Friday, April 4, 2014

The Standard Catalog

When I had to move out of the man cave there were a few things I kept close at hand and my 2010 edition of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards was one of those things.

I actually picked this up back in 2009.  Just like new cars you can always get the next years version a little earlier.  I've found the Standard Catalog to be indispensable when looking up information on sets.  The printed portion of the Catalog weights in at 1560 pages and just under 5 pounds, but the book only covers issues up to 2000.  Included with the book was a CD-ROM which had an additional 8 years of issues on it. It's a gigantic pdf and is a little awkward to use on the disk, so years ago I ended up printing it all off.  Krause the publisher put out one more edition of this in 2011 and then a Vintage only book in 2013. I had thought about upgrading, but to be honest I don't use the book as a price guide, I use it for the volumes of information about each set and for the checklists and information on sets newer than 2008 is readily available online.

Still one of the best tools I have for my collection and I use it all the time for tidbits when posting on my Robin Yount and Rollie Fingers player blogs.

Anyone else love their catalog?  Anyone prefer the Beckett Almanac?


  1. I love it. I have the 2006. For me no need for a new one. I use it mostly to look up info on old sets and oddballs.

  2. I've used these catalogs for years ! I also have an older Beckett, but like the Std. better. Although, sometimes you find issues that are in one book and not the other. I just picked up the Smaller Vintage catalog at half priced books for like $10.00.

  3. I have the 2008 version and love it. There are a lot of sets I've never heard of and enjoy using their checklists... although sometimes I'll just use Beckett online out of convenience.