Monday, September 30, 2019

9th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - Official Sign-up Post!!

Well I may have been MIA blogging for most of the year, but I wouldn't miss either of my annual contests.  Like years past I just want you to tell me who's going to win the World Series.  Of course there's a very good chance more than one player will pick the correct team so we'll have to have a few tie-breakers as well.

So for those who haven't played before or those that need a refresher here's how it's going to work.

Just tell me who's going to win the World Series, and for tie breakers tell me the opposing team, the number of games in the series, and total home runs (which should be astronomical this year) that will be scored during the series (the sum of both teams totals for all games played).  Your entry should look something like this.

Brewers over Twins, in 5, 23 HRs

Your choices this year are:
National League:
Milwaukee Brewers
Atlanta Braves
St. Louis Cardinals
Washington Nationals
LA Dodgers

American League:
New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays
Minnesota Twins
Houston Astros
Oakland Athletics

This year I'm a little better prepared and have already picked out the grand prize for the lucky winner.
A complete 1990 Classic Trivia card set.

One disclaimer about the prize.  The original packaging is in rough shape and all the playing pieces are missing.  Not only that but the size is unruly to ship, so the winner will recieve the three cello wrapped packs, but I will remove the packaging for shipment.  Additionally the winner will reciveve a nice stack of cards from their favorite team(s).  This may also include some autos or relics, depends on what I have lying around.

But wait there's more!! Like contests past everyone is entered into a drawing for my door prize.  This year.  That door prize is the 1990 Classic Travel edition set!! Sense a theme here?

Again the packaging is in pretty bad condition and to make it easier on me for shipping the two cello packs will be removed to send out.  The door prize winner will also receive a nice stack of their favorite team(s).  Plus if you promote this contest on your blog, twitter, facebooks groups, or any other social media, you will recieve a second door prize entry.  Just one per person though and make sure to leave a link in the comments so it can be verified.  The door prize winner will be chosen by adding all the entries to a list randomizer at and randomizing the list 3 times.  Person at the top of the list wins.

The playoffs start in just a couple days, but I'm going to leave the contest open to noon on Saturday October 5th at noon Alaska time 4pm EST.

Alright good luck everybody!