Saturday, May 30, 2015


How long have you waited for a redemption?  For me it was over a year and a half for my John McEnroe Allen and Ginter auto.

So having to wait over 6 months for this redemption shouldn't seem all that bad, but I started to worry that I might not get it and even more I'd have to take a substitution.  I've been lucky enough that even if I've had to wait a while I still got the card I put the redemption in for.  I was super excited a few weeks ago when I notice Odell Beckham Jr. finally signed his stickers for Topps.  You may, or more likely, not remember since it was so long ago I ended up picking up a cheap box of 2014 Prime and pulled a redemption for this copper parallel autograph.

Fast forward to about 7 o'clock this evening and a FedEx truck pulls up and low and behold here it is.the Autographed Rookie Variation Copper Parallel card.  

Prices are still holding strong for Odell's autos, but I'll probably wait till football season to let it go. Still I'm glad I finally got it.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Money for Nothing and my Cards for Free

I'll be honest I don't remember sending in a NPN request for Panini Prizm Football, but when an envelope from Panini showed up in my mailbox well I'm not going to say no.

Inside was this shiny Pink Breast Cancer Awareness parallel of Kenny Stills. Kenny had a pretty decent season last year if you don't count not getting into the endzone that much.  

He is now a Dolphin having been traded in March.

Not my first NPN success I've also gotten a random Topps baseball insert, can't remember what year and a silver bordered Garbage Pail Kid, I can't remember the set.  I don't do a lot of NPNs anymore, but I still try to send ones in for some of Topps higher end stuff, because for the price of a stamp that's a decent raffle.

Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm still are some trades

Yeah I've been AWOL.  Blame it on what you will, I just haven't felt like blogging and haven't had too much to blog about.  But I figure I'd send a couple thank yous for some recent trades and random acts of kindness.  First up Justin from Justin's World ask if he could trade for my First Pitch inserts that I didn't want.  He ended up sending me a few set needs and this
A couple great TTM's for some guys I don't have autos for yet.  Much appreciated.

Brian over at Play at the Plate offered up free cards in a PWE giveaway simply for sending him your address.  I couldn't resist.  What I got was a little overwhelming.
Brian sent me some great Big Hurts for the collection.

A nice smattering of Brewers and Blackawks

And this guy.. Jimmy Hayes was up and down with the Blackhawks the three years he was with the team and my Blackhawks collection is just getting started this is my first auto and it's Gold parallel #d to 25!  Jimmy is currently playing with the Florida Panthers.

Yeah he stuffed all that in my PWE!  

Thanks Justin and Brian and everyone else who's sent me cards that I haven't done a post for.  I'm still here and trading and reading.  And maybe the ennui will wear off and I'll be posting more regularly again.

cb out