Friday, May 28, 2010

Cynicalbuddha's Manifesto Part 2 'bout time

God I've been a Topps whore this year.  (you know I really should have reread my part 1).
Anyways I'm just here to bitch a little before I settle down to a long day of putting GIS maps together for my field work. 

I'm not afraid to admit I've put together a Topps Baseball set almost every year since 1987 when I first got into baseball card collecting.  With the exception of 2007 when boxes of Series 1 went thought the roof for the crappy Jeter, Mantle, Bush card, that wasn't even short printed.  But I digress.
So it's no surprise to me that I am going to put together a 2010 set.  And as it's been going I have been buying 2 jumbos to do that and usually get close to 2 sets so I've been putting together 2 sets since I can.  But with no other Baseball products besides UD's two pre lawsuit contributions i've been jonesing for Series 2 and what do I do but deside to try Heritage and Chicle and dabble in Finest.  Jeez.  For a set builder that was a terrible idea.  I had bought a blaster to compete in Dayf's Blaster fantasy league and then thought why not so I bought a hobby box and then prices went through the roof for the stuff so I started buying all the blasters from wally world ,target and fred meyer's.  So now I have a ton of extras and I still don't even have the base set let alone close to the SP's to finish the set.  Same thing with Chicle.  I bought 2 boxes cuz they were on sale at trade night and I didn't even get a base set done out of that.  I might have to swear off any set that has high number SP's.  And to be honest I would probably stop if I had completed the base sets too.  I don't know why I wasted all that money on sets I really don't care about and will never get my money back through.  Ah well.  Series 2 is here and now I have something to waste my money on again.  I haven't collated my first jumbo box to see how close I got to a set but it is Memorial Day weekend and I have to start packing for my field season. 

So my new manifesto rules is stop the INSANITY.  no more heritage or Chicle set collecting.  I will pack dabble. 

The one nice thing is that my Robin Yount collection should be increasing by about 10 cards this year with new 2010 issues.  And I see Rollie Fingers has a small showing with a manupatch hat relic, and Reggie Jackson has some more cards.  So as a player collector I'm happy that there's some stuff there.  I know a lot of player collectors seem to hate when new stuff from old players comes out but I'm actually happy to have something to hunt.  And Yount's had more cards produced of him after he went into the HOF then when he was an active player.   And his stock is going up it's hard to get his cards cheap anymore.  Luckily Rollie's stuff is still really affordable.  Sorry no pictures today.    Just good old fashion rambling. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Topps Chicle Baseball 2 Box Break

I went to a trade night at my favorite card shop last week and he had Chicle on sale for the event so I got 2 boxes. I do like the set and the art is great but I'm not a fan of all this short print non-sense.  I'm a set build dammit.
Anyways the boxs boast 2 autos and one relic per box. 
So in box one the first pack I open I get this.

It's a Whitey Ford Logo Man patch numbered to 50!  Pretty sweet.  This counted as one of my Autos though.

My Relic was

Joba Chamberlain, NC back numbered to 199
And my auto was

Tobi Stoner

My next box was interesting as well my Autos were of the same guy!!

Drew Stubbs.
But to Topps defense one was a NC back numbered to 199.  I think I remember someone else blogging about this happening to them too.
And my relic was.

It's Josh Hamilton NC back numbered to 199.

Plus I ended up buying a couple packs and pulled this..

A Josh Thole. 

Until next time.

2010 Topps Jumbo Box Break

I was going to buy 2 jumbos but I gots some bills to pay so I just got one.
I got the 3 hits and one black parallel along with the 10 of each insert per pack and one red hot rookie redemption.
My first hit was right away and was this.

Sorry about the phots, still haven't set up the scanner yet.
It's a George Sisler bat card.  If it's a real bat it's almost 100 years old.  I said almost.

Next I got my manupatch 4th of July themed.  I really like the looks of these plus some of my favorite players have cards in this insert set. 

It's a Zach Duke patch.  I'm pissed the bottom two corners are touched and so is the middle of the bottom.

And my auto is...

Fausto Carmona.

Over all not to great.  Oh my rookie redemption was #5.  Which I already redeemed.  Who knows who it could be. I got super lucky last year and got a Beckham Auto RHR card so I'm hooked.
I redeemed 3 MCG cards and got 2 90's and one 1973.  I might just save them up and sell them.

Anyways I've got a two box Chicle break to post later and then I'm headed up to Fairbanks for a month and a half for work so I doubt you'll be hearing too much from me.  Keep up the good work people.