Monday, March 21, 2011

My Topps wrapper redemptions come in!!!!

Editors note: I wrote this a few days ago before I left for vacation and this will probably be my only post for the next 2 weeks so enjoy the start to 2011 baseball season and look for me on April 3 at Wrigley field!

I've been seeing the redemption cards pop up on ebay and on some other blogs and figured I should have mine soon.  So when I got home on Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised to see a package from Duryea, cha-cha-cha, Pennsylvania.  And inside were my 3 packs of cards from the Series 1 wrapper redemption. 

Joy!    15 free cool cards all for me!  The best part no doubles.  I will have to assume that there is probably no collation in the packaging and that if you were unlucky enough you could get two packs with the exact same cards in it, but I could be wrong.  On that note I'm not sure how you would tell them apart as there was absolutely no printing or markings on any of the packs.

Here's what I got.

First my favorite card from one of favorite current players.

The Hebrew Hammer!!!

A cuban dictator!!!

Aroldis Chapman deep in thought. 

Andre Ethier looking slightly pissed off.

Felix Hernandez doing his best impersonation of Derek Jeter's "yeah I just screwed your sister" look.

Ichiro seconds before he kicks your ass!  That's Kar-Rot-Tae Hiyaaaa.

Ubaldo Jimenez looking way to innocent, what did you do!!!!

Mat Latos about to give'em the heater.

Nick Markakis looking all dreamy.

Dustin Pedoria not afraid to show his femine side.

Martin Prado official Braves Raccoon.

Albert "soon to be the highest paid man to play a game in the world" Pujols, probably.

Joey Votto staring into the sun.

and Jered Weaver, using his powers to stare into your soul.

Wait was that only 14 cards???

Oh there was also this goodie in one of the packs.

Bawhaaaa!  Who? I'll admit I had no idea who Joe was until I looked him up with a Google search.  He only played for the Browns in the 52 season, before that he played with White Sox in 51 his Big League debut and then 7 years with the Athletics (Philly and KC) and then his final 2 years with the Yankees even getting play in the 1960 World Series, which the Yankees lost to the Pirates in 7.  Joe is currently 82 and still has a very nice sig.

Unfortunately he's not in the HOF and really doesn't have HOF stats but in his 10 year MLB career he did amass 49 HR's, 281 RBI's, and played in 1121 games.  I could have done better, but I suppose I could have done a lot worse and a free vintage sig is better than none.  And hard signed and numbered to 60 to boot.  Looks like Topps still has it's foil stamper that they can use when they feel like it.

Have a great couple of weeks everybody and I'll be back in office on April 4, so look for me then or look for me at Wrigley Field on April 2, as the fiance and I take in a game vs the Pirates.  I'm a Wrigley virgin but I've always wanted to go. 

cb out.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I've got a bad taste in my mouth - 2011 Heritage Hobby box break

First off I apologize for the lack of content coming out of the crack lately.  I've been sick with a crappy cold that pretty much knocked me out for a week and the last thing I wanted to do was scan cards, write semi-interesting things, or even breath.  But I'm feeling much better now.  I will also say that I have this post and one other coming and then I'll be down for 2 weeks as my fiance and I head south to the lower 48 to visit family and friends in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.  Should be fun.  Just found out that I'm going to go see the Cubs play the Pirates on the day after opening day at Wrigley, which I'm super excited about since I've never been to Wrigley and my fiance is a big Cubs fan, her aunt lives relatively close to the field and even said she might be able to snag us some free tickets.  It would only have been better if the Cubs were playing the Brewers.

So anyways, last week I stopped at Target on my way home and spied a blaster of 2011 Heritage and I was like damn.  We never get anything early up here.  So I bought one, and a couple cheap blasters of Opening Day, which helped complete my Opening Day set.  I was going to do a post about the blaster but it really was terrible and I could think of nothing to say other than how shitty it was.  I mean last year I bought one hobby box and about 10 blasters because after that first hobby box prices went through the roof and it looks like it's going to happen again this year.  Last year I was getting chrome cards and variations.  This year I think there were 3 high numbered SPs and 2 Flashback cards, that's it.  Boring.  It left a terrible taste in my mouth.  I had already decided I wasn't going to try and take on this set.  I might buy a few hobby or retail packs I'll probably pick up some Brewers variations and inserts and the team set but I'm not  going to try and put this monster together.  Hint Hint if anyone has any Brewers or Brewer inserts, parallels or variations.

But I stopped in to Don's Sportcards yesterday because I had talked to him the week before about me trying to complete the 2010 Heritage set. Hint Hint y'all look at my need list if you have any extras laying around. And he said that he had a few SP's laying around that he had tried to sell on ebay but nobody bid on and I told him to hold them for me and I'd stop in with my need list.  Well yesterday I printed off my need list and stopped in after work.  Out of the 8 SP's I need 6 and he gave me a really good deal.  But I noticed that he had a few boxes of Heritage still on the shelf after his trade night, which I missed due to my cold, and they were reasonably priced, I'm talking 20 to 30 dollars cheaper than online prices, so foolishly I decided to roll the dice and buy one.  I knew better but what the hell.  Well I wish I could say I was pleasantly surprised by my box, pulling a super hit or getting a hot box with Green Refractors, but no it was pretty terrible all around.

First off my box topper was a Baseball Bucks.  I was interested because I'd seen these on ebay already and was curious about them.

sorry crappy scan

I got a $5 Aramis Ramirez.  Ho hum.  Ok what ever.  I guess it's better than a stamp advertisement of the Royals, but still not very exciting.

I was going to break this scan up into individual cards but to be honest it's not worth it.

It wasn't until late last night after reading the baseballcardapedia checklist that I realized I missed a few inserts and variations but this is the bulk of what I pulled out of the box that wasn't base.
My hit was the Clay Buchholz relic, meh.  I got 3 chrome cards.  I do believe the Coleman is a refractor #'d to 562.  4 Flashback cards (2 Baseball, 2 history), 2 new age performers (a CC and Pujols), ok not bad there, and one Then and Now.

I also got 3 Babe Ruth cards.  I don't think these are inserts they are actually numbered into the set, but after reading the Baseballcardapedia checklist I realized I missed a Jackie Robinson variation, that I know I saw in the mix of cards that I'm going to go back and pull out later tonight, as well as any mid numbered color variations.  I figure after I get back in 2 weeks all the secrets from this set should be out so I'll wait till then to decided what I do with any or all of it.

That's it, pretty boring. 

My rating is going to be low, but I suppose if I had hit a sweet auto or hot box my rating might be a little higher.  The only thing I'm doing right now is kicking myself of the lack of self-control and buy this box when I knew I probably should have saved my money.

Yep it gets a meh.  Just a single Meh.  Like I said if you hit a high end hit  your experience could be much better than mine, but for the price this just isn't worth it  and the blasters are shit too.

cb out

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy? Yep pretty Crazy!!!

So last week just for fun, amid all the crazy BS that was going on in the world with Charlie Sheen and Libya and the on going craziness with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, I thought I'd throw up a poll on the side bar and see if anyone noticed.  Well 10 of you did and I never drew attention to it or advertised it in anyway and the general consensus is that Sarah Palin is the craziest.

Out of the four the only one I've personally met.  I even got her autograph.  You know she's very short and polite in person.  At least she was this was quite a few years ago.  After she and McCain lost the election but before she quite as Governor. 

Coming in a close second was Charlie Sheen.

I'm sure this unemployed guy is eating this up.  Why is it that we can't get enough of this guy?  Well to be truthful I had enough of him after Men at Work, but that's just me.  Where's Emilio?  EMiliooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  (A Night at the Roxbury anyone?)

Glenn Beck got just one vote, but still pretty crazy.

Look into those eyes and tell me he doesn't sleep in an aluminium hat to keep the mind rays out.

And no one voted for Muammar.

Crazy?  Quite possibly.  Evil?  Most definitely.  Loves buxom blond nurses?  Oh Yeah!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Calling all Traders!!!!

Well it's been a good year so far with trading.  I just complete two more trades with two new traders and one of them is a new blogger.  He's just getting started but you can check out his blog here at Potch Wheeler. Nothing too exciting in the trades just some needs for some needs, but it got me to thinking about how much stuff is still on my need list and while I have the odd blogger or surfer coming across my need list, sometimes you just gotta send out a reminder.

I've been putting together a Kimball Champions set from this years Topps.  I'm so close and I have my eyes on an ebay auction that could take a large chunk of the remaining needs from my list but I figure I'd set them out here first.

Here are the ones I still need.
5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 25, 26, 41, 42, 48

Only 10 little Kimballs out of 50 not too shabby.
I'm also trying to put together a Brewers team set from each of the parallels.  I'm close to getting my Platinum Diamond set done and have a few of the Golds taken care of and I also have my eye on another ebay auction for 6 of the Target brown backs but any help here would be awesome.  Here are my needs.
2011 Topps Series 1 Brewers Needs

Diamond Parallels
 97, 187, 266, 277

14, 71, 92, 105, 266, 277
1, 14, 71, 92, 97, 105, 143, 187, 251, 266, 277

Wal-Mart Black Border
1, 14, 71, 92, 97, 105, 143, 187, 251, 266, 277

Target Brown Backs
1, 14, 71, 92, 97, 105, 143, 187, 251, 266, 277

Pretty much I still need all the Black, Wal-Mart black border and Target brown backs.

I've also been collecting the Turkey Red inserts from the 2009 and 2010 Topps sets.  I'm so close to finishing the 2010 I can taste it.  I ended up buying all the Series 1 and 2 ones I needed from COMC for dirt cheap. 

2010 Turkey Red Topps Inserts

101, 120, 129, 140

Yep I only need 4 more all Update Series.

Here are my 2009 needs.

2009 Turkey Red Topps Inserts

1, 4, 8, 13, 21, 24, 25, 29, 31, 32, 34, 35, 44, 45, 46, 49, 50, 51, 59, 65, 77, 84, 93, 98, 100, 101, 103, 111, 119, 124, 127, 132, 133, 141, 149

Quite a few more, but I didn't buy nearly as much 2009 product as I did 2010 and have really only now started to go after this set hard.

I also stupidly decided last year, probably out of boredom to try and put together a 2010 Heritage set.  After 1 hobby box and a crap load of blasters I still need a ton of cards, mostly SP's but still some base.  I did however manage to pull a Pujols black nameplate and dice back cards and a few more pricey variations that helped the cause along but this is taking way too long.  I know that there were quite a few people out there putting this set together so I hope there are a lot of extras floating around. 

2010 Topps Heritage

19, 28, 29, 42, 50, 64, 79, 80, 95, 125, 139, 171, 172, 174, 179, 191, 197, 220, 234, 276, 278, 308, 341, 347, 353, 367, 378, 386, 392, 396, 398 ///SP's 427, 430, 432, 436, 437, 441, 442, 447, 448, 449, 453, 454, 455, 458, 459, 462, 464, 464b, 465, 466, 467, 469, 470, 471, 472, 474, 475, 476, 477, 478, 480, 481, 482, 483, 486, 487, 491, 492, 494, 495, 497, 498, 500

I have a few SP extras laying around too that I would gladly trade one for one for other SP's and I would also trade accordingly if you have any to offer.  I'm not sure which ones I have I'll have to dig them out.

And lastly I've been slowly putting together a 2010 Topps Magic Football set.  I'm getting really close thanks to some awesome trades and a few blasters and random packs I've bought.  I wanted to rip a box of this but the prices have been sky high at the local hobby shops and not much better online.  So if I can finish this set with out buying a hobby box I will, but if later this year these boxes come down to about 50 bucks a pop I might have to have a go at one.

Here are my Magic needs.

2010 Topps Magic Football


1, 5, 12, 16, 22, 24, 27, 35, 39, 54, 56, 58, 59, 60, 64, 70, 78, 80, 82, 84, 85, 99, 103, 105, 119, 128, 130, 136, 138, 140, 148, 152, 155, 156, 194, 198, 203, 206, 207, 218,

Magical Moments
6, 7, 9, 13, 16, 18, 20

Rookie Stars
1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20

History's Best
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10

Green (retail)
1, 3

I've also got a bunch of other stuff I won't list it all here but it's always over on the right hand column under Help Me Finish a Set.

I've got a lot of extras from 2007 to 2011 Topps baseball and football.  I have a ton of 2010 Heritage extras, I have a ton of Score Hockey and Football extras as well if anyone is trying to finish those sets.  I also have boxes and boxes of inserts and other goodies, mostly unsorted so I don't know exactly what I have.

But if you can take any of those cards off my needs list I'm sure I can come up with something to trade.  Send me what you've got and if you have a needs list posted somewhere let me know, or let me know what you collect.

cb out

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Last Great Race

It's funny to think that I've lived here in Alaska over 13 years now and I've only seen the start of the Iditarod three times.  To be fair this time of year I was usually out working on fishing boats as a biologist in the Bering Sea, but every now and then I was in town to catch the end of Fur Rondy and the start of the Iditarod. 

Fur Rondy is the big winter carnival up here.  It was started in 1935 to help get people out in the winter.  It's become quite a huge event in Anchorage and in Alaska.  It ends with the start of the Iditarod.   One of the big things with Fur Rondy, which is short for Fur Rendezvous, is the pins.  It's a tradition that started back in the 1940's and the Fur Rondy Bobby's go around and "arrest" you and throw you into Rondy jail if you aren't wearing your pin!!  But they'll gladly sell you a pin to get out. It's a two week celebration of all things Alaskan and chilly and it's a blast.  I was surprised by all the tourists I met the last two weekends.  And they all seemed to be having a blast.  I don't think most people would think of Alaska as a winter tourist destination, but I guess some do.

This is what my pin looks like.

One of the traditions a group of friends of mine have started is the annual Iditarod tail gate.  The police block off a route downtown for the ceremonial start and we break out the portable fire pit, light up the grill and cheer on the mushers as they pass on by.  The actual start takes place the next day about 70 miles north of Anchorage in Willow.   It's also become a tradition for mushers to throw out used dog booties to the kids along the start.  Some of my friends kids made out like bandits Saturday.  I know one had at least 6.  I was hoping to maybe get one.  I thought it would be a great idea to make a couple relic cards out of a booty and give them away but alas I didn't get one.  Maybe next year.

There are some fan favorites up here.  Martin Buser being one of them.  His kennels are in Big Lake, Alaska about 60 or so miles north of Anchorage.  My friend was lucky enough to snag a Buser dog booty!! And inside he puts a custom trading card.  I would have loved to snagged that if only to scan it for you all, but alas I did not.  She ended up giving it to a friend's kid.  I'm sure after it's washed it will be an enjoyable keepsake.  It's smelled like dog poop.  How cool would it have been to been able to make some custom 4 time  Champion Martin Buser Iditarod relic cards??!!??  I think I might have to do TTM to him after the race. 

Martin Buser

Lance Mackey is another great musher currently in 5th and the defending champ, Buser is leading right now. Actually Mackey has won the last 4 Iditarods!! I think it's great.  A lot of mushers are taking the Iditarod to the next level by posting video and other stuff even during the race.  The race lasts from 8 to 12 days usually.  I guess this year the weather is so warm that it's making the dogs overheat and there has been quite a few mishaps already.

Lance Mackey, umkay.
It's funny the last time I got to see the start there were 3 guys from Wisconsin running the race, even one guy from my small hometown of Tomahawk.  This year none, but a nice spread with lots of Alaskans and Canadians with a sprinkling of everything else.  There's even a guy from Jamaica! Newton Marshall.

Well all have a great week and I'm sure I'll be posting updates. 

cb out.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Something to make you smile

I got nothing new for you today but a link to make you smile.

Who doesn't love Paula Deen?  With her completely insane use of mass amounts of butter and the word y'all.

My finace is addicted to the food network and if it isn't Bobby Flay, Racheal Ray, or Giada, it's Paula on.

I found this site the other day.

Paula Deen Riding Things

ah America, I love you.

cb out

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Bat Around: Should Redemptions count as "Hits"??

I've been following the adventures of Mike and Jeff on their respective blogs and their continuing difficulty dealing with Upper Deck and their expired resumptions from 2007 UD Masterpieces.  A great product and pricey when it was release both guys got fairly cheap cases and busted them open.  You can find there blogs here at Sports Syzygy and I am Joe Collector.  Both have similar stories with dealing with UD on their expired redemptions. I was following Mike's box breaks pretty regularly.  He would post a box by box break with scans and almost every box had a redemption in it. That sucks especially when your case hit and a quarter of your box hits turn up to be nothing but useless cardboard. I think the other main complaint was the lack of consistency with what they were told by different people in the customer service department at UD.    So at least two facts.  This product is close to 4 years old and the redemptions were in fact expired and UD hasn't had a MLB License for a couple of years, not that that's stopped them from putting out product.  So I can understand the difficulty UD might have with coming up with something to replace these hits with. 

But my question to the blog community and at bat is this and I would love any lawyers out there to weigh in as well:  Should redemptions be counted as "Hits" in a box of cards? If you sell a box of cards and boldly claim that you get, not on average, but you get, 3 or 4 hits per box and state that at least 1 or 2 are autos and you insert redemptions for some of those hits and that now 3 or 4 years down the road someone opens that box and gets those redemptions but they are expired and no good, is it false advertising to claim on the box you get x number of autos or relics?  And what is the legality of that?  Especially if you are unwilling or unable to compensate for those redemptions down the road and therefore void the validity of the advertised hit count on the box?

I don't think anyone would disagree that redemptions suck.  And it's a bummer, some of the redemptions they pulled were for some sweet cards, but I will temper with this, both guys knew or should have known there were lots of possible redemptions in these boxes and that they were expired and that's probably why the cases were so cheap. 

I predict that UD will be dead by the end of the year anyways and either completely folding or it will sell off it's name and brands to some other company, but I could be wrong.  I didn't think UD would live to see 2011 and they did and are still producing cards.  But if your waiting on current redemptions with them good luck.

Alright have at it.

cb out

This is your two minute warning.

Topps likes to send me random emails.  Mostly about resumptions that aren't ready or that they already sent me but apparently don't know they send me and are late in their database.  But every now and then they send me something like this.  Yesterday Topps sent out their two minute warning on the Gridiron Giveaway.

Here's the email.
"Hello Gridiron Giveaway fans! We want to thank you for your participation in the Gridiron Giveaway this year! We hope you're having fun unlocking codes for football cards, winning cool memorabilia, and having a good time trading. Please note the Gridiron Giveaway lasts until May 1st, 2011. Trading and code unlocking ends May 1st, 2011 at 11:59pm ET. After this, you'll have 1 month, until June 1st, 2011 at 11:59pm ET to redeem any cards you want delivered. Thank you again! Sincerely, The Topps Gridiron Giveaway Team"

So if you have some Gridiron Giveaway redemption codes your hording you have about 2 months to redeem them and another month after that to request delivery on any cards you unlock you want.

cb out

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Impressions on 2011 Allen and Ginter

First I'm going to say sorry I haven't been posting regularly for a while.  It's lack of time and things to say and the fact I haven't really been buying much.  I'm going to a trade night tonight so I'll probably pick a few things up. 

And this is old news it's been all over the blogosphere for a few days now and I'm late to the party but what ever. 

Topps released imaged from the upcoming 2011 Allen and Ginter.  I spent way too much money on this product last year.  But I did pull some nice cards.  I can't believe I didn't rip my rip card!! It did help pay for most of the box though.  And while I have been restrained.  I decided that I would not be trying to put together a Heritage set this year instead staying with just the flagship offering, but after looking at some of these images and I'm sure Topps will put out more as we get closer to that Julyish release date, I'm tempted to maybe try again.  I managed to put together a 2010 set with the help of some trades and a great store owner.  I just about finished my Monsters of the Mesozoic mini set, stupid COMC, did put one of my cards in the package.  Whether or not I attempt the whole set or maybe just a few inserts we'll have to see.

First lets start out with the base.  We have a bordered card this year.  I've already read a few reviews that point out that this card looks like nothing put out by Allen and Ginter back in the 1880's.  Which I think is good if Topps keeps doing this well.  Topps is taking a creative license and taking a brand they built from coping classic card designs and adapting that brand with a new look, yet keeping it classic looking.  Bravo.  Finally I've been saying this for a while.  I like retro but how hard is it to make something unique with classic influences?  I'm curious to see what the backs look like too.  I think this design works well, it's simple, yet appealing and would make a nice platform for an autograph, much like the earlier sets.

Next up we have the mini encased on card autos.

Looks like Topps has a great line up of athletes.  I surely wouldn't mind pulling a Jake "Raging Bull" LaMotta Auto.

This one is a little disturbing though.  Where did they get the hair?

Fairly typical relic insert pretty much looks like the last few years here.

I will say this card looks awesome.  But why Mauer and Posey together?  Because their catchers?  I would say that if the patch and bat knob had been for the same player or maybe teammates this card would have been stronger.  As it is it would have made two great separate cards.

The Hometown Heroes replace last years This Day in History cards.

And two other interesting inserts

I love history and especially military history I might have to go after these Floating Fortress cards.  These are not mini's either.
There were a few other cards no pictured but listed on the sell sheet, Step Right Up, carnival cards, The Ascent of Man, cards you put side by side to make a mural, and original sketch cards.
Nope here are the mini's.
Besides the standard issue parallel minis from the players and the parallels of those with black borders and different backs we have these offering for this years mini inserts.

Cards that grow??  Almost as good as cards you spit on.  Topps had those too remember.  I've decided that if I acquire one of these cards I am indeed going to plant it and see if it grows.  You have my word!!!
Next up is a set I probably will go after much like last years dino cards.
Uninvited Guests are paranormal cards!!! If there's things I like 1. would be the mini's 2. dinosaurs and 3. ghosts.  I'm a big fan of the stupid ghost shows on the Discovery Channel, SciFi, and the Travel Channel.  It must be from watching Ghostbusters a million times.
We also have endangered animals.  Meh.

Portraits in Penulimacy.
Cards about the also ran's of history. Hmmmm. Maybe

And the Worlds most Mysterious Figures. Hey now here's another set I might try for.
I'm not sure if some of these will be strictly hobby and others retail, but it seems like a nice diversity in the mini sub sets again this year.  And there are definitely a few I'm going to try and collect.

Lastly we get to the Box Loader previews
The pretty standard cabinet card.

The N43 box loader with relic.  Imaging no relic and you have the base version.  I wouldn't mind this card to add to my Brewers and Braun collection.

But if I pulled this bad boy or something comparable I'd probably drop a load in my shorts.  Wow this would be an incredible pull. 
There will also be all 50 states that I guess are die cut and can be put together to form a big map of the US.
Of course there are the 1 per case rip cards and other goodies, plus Topps 60 cards which I'm curious how they are going to do those cards in A&G.

All in all, I think Topps is going to have a great product here, as long as, quality issues don't come up.

 I think there might be a little something for everyone here. 

cb out