Sunday, November 11, 2018

Finally getting around to it - trade post with Cardboard Collections

Finding time to blog has been a challenge the last two years.  I suppose I could always find something to talk about card related, but honestly I haven't had the drive to do it.  Except for my contests my posts have been few and far between and I've learned to be OK with that.  That being said I'm behind in a couple trade posts.  Recently I participated in one of Colbey's, who writes Cardboard Collections, cheap group breaks.  This time it was some vintage Pacific.  Anyway, I sent Colbey a stack of Braves and other cards and he graciously also added a bunch of extra Brewers he had to my spoils from the group break.  Unfortunately I already squirreled away most of what he sent to me, but not the best two cards.  I can remember Colbey posting he pulled that Woody auto a while back and the Thames is the Gold Artist Proof numbered to just 10.  Plus there was also a bunch of other great cards in the package.   Thanks again for the trade Colbey!