Saturday, September 30, 2017

7th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web Official Sign Up Post!!!!

I'll be honest I can count the number of baseball games I've gotten to see this year on one hand, but I've been following my Brewers and reading the sports page on Yahoo pretty regularly.  And even though I've been very absent from my blogs I'm not going to miss putting on my World Series contest.  I'm hoping for a great turn out.  I'll be posting this on Twitter and the Trading Card Collector's Society page on Facebook and over at the forums at Trading Card Database and any place else I can think of..

So what do you have to do?  Just tell me who's going to win the World Series.  That's it.  But I'm sure more than one of you will pick the right team, so we have to have a couple tie breakers thrown in.  So this year, like years past,  I'd like you to tell me who the opponent will be, how many games the series will go, and how many home runs will be hit, in total both teams, for the series.

Your entry should look something like this.

Nationals over the Yankees, 5 games, 12 HRs.   

What will you win?  I've got a couple great cards to giveaway. First is this 2015 Topps Tier One Sean Doolittle autograph #d to 349, hard signed.  And a great 2017 Topps Museum Collection Gregory Planco Meaningful Materials Patch card #d to 50!  Plus the winner will also get a nice stack of their favorite team(s), which may include additional autos, relics, or inserts.  All depends what I can find in the stacks.

And as always there will be door prize for all those that enter.  And if you promote the contest, either on your blog, twitter feed, facebook, etc. you will get an extra entry.  Just one extra though.  But be sure to put a link to your pimp in the comments so I can verify.
The door prize is this vintage 2004 Edwin Jackson Future Phenoms relic.

Alright here are your choices:
American League
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Cleveland Indians
Minnesota Twins
Houston Astros

National League
Washington Nationals
Chicago Cubs
LA Dodgers
Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies

Since my Brewers lost to the Cardinals tonight the stage is set.  So you have from right now until, let's say next Sunday, Oct. 8th, Noon Alaska Time, 4pm EST.  That'll mean we'll be knee deep in the Divisional Series', so if you make a guess and you pick a Wildcard team and they don't make it.  I'll let you change your pick as long as it's before the close of the contest.

This post will constitute the official entries page so make sure you comment on this post and not one of my reminders, which I will be posting all week long.  And please make sure you have some way to be contacted connected to your Blogger entry.  I've had winners in the past I was never able to get a hold or and who never contacted me.  But just one. 


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

7th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web!! Mark Your Calendars!

I have been awol most of the year on the blog.  And to be honest I've neglected almost all my blogs this year.  Buying a new house, moving, work, family it all makes it hard to sit down and find something to write about or even worse want to find something to write about.  That being said I didn't want to break the tradition of my annual World Series Contest.  So mark your calendars.  Most of the divisions have been decided or are at least close.  That being said I'll probably open the contest like usual with the close being just after the wildcard games.  And if you've played in my contests before the format will be very familiar.  All I want you to do is tell me who's going to win it all.  And of course there will be a few tie breakers to pick as well. 

Do I have awesome prizes??  You bet. What are they?  Who knows?  But as usual I'll find something cool to give away and a nice stack of cards from the team(s) you collect.  My new mancave is still a work in progress, but I'll dig something out.  So mark your calendars the contest opens after the last regular season game is played or until all the post season teams have been determined and will close after the wildcard games or something like that.