually isn't too bad.  Not very well centered but in fairly good shape.  The original Topps woody.

1964 Diego Segui.  Another dogeared card.  If I'd have known what kind of condition some of these cards would be coming in I probably would have saved my money.

1965 Ty Cline.  WoHoo a Milwaukee Brave!!!!  I ended up trading for this bad boy and at least 3 of the 4 corners were in pretty good shape.

1966 Bill Rigney.  Nothing like a manager card to spice things up.  Also not the best shape.

1967 Boog Powell.  Probably one of my favorites that I pulled this year.  I just like saying his name. Boog.  Boooooooooooog.  How do you get the nickname Boog? And more why do you use it?

I got a trio of 1968 cards.

Dick Simpson

Jim Merritt
And Mel Queen, and all three were in pretty good shape.

Well that's all my pre 1970's here we have a 1970 Luis Tiant.

And my lone Brewer Mike Hegan from the 1977 set.  Which sadly I already had in better shape.

Over all not impressed.  If I didn't have a few 1960 left in the bin and a ton of 1972's I probably would just say screw it and leave them but I think I'll have a few more shipped to me.  I'm a glutton for punishment.  I also apologize.  As I started writing this post I wished I'd have scanned the backs.  The early Topps backs were great with cartoons and interesting use of colors.  Maybe I'll save that for a later post. 

Have a great humpday.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Try Harder

Or maybe you can call this 2011 Review Redux.....

2011 Topps..... I said I like it and I do. As the newness of it all has finally worn off and my rose colored glasses have shattered, I'm sitting here thinking of what I like and don't like.  I think I gave a fairly decent review of Topps.  I'll stand by my rating.  I mean if you're a set builder this is the set.  We get all caught up in the "hits" and rightfully so considering the cost of a box of baseball cards nowadays.  I would love to have hit a personalized 60th anniversary auto or some of the other goodies, but I didn't.

So lets talk about Topps "hits" this year.  On the jumbo box it clearly states that you will receive 1 Autographed card and 2 relics.

So when did a manufactured "relic" become a relic?  By definition a sports relic is something that was game used or at least associated with the game.  There were lots of controversy over Topps using pieces of seats in Babe Ruth relic cards and calling them relics.  And I'll call bullshit on that to.  While a piece of a Yankee Stadium Seat would be a fine relic in and of itself trying to make it represent something that it is not, is not acceptable.  The same goes for Manufactured "relics".  I like the Manu-patch, Manu-bats, and even to a point these new Manu-glove cards.  They are what they are.  But they are not Relics.  And I wouldn't even be the least bit pissed if Topps just stated on its Jumbo boxes, 1 Auto, 1 Relic and 1 Manufactured collectible. 

Now lets get to brass tacks here.  The manufactured hat patches and bat barrels were a nice new concept collectible.  Well executed, if not well represented.  And while Topps put out a lot of subjects last year with hat patch and bat cards, some players had multiple designs, all the cards were numbered no higher than 99.

Here are a few examples

Remember these are the regular issue ones.  I don't think the Hat Patches had lower numbered parallels, but the bat barrels did.

Now this year.
No numbering.  And lets check out the quality.  This is a scan of the Cano I pulled from my box break.  Ignore the smudges that's from my scanner and the top loader.  But look at the stitching.

Here is the Topps teaser image release prior to the ship date
First, two things, yes this is a photoshopped image.  By Topps not me.  Second you'll notice that they took the Manufactured glove leather nameplate and changed it to just leather name plate.  And if you look at this card look how nice the lettering is.  Yes Topps did state that these would be stitched in their sell sheet but that stitching looks way nicer than the actual product, way nicer!  Look how crappy the pound sign is on the Cano card. And I doubt that it's real leather.  If it is it's super thin, it doesn't feel real.    And not being numbered means that these were produced in huge numbers.  And I guess they would have to be considering that according to the checklist there are only 50 subjects as opposed to the Hat Logo Patches that had 186 subjects alone in Series 1. 

What I find most disappointing is Topps takes a neat idea and just drives it into the ground.  The hat patch and bat barrel cards were new, looked cool, and had new and old stars, variations, and were relatively scarce. 

Yes the Leather Nameplates have numbered variations, but these are now the exception not the rule.  And I've mention this and so have quite a few other bloggers, the stitching looks cheap, shoddy, and poorly executed.  A stamped or branded name plate would have looked much nicer and probably have been a little higher quality. And hold on because we are going to get at least 50 more of these in Series 2. 

Topps continues it's "free" giveaway with the Diamond Anniversary Giveaway.  I'm not sure when that site will start for business, probably in March after the MCG is done, but if it's anything like the Million Card Giveaway or the Gridiron Giveaway I would wait a while before trying to enter your codes, so the bugs get worked out.  I'll wait till I see what starts coming out of that to pass judgement. 

The MCG started out hot and was a good idea, but one million 1987 cards later it doesn't seem so hot.  To be fair I didn't do too shabby with the codes I entered.  Yes there were quite a few 80's, 90's and 2000's in the mix, but the majority of my codes turned up 70's cardboard.  I got a few 50's and a handful of 60's.  I just got my cards in the mail, that's another post, but I'm not overly impressed with the quality of the cards I got.  I'm debating if it's worth having any more shipped to me or just saying screw it.

It seem by far that everyones favorite insert is the Kimball's Champions.  I knew I would be trying to put a set of these together when I saw them on the sell sheet.  I love minis and I love the retro inserts.  I'm still trying to finish my 2009 and 2010 Turkey Red sets.  I have a feeling that this might be even harder to finish as it seems everyone wants to collect these guys.  I have a want list up for my set if anyone has some they'd like to get rid of.  I didn't have a single double out of my 2 boxes so I got a nice 20 card base going.  Only 30 more to go.

We also have the Diamond parallels.  I guess these are officially Platinum Diamond Parallels.  Unnumbered, but oh so shiny. I like to call these the sparkle cards. 

I won't lie I like the look of these cards and I'll be trying to put together a Brewers Team set but I won't be trying to complete a complete set.  I like the feel of these cards and there not bendy like Chrome. 

 I really enjoy the base design as well.  I think this is the most important for me as a set collector. Topps put together a really nice design this year.  And looking at the sparkle cards I think it should be a great Chrome set this year as well.  As long as Topps can fix it's Chrome warping problem.  I was just looking at some Chrome from last years set and they're starting to bend so bad I think they'll be able to roll around my deck like a toilet paper rolls pretty soon.  We can hope that gets taken care of.  And since Topps hasn't been coming out with a new Football design in years I would expect this to be the basic layout for 2011 Football too.  Maybe the circle with the logo will be a football and the back will have footballs instead of circles with the card number and player picture, but pretty much the same I would assume.  I wonder if the sparkle cards will carry over into football?  I will say I would like to see some new inserts in football this year.  Maybe not manufactured relics but something innovative would be nice.

Any comments are welcome. 

CB out

Return of the contest Pimp.

That's right the contest pimp is back.  Head on over to Things are Funnier Here for a easy and lucrative contest.  50 bucks  to the winner at the CSN stores and a bonus.  You can buy cards or you can buy face creme your choice.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Topps 2011 Insert Nicknames

Well we're almost at a full week of Topps Series 1 Baseball being out.  Ebay is plugged with it.   But what to search for?  How to put in that you'd like to find?  So here are the new Cynicalbuddha 2011 Topps Insert official nicknames.

First we have the SSP diamond glint cards.

I'm going to call these twinkle cards.  It's official 2011 Topps Twinkle Variations. 

What about those diamond parallels?  You would think diamond parallel would be enough, but I think Sparkle cards are better.

Here you are 4 sparkle or sparkley cards.  Sorry it's already been written. No changing it now.

Next up the gold and Black parallels, shall remain Gold and Black parallels. 

Next up is Diamond Duos.  You may refer to these inserts as shit, dog shit, crap, pointless, and diarrhea cards.  I don't think I like these.  I didn't like the Legendary Lineage and I certainly don't like them.
Here's what a conversation would be like if I was talking to them.
Me:  I don't like you and my friend over there doesn't like you!
DD: I'm sorry.
Me: You best be careful, I'm wanted on 6 systems.
DD:  I'll be careful.
Me:  You'll be dead!!!!

Next is the 60 years of Topps reprints.

I'll call these Topps is so old...

How old is he?

Topps is so old the first ones were carved in stone and had dinosaurs on them.

Next is the Topps 60th Anniversary Cards.  Next.

Next we have the Vintage Reprints.

We'll call these: Cards Yo Grandma Threw Out.

Alright that's all I got for now.  What'chu got?

Yes it's a dumb post but many of these inserts are dumb. 

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Winners!!!

The Almost Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web is OVER!! Finally and we have a winner.  You might have noticed I was very quiet on Super Bowl Sunday.  Well I was pretty drunk after that win.  The Pack drives me to drink sometimes, but I thought it best not to drunk blog. Anyways....

I asked you to tell me who would win the Super Bowl and Mark from the The Green Card blog correctly guess that the Green Bay Packers would win.  And since he was the only one to pick the Packers, besides me, we don't need the tie breakers.

Here was the official entries if you forgot what you picked.

1 .Spankee: EAGLES over the Pats 27-24

2. Adam E: STEELERS over Bears 17-6

3. BA Benny: SAINTS over Pats 38-31

4 .cubsfan731: PATRIOTS over Falcons 23-14

5. Captain Canuck: PATRIOTS over Falcons 42-31

6 .Mariner1: SAINTS over Steelers 27-17

7. Play at the Plate: PATRIOTS over Eagles 38-21

8. Mark: PACKERS over Patriots 24-17

9. Fuji: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17

10. seemahn: FALCONS over Patriots 28-24

11. Community Gum: PATRIOTS over Falcons 31-17

12. dawgbones: EAGLES over Steelers 27-17

13. Offy: PATRIOTS over the Falcons 31-14

14. Kev2380: BEARS over Patriots 24-20

15. Steve D: PATRIOTS over Saints 35-27

16. Milwaukee Southpaw: FALCONS over Steelers 27-24

17. Colby (Flywheels): STEELERS over Falcons 24-17

18. Wicked Ortega: RAVENS over Patriots 21-17

19. mike: BEARS over Steelers 20-14

20. Nathan: COLTS over Saints 24-17

21. steve: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17

22. dayf: FALCONS over Colts 30-28

Mark wins a full set of Topps Rookie Redemption Codes!! 

And now for you bonus prize.
The above 22 names were entered into the list randomizer in the order that you entered.
Here is the results:

If you can't see it click on it for a close up but the winner is seemahn!!! Who has a blog Bottom Brain.
Seemahn email me I need your address you've won the 2010 Topps Prime Quad Rookie Jersey card!!!

 Thanks to all who entered and to Mark and seemahn who took home the prizes.  On a side note I took down Justin's Super Bowl contest, which was oddly similar to mine, by sticking to my guns with the Packers. I think I win a lot of chrome. 

cb out.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's On Like Donkey Kong!!! Final Superbowl contest update.

Finally!! It comes down to this.  Packers vs Steelers.  Superbowl XLV.  3 contestants left, 1 will win.

22 entered Almost the Easiest Superbowl Contest on the web,  a few major upsets along the way and we whittled it down to the final 3. 
Here they are again.

Adam E: STEELERS over Bears 17-6

Mark: PACKERS over Patriots 24-17

Colby (Flywheels): STEELERS over Falcons 24-17

For those who forgot they entered or what they entered here is the official entry list again as well.

1 .Spankee: EAGLES over the Pats 27-24

2. Adam E: STEELERS over Bears 17-6

3. BA Benny: SAINTS over Pats 38-31

4 .cubsfan731: PATRIOTS over Falcons 23-14

5. Captain Canuck: PATRIOTS over Falcons 42-31

6 .Mariner1: SAINTS over Steelers 27-17

7. Play at the Plate: PATRIOTS over Eagles 38-21

8. Mark: PACKERS over Patriots 24-17

9. Fuji: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17

10. seemahn: FALCONS over Patriots 28-24

11. Community Gum: PATRIOTS over Falcons 31-17

12. dawgbones: EAGLES over Steelers 27-17

13. Offy: PATRIOTS over the Falcons 31-14

14. Kev2380: BEARS over Patriots 24-20

15. Steve D: PATRIOTS over Saints 35-27

16. Milwaukee Southpaw: FALCONS over Steelers 27-24

17. Colby (Flywheels): STEELERS over Falcons 24-17

18. Wicked Ortega: RAVENS over Patriots 21-17

19. mike: BEARS over Steelers 20-14

20. Nathan: COLTS over Saints 24-17

21. steve: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17

22. dayf: FALCONS over Colts 30-28

Please notice the number by your names.  This is the order of the responses I got for the contest and the way you will be entered in to the random list generator at for the bonus prize.

The grand prize.

17 unused Topps Rookie of the Week Redemption codes. Which we are up to week 6 being delayed.  I've decided to give the winner the option of having these mailed or I can email the codes to them.  This is mainly for Mark who lives overseas and since these expire at the end of February and I have no idea how long it would take them to get over to England, but I would do it for any of the winners to get your codes ASAP. 
And don't forget the bonus prize.

Alright enjoy the game and I'll post the winners on Monday.  Cheers.

cb out

Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Topps Review and 2 Jumbo Box break

Hey did you know Topps Series 1 is out?  Yeah I know it's a little over due and I'm probably the 1,000,000th post on the subject but screw it.  This post is going to get heavy.  But it'll have lots of pictures so bare with me.  I was going to post the results of my two Jumbo boxes and do a fairly painful analysis of this years product and put it out as two separate posts but screw it.  I'll get to the hits eventually but first some insights, comparisons, and thoughts about this year's Topps set verses the last couple.

First lets check ou this years design.  I like it.  I really do.  Nothing too fancy.  I was kinda hoping for less foil, but this actually works pretty well.   The players names are large enough to read. Nice logo, position is out of the way, and out of the 800 or so base cards I got, I only noticed one foil defect, and it wasn't that bad.  I also had no damaged cards in any of the packs, so I'm pretty happy about that as well. And lots of throwback jersey's this year too.  Like the one Mr. Braun is sporting.

Speaking of the logo, Colbey over at Cardboard Collections mention this a few days ago but the logo has a 3D effect going on.

It's probably hard to see from a scan, but in hand it's noticeable.  It's not Avatar eye popping 3D, but the shading and graphics due lend to a nice optical illusion, and yes Colbey I think Topps planned it that way.

On to the back.  Nice symmetry, a cute little photo in the left hand corner, and a nice BIG number in the right hand circle.  This is a big point of contention with me.  I hate it when Topps makes it's card numbering small and hard to see.

This is what I'm talking about.  This is 2009's backs.  That number is teeny tiny and for a set collector collating a set a pain in the ass.

2011's back also put the numbering space right in the middle of the back of the card, as opposed to the last few years that had the space in the bottom left hand corner.  See above.  I still wish they hadn't gone to the printed numbers I miss the gold stamped numbers, classier.

All in all I really like the look of the base cards.  Now on to the inserts.  Oh boy.

This has been the biggest complaint I've seen around the blogsphere about the set.  Mainly that this years inserts are pretty much carbon copies of last years.  Unfortunately, that's pretty much true.  But there are a few nice inserts.

First I'll start with the Topps 60 reprints.  This is pretty much a carbon copy of the Yo momma cards or Cards your mother threw out from last year.
Here we have my first 2011 Yount card.  A reprint of his 1976 sophmore card.
Here's what the back's look like.

There are also Topps: The Lost Cards that look just like this set with almost identical backs.  I got a few of those too.  But didn't scan any. Sorry. Imagine an old baseball card that didn't exist. 

There are also original backs with these inserts, like the Yo Momma cards. I got 3 out of 20 jumbo packs so I hit about 1:7 packs or so.

Here's a look at those.

Pretty much the same as last year.  And to be honest I'm tired of all the reprint cards.  I will not be putting this set together, but if anyone has an original back Yount,  I'd be willing to trade for it.

There's also another reprint set this year and this one I do kinda like.  It's the vintage reprint set.
I got 11 out of 20 packs.  These are kinda neat. I think I like them more because the have a cardboard back.

I'm not sure what the CMGR prefix means, maybe Cards Your Grandma Threw out?  No that doens't work who knows? Looking at the selling info I see this listed as Reproduction cards.  OK, that doens't help either.

Now we get to my favorite insert in the series.  The Kimball Champions.  I love mini's and I love the retro insert.  I loved the Turkey Red inserts from the last two years as well.  These cards are pretty nice.

Just to show a nice grouping off.  I'll be collecting this set for sure. Everything else probably not.

I'll have a want list up pretty soon so if you have some you'd like to trade for let me know.

Next up probably the most hated of all inserts Ticket to Topps Town.

I'll be honest I don't hate theses cards.  I haven't hated Topps Town cards at all since they started putting players on the cards.  Do you remember when Topps Town came out in 2008 what the cards looked like.  No player just ToppsTown on one side and the code on the back.  I couldn't find one to scan and I couldn't find one on the Internet to post sorry.  Every year these cards get a little better.  This year they look like Panini make them with the shiny foil board.  I didn't see any gold variations in my packs and I'm not sure if they have one this year, anybody?

Let's take a quick look back at ToppsTown over the years.


See they keep getting a little better.  At least with a player on the front they are somewhat collectible.

I think my least favorite set this year are these pointless cards

Diamond Duos.  And there parents the Legendary Lineage cards from last year were very unpopular with me.  OK, the Boggs/Youkilis card I can see, but the Maddux/Hellickson?  Really what do these two have in common.  Hmmmm maybe it'll tell me on the back.

Oh Hellickson watch Maddux play. Dumb.  Pointless.  Most of these are like this with very thin association with the duo, even with players that played on the same team. Oh and there not numbered there lettered. Topps this is terrible, now I need a checklist, do you have one up at your website?  No, nothing from most of last year either?  Great.

Next we get to a insert that seems to get a lot of hate, but not by me.  I get why this insert is here and it ain't that bad. And with only 10 card in the set it's small and fairly hard to hit. 

Why it's the history of Topps!!.  20 jumbo packs 5 History of Topps cards.  At least Topps didn't put out 3 history sets this year. Remember last year with the History of the World Series, History of the Game, and Tales of the Game.  Jeez, talk about redundancy.  I get why these are here though.  Topps is celebrating 60 years so why not a Topps Retrospect.  I think I like the look of the backs better though.

They've got a comic book feel.

Lastly we get to the Topps 60th anniversary cards.

Here's a trio of Yanks for you.
I kinda like these cards they have a nice look. I'm not jumping up and down with glee for them but they're not terrible.

I think that wraps up all the regular inserts.  Now we get down to my Jumbo break.  All the above 2011 cards were part of that break plus many, many more.  I'm just showing samples of the inserts you don't need to see all 20 Kimball's or Topps 60, Reprints, ect.

But lets start with the parallels.  This year we have quite a few  if you count the ultra rare platinum cards, printing plates and canary diamonds, which I didn't get any of, and of course the new unnumbered diamond parallels.

DIAMONDSSSSSSS!  Now imagine I'm Mumm-ra from Thundercats saying that.  Very, very shiny.  I think Topps could have done away with the gold parallels and just numbered these bad boys.  Sorry the scan cut off the bottom it's hard to fit 20 cards even on a large format scanner.

The golds.  All numbered to 2011.
And one black numbered to 60.

It seems I got the Orioles box, three of my hits were Orioles and yes I consider this black parallel a hit.  One out of 20 packs.

I also got one variation.  Yastrazemski!!! Nice.

On to the relics. Each Jumbo boasts1 auto and 2 relics, but they consider the manufactured glove cards relics as well, even though they are not, I digress.

Nice, an Express relic.  I have no problem getting a jersey or pants piece,  kinda looks like a pants piece, from a pitching legend.  Nothing better than to watch a Rangers game and see Nolan dozing off now a days.

My one Brewer's relic.  The fat veggie himself  Prince Fielder.  I'm glad he's coming back for at least one more year.  I'll probably end up getting one of these from A Cardboard Problems group break but I don't care.

On to the autos.

The second of my Orioles hits.  Tillwho? 

Hey I know who this guy is.  Sweet.

Hey it's another Orioles pitcher who I don't know.  And the third Orioles hit between the two boxes.  But I do believe this is a case hit. I really like the silks it's a cool insert and being numbered to 50 doesn't hurt. Oddly enough this card was in the same box as another "case" hit.
The gloves.
These cards have been getting a little heat.  I guess rightly so.  I mean these cards aren't even numbered.  Last year all the hat patch cards and bat barrels were all numbered no higher than 99.  This year the Manuglove leather brown nameplates aren't even numbered.  I actually like the look of these though, I sure Topps had these mass produced over in China for pennies.  I'll agree the stitching seems silly.  I would have rather had the leather stamped or even better had the names burned in.  Now that would have been cool.

I do like the black parallels with the white stitching.  This worked well for the bat barrels in last year's Update Series and it works pretty good here.  It's a nice contrast.  Plus these are numbered.  I guess there's a super rare Gold nameplate version.  I'll have to look around ebay later to see if any of these have hit.
I'm pretty happy that both my glove cards were well known players.

All in all I'm pretty happy with what I got outta these boxes.  I got the black Price glove in the same box as the silk so that was a pretty sweet box.  I'm not opposed to trading for any of the cards here, but I do plan on putting most of this on ebay once the initial flood ebbs in a week or so. So if you have something kickass to offer make it quick and please don't ask me what I want for them, make an offer that's how trading works.  The gold and diamonds I'd love to trade for gold and diamond Brewers cards and I'm looking for Kimballs as well, I'll have the list up tonight.

There are also Twinkle variations as seen from postings around the web.  I spent a good portion of last night looking through my base cards and didn't come up with a one.  I would assume they would be inserted in the middle with all the other inserts and parallels, like the Yaz variation was. 

Over all not a bad flagship offering this year.  I like the base and some of the inserts.  Others not so much.  I'll give it a B for what I pulled.  We'll have to see if I can make any money back on the hits to help offset the high price of the boxes.  I think I got a fairly good price at least on release day.  I'm sure if I waited a month or so prices might come down but with Blowout selling boxes for about 135 a pop my LCS did all right by me. 

I haven't collated my set yet. I'm sure I've got at least one complete from the two jumbos maybe close to two.  There seems to be a lot of players in Series one with multiple cards in the base.  Like Strasburg, Holliday, and Rodriguez to name a few.

I'm going to give this a cynicalbuddha rating of .....

Level 3 Whaaaaa baby,  there's some good stuff in here, worth a few packs and the holy grail for set collectors so buy a box.  Maybe wait till the newness and crazy prices come down, but a nice set design and some cool stuff inside, it would have been awesome to pull a 60th personalized auto card or 1/1 but I'm not Beckett.

Comments always welcome. Did you hit anything good?