Sunday, February 7, 2021

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Finale!!!!


Well, well, well.  I have to say I'm at a loss for words.  That was a completely unexpected outcome.  While I have a few issues with some of the officiating and calls, that was a pretty impressive feat by the Bucs and Tom Brady.  I really don't think anyone expected Kansas City to be held to under 10 points and the team didn't score a touchdown.  We had thirteen players going into Super Bowl Sunday and the overwhelming majority favoring the Chiefs, but three intrepid contestants picked the Bucs to take it all.  None of the three that chose Tampa Bay correctly picked the opponent, so we have to move to total points and boy did everyone think this would be a fairly high scoring game.  In the end the perfect pick would have been 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Kansas City Chiefs, 40 points, 4 FG 

And the person who picked the lowest combined score is the winner is Paul from Scribbled Ink!!!! So Paul I'll contacting you for shipping info soon!

Josh D. - Kansas City Chiefs over Green Bay Packers - 48 points - 2 FG

John Sharp - Bucs over Ravens, 56 points, 3 FGs.

GTT - KC Chiefs over Saints, 59 points, 4 FGs. 

Scribbled Ink - Bucs over Bills, 55 points, 3 FGs

jlcre2003 - Kansas City Chiefs over Green Bay Packers, 61 points, 4 FGs

KMack - Chiefs over Saints, 34-24. 3 FG's.

Fuji - Kansas City Chiefs over Green Bay Packers - 61 points - 4 FG - PIMP

kcjays - Kansas City over Green Bay - 65 points - 3 Field Goals

Dion's IP Autos only - KC Chiefs over GB Packers total of 69 points 2 Field Goals.

abraham - Kansas City over Green Bay, 69 points, 1 field goal

Ben Morris - Tampa Bay over Buffalo. 74 total points 5 FG

Matt - Chiefs over packers 62 pts

Trevor P - Chiefs over Bucs, 55 points, 1 FG - PIMP

Autographs2000 (TCDB) Kansas City over Green Bay, 60 pts, 2 FG

And let's not forget our door prize drawing.  I added all the entries from the official entries post and gave the four people who promoted the contest an extra entry, I went over to and entered the list and randomized it 3 times.  And the winner is......

Josh D who writes the blog, but hasn't in a while, Royals and Randoms.

I'll be contacting both our winners for current shipping address and choice of team for their prize packs. 

Thanks again for all those who entered and played this year!!  Stay safe.