Saturday, April 12, 2014

2013 Panini Donruss Bonus Mail In Cards are here!!

 I already posted photos of these cards back when Panini released them, but I just got this pack in the mail and figured I'd add the scans of the backs for anyone who cares.

I'm kind of surprised Panini went with an opaque foil wrapper instead of just a clear cellophane considering that there were no surprises inside.  I'm also glad that Panini didn't count my wrappers too closely, because I know I accidentally forgot to put one in the package I sent in.  Now if they would just send me my 2 Autos they owe me from the box.

I think the most sought after card in the pack will be this Tanaka card, but who knows?


  1. Good stuff! Those are the first cards I've seen of Tanaka and Abreu.

  2. Check it out! A friend of mine did several 1/1 sketches for Topps and they sent him a Ryan Braun back to him as part of his compensation. Just trying to help spread the word!