Saturday, April 12, 2014

2013 Panini Donruss Bonus Mail In Cards are here!!

 I already posted photos of these cards back when Panini released them, but I just got this pack in the mail and figured I'd add the scans of the backs for anyone who cares.

I'm kind of surprised Panini went with an opaque foil wrapper instead of just a clear cellophane considering that there were no surprises inside.  I'm also glad that Panini didn't count my wrappers too closely, because I know I accidentally forgot to put one in the package I sent in.  Now if they would just send me my 2 Autos they owe me from the box.

I think the most sought after card in the pack will be this Tanaka card, but who knows?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

You got some splaining to do!

I picked up this 2014 Topps Museum Primary Pieces quad relic featuring Rickie Weeks on a whim.  I'll be honest as a Brewers fan I'm torn on Rickie.  Rickie had been very dependable at second for quite a few years now. Of course last year wasn't all that hot and then his season ended early due to injury.  There were quite a few rumors running around before the season that Rickie was going to get traded.   But he's still here and sharing second base duties with Scooter Gennett.  While looking over the auctions on ebay for some Brewers Museum Collection cards I couldn't pass up picking up this awesome card for under $3.00.  All told with shipping I add a beautiful card to my Brewers team collection for right around a five spot and I'll take that any day.  How much longer will Rickie be a Brewer?  Will he rebound and have a stand out season?  Who knows.

The lines on the card are from the penny sleeve.

Hail Hydra!!

Sorry this is a little late.

All I can say is it's about time.  I've been a pretty loyal follower of Agents of SHIELD and with a few exceptions I'd been pretty disappointed.  But with 5 episodes still left in the season holy crap have they turned it up a notch.  I still need to see The Winter Soldier and I'm hoping to see it when I have grandparents around to babysit when we head south in  few weeks.

I'm glad they finally made Skye less annoying and more of the team.  I get that you have to build the character, but is it wrong I was hoping she wouldn't make after getting shot?

If you haven't seen this weeks episode go to and watch it.  NOW!

I also find it amusing that the Hail Hydra meme is sweeping the web.

That will be all.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Training TTM Success - Khris Davis!!

Look what I found in my mail box the other day!  I have to say if I this is the last TTM from Spring Training I get back I'll consider my effort a success.  I've already gotten back two of my three current favorite Brewers young guns back and getting Khris' back makes it all three.  He even signed it with silver sharpe!! A great looking signature, now I only wish I'd dug out one of his rookie cards, well there's always next year.

TTM Stats
Date Sent 3/19/14
Date Rec 4/4/14

Address used
Maryvale Park
3600 N 51st Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85031

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Training TTM Success - Logan Schafer

This is actually my third success from Logan.  I got him to sign a custom index card for me at Spring Training in 2012 and I sent him a Bowman card in 2013 at Spring Training.  Well Topps finally put Logan on a Topps card in its Update Series last year and Logan was nice enough to sign two cards for me.  

TTM Stats
Date Sent 3/19/14
Date Recieved 4/4/14

Address used
Maryvale Park
3600 N 51st Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85031

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Standard Catalog

When I had to move out of the man cave there were a few things I kept close at hand and my 2010 edition of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards was one of those things.

I actually picked this up back in 2009.  Just like new cars you can always get the next years version a little earlier.  I've found the Standard Catalog to be indispensable when looking up information on sets.  The printed portion of the Catalog weights in at 1560 pages and just under 5 pounds, but the book only covers issues up to 2000.  Included with the book was a CD-ROM which had an additional 8 years of issues on it. It's a gigantic pdf and is a little awkward to use on the disk, so years ago I ended up printing it all off.  Krause the publisher put out one more edition of this in 2011 and then a Vintage only book in 2013. I had thought about upgrading, but to be honest I don't use the book as a price guide, I use it for the volumes of information about each set and for the checklists and information on sets newer than 2008 is readily available online.

Still one of the best tools I have for my collection and I use it all the time for tidbits when posting on my Robin Yount and Rollie Fingers player blogs.

Anyone else love their catalog?  Anyone prefer the Beckett Almanac?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Contest Pimp - Big 44 Sports Cards

Contest pimp here.  Head on over to Big 44 Sports Cards for an easy contest for some kewl swag.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 Opening Day

To celebrate Opening Day, which depending on which Opening Day you choose could have been a couple weeks ago. Here at the Crack I celebrate the official opening day which is when everybody gets to play so that was yesterday.  Anywho like I was saying to celebrate Opening Day lets open a jumbo pack of Topps Opening Day.  

I won't bore you with all the base cards.  They look just like regular Topps, but with the snazzy Opening Day logo.  There are also guys not featured in Series 1 in this set.  Here is Robinson Cano in a Mariners uniform, mmm, you can taste the photoshop.

Is it sad that I like all the inserts in Opening Day 100% more than the best insert from Series 1?  And unlike Topps flagship there is only one parallel card, not counting the printing plates.  The shiny blues! You get one per Jumbo pack.

Of course one of the favorite inserts is the Mascot set.  I got Screech.

I also pulled this great Kershaw Breaking Out card.  Looks a lot like the Donruss Break Out Pitcher set, but cooler.  These have those early nineties Fleer Provisions feel and yes I'll be putting together this insert set.

The last insert I got in this set was this Fired Up insert.  Again why can't Topps put something this great in it's flagship product. I'm going to piece together this set too.

 Not too shabby.  I didn't pull any of the Opening Day Stars, Superstar Celebrate, or Between Innings inserts from this pack, but I've opened a few more and gotten a couple of each. Here are some examples.

There are also relic and autos, although there are only a couple big names in the checklist.

Panini Announces it's 3 bonus Donruss wrapper redemption Rated Rookie cards.

I just saw this over at the Knight's Lance. Panini has announced the three bonus Rated Rookie cards available when you mail in 36 wrappers. Not that it matters too much, but they didn't state which player would be on 201, 202, or 203, but here are the three bonus cards from Panini.