Friday, September 30, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #14 and another contest rememinder

Just a reminder to get your entries in to Almost the easiest World Series contest on the Web and check out A Cardboard Problems much harder contest.
Now back to you're regularly scheduled post.

I know, I know I posted this card of pure awesomeness not too long ago.  And I have to say every box of Ginter I bought this year I hit something worth the price of the box.  I swore I would only buy one box and ended up buying three.  My last box, which I never blogged about I ended up pulling a Hunter Pence Rip card and it payed for the box.  I have to say I was late to the A & G party but I really do like the set.  Some great inserts this year and some great autos. 

I almost plozted when I pulled this one out of the pack.  This box also had a Jose Reyes silk card #d to 10 as well.  Lets just say it was a good box.  I was talking to some collectors at a trade night not too long ago about what we got out of Ginter and I mentioned I pulled a Stan Lee Red auto.  Half of them were like "Who's Stan Lee?"  Really?  I realize there is some cross collecting between card collectors and comic book collectors, but even if you don't collect comics I would think you would know who freaking Stan Lee is.  And these weren't young kids either these were guys older than me. 

Any who if I had a Top Ten pulls list of all time this one would be near the top most definitely. 
#14 on the Top 100, which remember is in no particular order....

2011 Allen and Ginter Framed Stan Lee Red Autograph numbered 04/10.

cb out

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #13 and Contest reminder

 Just a reminder I posted my World Series contest announcement late last night.  Go here to enter
I'm a Brett Favre fan. Wiener, stint with the Vikings, cry baby and all.  I have a nice player collection of the future HOFer and I'm not afraid to admit it. 

Yes I wish he'd have retired a Packer, but I won't throw a man who took my team to back to back Super Bowls and renewed the greatness of my team out to the curb.  No sir.  But I digress.

I pulled this beauty out of a pack way back in 2002.  I mean if I had to pull any card out of 2002 Donruss Football this would have been the one. 

#13 on the Top 100

2002 Donruss Football Brett Favre Leather Kings LK-4 Football Relic numbered 139/250.

Almost the easiest World Series contest of the Web!!!!

Since my Super Bowl contest was so much fun, I figured I'd copy the premise and do a World Series contest.

Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web Web Web Web Web.

The contest simple:  Tell me who is going to win the World Series.  And then add who the opponent is and how many games in the series for tie breakers.  And since you people still might tie, tell me how many home runs in the entire series, both teams combine total.  So your entry should look something like this.

Brewers defeat Yankees in 5, 14 home runs.  Yeah it's a pipe dream.

The Contestants

National League:
Philadelphia Phillies (NL East Champs)
Milwaukee Brewers (NL Central Champs)
Arizona Diamondbacks (NL West Champs)
St. Louis Cardinals (NL Wildcard)

American League:
New York Yankees (AL East Champs)
Detroit Tigers (AL Central Champs)
Texas Rangers (AL West Champs)
Tampa Bay Rays (AL Wildcard)

The Prizes:

I'm not sure yet, but it'll be good and on top of what ever I come up with I throw in a bunch of cards from the team of your choice.  These will include, base, inserts, parallels, maybe in even a relic.

You have until October 2nd.  I was going to make the deadline Sept 30 the start of the playoffs but seeing as the Wildcard race went up to the last day of the regular season, I figure I'll give you a few extra days.  I'll post the official entries Monday sometime.

You won't get anymore entries if you pimp or you decided to follow (if you're not already), but both are appreciated.

I also plan on having a big Trivia contest with some great prizes after this to celebrate my second anniversary of the blog, so stay tuned for that.

cb out

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #12

This is the first and only 1/1 hit I ever got.  I haven't ripped a printing plate or a super red xfratolisious card ever, I do however own a few now.  And this was originally a redemption.  I put in my code and waited over half a year and got this bad boy.  The redemption didn't specify who I was going to get, just a 1/1 original sketch card.

The artist is Justin Chung.  He's done stuff for Topps and all sorts of non-sports card sets.  Check out his website here.

I posted about this card early last year when I got it.  You can read that oldie here. I especially love the one comment I got on that post.  Not really a Mets or Delgado fan, but a kick ass sketch card is hard to let go of.    I wonder how long it took Justin to illustrate this one?  Or how many he had to whip out for this set?
I can't remember what series this is from either, but I'm betting Series 1.

Anyway, #12 on the Top 100

2009 Topps Baseball Carlos Delgado 1/1 Sketch Card by Justin Chung.

cb out

Trade shout out and contest announcement.

First off, Wow have you been paying attention to the wild card playoff race?!!!! Holy crap, one game left and it's tied in both the NL and AL. 

Second, a big thank you to Tony from the Common (Card) Man for helping me with my Kimball Champions and 2011 Allen and Ginter sets.  Both of which are now complete, except for the SP's, but I've got those lined up. I think.

Thirdly, I'm planning a World Series contest much like my Super Bowl contest.  But since I can't list all the teams with the wild card still undecided I have to wait for the full announcement.  And who knows maybe we might have to go to a one game playoff in both leagues! The prizes: Baseball cards of course!

cb out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Contest Pimp - The Card Hobbyist givith away, 1 year anniversary contest

We interrupt the Top 100 for a Contest Pimp Shout out!!!

The Card Hobbyist is having a 1 year anniversary contest over at his blog.  Check it out.
Tell him the Pimp sent you.

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #11

Once again we venture back to 2005 for the next card on the Top 100.  It's hard not to like Yaz.  A 22year franchise Boston guy, HOFer, and baseball icon.  When I pulled this I was blown away, yes again.  I'm no Boston fan, but come on this card is pretty cool.  2005 had some great stuff.  Lots of things make this card great.  First, it's serial numbered to 39!  At the time this was one of my lowest numbered cards ever. Second, the relic has a seam in it.  It would have been better with some color, but at least it's got texture and the card actually says it came from a pair of pants.  Third, we have a 72 year old baseball centennial commemorative stamp on the card.  The stamp is cataloged in Scott's as No. 855 and worth a little over 2 bucks uncancelled.    So #11 in the Top 100...

2005 Leaf Century Carl Yastrzemski S-75 Relic Stamp Card Numbered 26/39

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #10

#10 on my list is also the oldest card in my collection.  Well sort of.  In 2002 Topps started a craze that continues to this day.  While this wasn't the first retro set put out, it was one that got alot of attention.  There were some great cards in this set.  I pulled a Joe Mauer rookie auto from all the boxes I opened, sadly I sold it off years ago, but did get a great price for it.  This set also started the mini craze back up, with multiple base variations, fronts and backs, and of course original 1909-1911 T206 buybacks.  This set was so popular Topps put out another set in 2003 and a T205 set and brought it back for the 100th anniversary with two sets in 2009 and 2010.

Granted this card isn't in the best of shape and if it were raw it would probably only be worth about 20 bucks but encased in it's 2002 frame it's awesome!

So #10 on my Top 100..

2002 Topps T206 Frank Isbell Framed Original 1909-1911 T206 Buyback card.

cb out

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #9

To quote the Rolling Stones, "Sometimes you get what you need."
Here we have an example of what pack busting can get you.  I remember pulling this bad boy out and thinking damn.  Sterling was by far my favorite Packer back in the day before Favre and even the days with Favre.  Sure handed and fast, I watched him bring in some incredible catches over his short career.  They say that the reason Favre got so good though was that Sharpe left.  Sharpe was always Favre's security blanket, the one he could dump it off too and the one he always seem to look at first.  It made for a great QB WR duo, but also made it very predictable.

#9  2005 Leaf Certified Materials FG-67 Sterling Sharpe Fabric of the Game Player Number dual relic autographed card #d 55/84.

cb out.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #8

I will say that #8 on the list is one of the ugliest rookie cards ever.  But it does feature one hall of famer and one that will probably get in sooner or later.  While I don't have an official player collection of Paul Molitor I do have space in my Brewers collection for him and it even gets his Twins and Blue Jays cards too. 

I still look for cheap awesome pick ups for Paul now and then and of course I needed his rookie. 
So for my second favorite Brewer of all time here's #8 on my Top 100.

1978 Topps Baseball  #707 Paul Molitor/Alan Trammell rookie card.

cb out.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #7

Sometimes you can't argue with greatness.  I only wish I had bought more of this when it came out in 1989.  I'll be honest after this set most of Scores releases in the 1990 are pretty forgettable.  But this set has not only Barry's rookie, but Aikman's as well.  This was at one time the most valuable card in my collection. 

I only wish Barry could have gotten out of the turd blanket that was the 80's and 90's Lion teams.  Who knows what this guy could have become if you had a half way decent team around him.  And to be honest Barry did incredible things while in Detroit, taking the Lions to multiple playoff appearances, but never reaching the grand prize.  There was a lot of controversy over Sanders retirement.  He was posed to surpass Walter Payton's rushing record and still probably had years left in the tank.  Being a Packers fan I still remember rooting for Sanders though. 

So #7 on the List
1989 Score Football Barry Sanders rookie card #257

cb out

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #6

Sometimes there are cards you pull that you just go wow.  That's freaking cool.  There will be lots of those cards in my Top 100.  These are cards I've kept pretty much because of the cool factor.  I don't have player collections of these guys, but it's nice to pad your collections with a few valuable pulls.  I tend to buy packs or boxes and usually sell or trade the hits away.  Most are junk to me anyways and I'd rather send them on there way to a better home in exchange for cards that will have a good home in my collection or for some money to help support the addiction.  But there are cards that I just have to keep.  So the first one of these knock me on my ass pulls is this one. Number 6 on the list, which remember is in no particular order of awesomeness..

2005 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts Rod Carew Patches #d37/50

Immortalized in Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song.  Just look at that patch.  This was the first patch relic I ever pulled and it blew me away.  Add to fact it's out of 50 and a HOFer it's awesomeness incarnate.  I ended up pulling another great card from this set too and it'll make an appearance later in the Top 100.
Sorry the photos kinda fuzzy, the card is in a screw down holder.  Ah 2005, the year I officially kicked up my collecting again.  I'd been living out of a suitcase working as a field biologist and 2005 was the year I kinda settled down for a while and got a place to live.  I never stopped ripping packs, but 2005 was the year I think it became my addiction.  You'll find lots of good 2005 cards on this list for that exact reason.

cb out.

Another great trade with Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle

Taking a break from my top 100 to recognize another great trade with Greg who writes the blog Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle.  Greg was putting together a Manny Ramirez rookie set and need one more, one I had, one I didn't mind trading away.  I ended up picking up two of these from an old school break of 1992 Pinnacle Jumbos.   And since I hate single card trades we worked out something a little more substantial.  I set some random Dodger singles and a stack of 2011 A & G he needed.  And let me just say there are a lot of Dodger bloggers out there. It's hard to keep those things in stock.  Anyway, I got my package from Greg the other day.  He sent me one Ginter I needed a couple random cards for my team sets and the meat.

2000 UD Pros and Prospects Ben Sheets Team USA card numbered!!! to 1600. 

2011 Gypsy Queen Prince Fielder framed relic.  Ah I'm going to miss you Princy.

Probably the one card I was looking forward to getting was this Flight to 420 Brett Favre chrome refactor.  I'm slowly trying to put together a set of both the regular and chrome versions of this set, I will get a checklist up sometime soon, so if you have any of these lying around put them in a stack with my name on it.

I've only picked up a few of these refractors, the base like this one or the rarer white ones, they are way to expensive for me to try and chase but I'll take'em whenever and where ever I can get them.  But the best card was this one he added for some filler.

A 1990 Pro Set Alan Veingrad card.  Three things are pretty great about this photo.  One, it looks like Veingrad is getting face masked, two it looks like Alan is getting his ass kicked and three that's the magic man Don Majkowski in the background about to throw the ball.  I think the 49er is Daniel Stubbs.

Thanks Greg.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #5

Now I know what your going to say, Really??!!??  There's a good story behind this card and why it's in my Top 100.  First off my Top 100 isn't about monetary worth, although that sometimes comes into play.  No my Top 100 is based more on things like experience, memories, enjoyment, and sometimes challenges.

That's what this card was, a challenge.  It wasn't hard to obtain, there are literally thousands for sale on ebay at any given time. No the challenge was to see if I could get this once highly sought after rookie card for less than a dollar, before shipping.  And I did.  It took awhile, but I finally won an auction for the minimum bid and fairly cheap shipping.  And while Mr. Bonds might hold the all time Home Run record (asterisk) he is and probably always will be a steroid outcast.  Just look how skinny and normal he looks here in 1986.  There was a time I pondered trying to repeat this challenge with other 'Roid Boy "hall of famers" like Canseco, McGwire, and Clemens, but I think one is enough.  Although I still wouldn't mind picking up a 85 McGwire for a buck.  So #5 on my Top 100...

1986 Topps Traded #11T Barry Bonds rookie Card.

cb out

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #4

Keeping it old school, but changing sports.  There are always players that you think of when you think of the classic teams of the past.  Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Dick Butkus, Mean Joe Greene, ect, ect.  For the Packers Ray Nitschke is one of those players. 

#4 1963 Topps Football Ray Nitschke Rookie card. 

Not the best centered but fairly sharp corners and great coloring.

cb out.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #3

I'm going old school with this one.  I picked this up at Don's Sportscards off his drop board a month back.  I do believe I only payed a couple of bucks for this. I'm headed over there tonight for a trade night and hopefully I'll get to pick up a slew of 2011 Ginter from my needs list.  I also picked up a Brooks Robinson embossed on the same trip I got this bad boy.

#3  1965 Topps Embossed Hank Aaron #59

It's nowhere near mint, but for a couple of bucks I couldn't pass up a vintage Aaron.  I'm a closet Aaron collector.  I only have a few of his cards and those are either recent releases or regular issues late in his career.

cb out

Monday, September 19, 2011

A new Reggie might as well make him #2!

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100

Well I got home to day and found this in my mailbox.  My first Topps Marquee card so far. There are a few more I'm going to try and pick up, but I love the fact that Reggie is in a Orioles uniform and that there is a piece of Yankee's pinstripe and a kick ass A's patch piece in this card. And the best part is I got this card for a steal. So why not make the newest card to my collection and my Reggie Jackson player collection #2 on my top 100 cards.


#2 2011 Topps Marquee Reggie Jackson Gametime Mementos Quad Relic #GMQR-18


cb out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #1

Well what a great weekend.  Football wise, life wise.  Anyways.  I've seen a few blogs around the blog-o-sphere that have the bloggers top 100 cards, in their collections, best pulls ect.  And I though that's not a bad idea.  Some great cards on these lists and in those collections.  I've gotten a few nice cards through the years, why not do that myself?  And since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I'm going to do it too.  It also gives me 100 posts that are fairly easy to do if I get stuck for material. I expect it to be a long winter up here in Alaska. 

But the more I thought about it there was no way I would be able to rank 100 cards from best to 100th best, so I decided to just dig through my collection and post randomly, in no particular order.  Most of my top 100 will be centered around the Packers and Brewers and my player collections, but there have been some awesome pulls and pick ups through the years that had to be part of my permanent collection.

I also started a new page that I'll add to as I add each card.

But to start it off we will start with a card from my favorite baseball player of all time and the one card that was the gem in my collection for the longest time growing up.

Robin Yount's 1975 Topps #223 rookie card.  I cropped the image a little close but you can still see the rounded corners and even the slight crease in the card.  No this card wasn't anywhere near mint, but for me in the late eighties and early nineties this was my first Everest.  I've since upgraded and have quite a few rookies now in better shape than this, but I still have my first Yount rookie.

cb out

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old School Break 3 boxes of 95 Select Baseball

I was at trade night the other night over at Bosco's and ended up picking up my third box of Ginter.  This is getting out of control, especially after I said that I was only going to open one, ONE.  Ah well still fairly cheap and I did have a nice hit.  It's up on eBay right now. I got to try and recoup some of my spending.  Every month Bosco's has a trade night and the main attraction is that they pull one pack from all the products that have been released that month, and sometimes add some goodies, and then draw one ticket.  If your there you win, if not the packs roll over to the next month.  I've been to some trade nights where there's in an excess of over $500 worth of packs up for grabs.  They also had a door prize drawing for a Bob Lilly autograph.  Anyways I didn't win, I never do, but then nobody did so there will be a nice tradenight next week.  But while I was waiting around for the ticket to be drawn I was purusing the stacks of cheap wax piled high and found these beauties.  3 boxes of 1995 Select baseball.  I held off and didn't buy them that night.  Instead I went over after watching the early football games on Sunday and loaded up.  Not too bad.

95 Select had a four tier chase insert program.  With the Artist Proofs being the most sought after.
I'm really liking the mid nineties premium cards.  I remember when these came out but I didn't buy much being a poor college student but looking at these cards now I'm really impressed.  They still hold up and look great.
Big Hurt Checklist card.  got a few new Frank Thomas cards for the Player collection.  Didn't score a Big Stick insert of Frank, but what can you do.

Here's what the rookie cards look like.
You might recognize this guy, although he hasn't worn that uniform in a long time.

There is also a really cool sub set in the main set called Show Time.
These probably could have been their own insert.  Very shiny and lots of foil, but nothing like the other inserts.

First we have the artist proofs.  The wrappers have odds listed and AP's are about one in 24 packs so about 1 per box.  According to the Standard Catalog the estimated print run is about 425 per card so these are pretty limited.

Don't remember Jeff Frye, but

I remember this guy. Strange to see him in a San Fran uni though.
I only found two of these so I need to go back through my cards to see if I missed one.
Edit:  I started collating and found my other AP, Roger Clemens! Sweet.
The next most common insert was the Can't Miss, also seated about 1:24 packs I did get three of these.

You might even recognize a few of these names.
The scans really don't do these inserts justice.  They're pretty impressive and really shiny.
Next we have the rarest of the inserts Sure Shots  Seated 1:90 so about 1 in 4 boxes or so and I bucked the trend pulling 2.
While these may have been the rarest of the inserts, they are not the most valuable.  Mainly because few of the players feature made much of themselves.

No the big draw of Select was the big sticks inserts.  This set contains greats like Cal Ripken, Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr.  and....

Matt Williams? 

Oh well at least I got one.  The Cal Ripken is the most valuable at around 10 bucks.

I'm happy I pulled so many inserts.  The base set looks great and the inserts are pretty awesome as well.  I wish I had pulled a Thomas Big Sticks, but what can you do.

cb out.