Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Topps Football Jumbo Box Break and Review, or I'm Back for Now.

Wow it's been awhile.  I guess that's happens when you get married and have a ton of family in from out of town.  Yep sorry ladies I'm a taken man now.  Only 38 single years for me. 

Anyway.  While I was out showing  my and the wife's family a good time around the state, fishing, site seeing, ect, Topps Football came out.  So yesterday I had the opportunity to finally pick up a jumbo box.

Lets check out the this years base design.  Again Topps pretty much uses the Baseball layout.  There are a few minor differences though.  Around the team logo the teams division is on the bottom.  And players that made the all star team get a cool foil stamp.  There are also foil stamps for rookie of the year, MVP, and Superbowl Champs.  Here we have Clay "the Monster" Matthews tackling  Kolb.  Is this the tackle that took him out for the season and put Vick in? 

I have to say that the photography is awesome, just flipping through the cards as I ripped I noticed how great a lot of cards looked.
Here we have the back.  Another minor difference from the baseball design is that where the team logo is the baseball set had a picture of the player in it.

On to the parallels.  Gold cards were falling1 in every 2 packs of jumbo.  Which differs from baseball that were falling 1 to 1.

And I hit one black parallel as well.
Remember the base card I featured with Matthews tackling Kolb? Well here we have Cole tackling Rodgers.  Kinda neat.  I almost want to put this in with  my Rodgers cards.  Oh and both the Gold and Black parallels feature gold foil instead of the silver.
I'm a little bummed Topps decided not to carry over the Diamond Parallels to this set.

On to the inserts.

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 First off I'm going to say that I really like all  insert offering this year, well maybe except for Toppstown.  I like these game day cards.  They remind me of the old Gameday Tall Boys from the 90's.  These cards are simple and well done.  I might have to try to put the set together.
The Superbowl Legends Giveaway cards.  I think these are much nicer than the MCG and DCG baseball cards.
Topps for some reason the last couple of years has been on this duo card kick. Paring players together for some reason or another.  This year we get players that play or played on the same team, which for me as a team collector is great, and the layout is a lot nicer than the Legandary Lineage from Baseball.
Toppstown.  Nuff said there.

If you read my blog at all you know I'm a oddball mini fan.  So without a doubt my favorite insert this year are the bowman mini's.  I'm probably going to have to try for this set.
Here's a look at a back.

Now on to the hits.  I'll say that there was nothing super spectacular but at least all the hits were in the box.

First we have a Gameday auto of Bilal Powell.

And a Game Day Auto of Jimmy Smith.

My best hit was this Torrey Smith Rookie Patch. Yes I know it's from the Rookie Premiere and not game worn but a nice looking patch.

Well over all a nice looking set this year.  I like the inserts they all have a nice design and I've seen some pretty cool hits on other blogs and messages boards.  I haven't collated my box yet to see what I need.  I'm hoping that I get a full set out of the Jumbo like I did for baseball.

Well I'm heading out of town for 10 days on Tuesday into the wilds of Alaska for work and then back out for another 10 day trip at the end of the month.  So needless to say August is shot for me if you are trying to get a hold of me.  But I'll be around.  I have a few trade posts I need to finish and I went on another vintage wax binge.  All I can say is 92 Stadium Club Baseball for 6 bucks a box, all three series. 

Until next time CB out.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Old School Finale( At least for now): 1992 Pinnacle Jumbo Series 1

Another purchase from Trade night. This is going to be a let down after my last post and box break but I already had the images scanned so...

 I got this box for under 10 bucks, I know 92 Pinnacle Series 1, ung.  But each pack had 3 inserts, plus there were also the Shades and Icon sub-sets in this release that were actually kinda cool, there was also the Sidelines sub-set that was not.
This box was of course the Jumbo box, but back in 92 they called them Super Packs!  Hard to believe that the retail price for this box back in 92 was over $70!  Do the math, 24 x 2.99 = 71.76.  Wow.  Needless to say I got a lot of 92 Pinnacle for my dough.

Here we have the base design.  Not terrible.  This was Scores "Premium" brand at the time. 

The back. Good old Paulie Mo. Again not terrible, especially when you see some of the other offerings from 92.  Of course if this design had been put out today I'm sure it would be unabashedly adorned with foil, lenticular optics and super rare colored and numbered variations. 

There is at least one decent rookie in series one. 

I did manage to pull two of these so that was nice.  I do believe this is the highest book value card in the entire set.

There were a couple insert sets available depending on what type of pack you bought.  With jumbos you get 3 Team 2000 inserts per pack.  The whole 80 card sets will set you back about 3 dollars today.  There were also 3 sub sets in the set itself.
My least favorite like I said above was the Sideline insert.
Here we have Robin Yount riding a dirt bike and it's probably the best of the lot.  Other subjects include John Burkett bowling and Bob Tewksbury drawing among others.  Kinda lame.

The shades sub set is alright, but kinda pointless.

Here's Daryl Strawberry .  Neat image in the reflection of the shades.

My favorite sub set is the Idols.

Here we have Ken Griffy Jr. and Ricky Henderson.  These I get and I really like the design.

Here's Jim Abbott and Nolan Ryan.
There are a few other interesting match ups. George Brett and Wade Boggs, Ozzie Smith and Chuck Knoblauch.

So you get 3 of these Team 2000's per jumbo pack but that's still not enough to possible get a full set, plus I had multiple doubles.  I really like the design and here we see the tasteful use of some foil on the cards.
The Backs.
Here are a few more.

Over all not too bad.  Nothing earth shattering. Fun to rip though.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Allen and Ginter box break and review.

Well I controlled myself pretty well, not getting sucked into trying to chase a Score football set out of boredom.  And to be honest I didn't know if I wanted to try and get sucked into A & G again this year like I did last year, but I couldn't help it.  I had to pick up some 9 pocket pages the other day and it just so happens the store got their case of Allen and Ginter in.  So I decided why the heck not, at least one box.
So here we go.
The cards.  Seems a lot of people, or bloggers, don't really like the design.  I actually think it's alright. But it seems familiar, hmmmm oh yeah
I guess I can see where the hate for the design comes from.  I've heard lots of people, bloggers, express that this is probably one of the worst designs put out by Upper Deck ever. 

Here's the backs.

Here's my box topper.
The Hometown Heroes insert, got a bunch of these.

Highlight sketches. 

Black border mini parallels.
The Ascent of Man inserts.  I really like these. The illustration is just incredible.  And then on closer inspection I noticed something.
I'm not sure how all the other cards fit together.  If they all form one big picture or if there are multiple different scenes, but still beautiful.

Animals in Peril Mini's
Portraits of Penultimacy. Hey that looks like Mike Gellner from JD's Wildcardz. I think it is.  For those who don't know Penultimate means next to last, or second banana.  That seems kinda mean of Topps.

World's most Mysterious Figures.  D.B. Cooper you have a message.

Now onto my favorite mini set and insert.
I'm a big history buff and I love these type of cards I will definitely be trying to complete this set.

And Uninvited Guests.  I'm also a big fan of all those paranormal shows.  Sure they never seem to find anything, but...

No flower cards unfortunately, I guess there about 1 per case.  I was planning on actually planting my card to see if it would actually grow.  Oh well.
Now onto the hits.
My First WTF card this year.  I didn't know the Ray's played in plaid.  Maybe a look at the back will clarify.

Travel day memorabilia?? Really?  You know what that really means?  Street clothes!  Topps is now putting players street clothes in their relics!  This is an epic fail.  Luckily I found some better goodies.
Brennan Boesch 2 color relic. OK a little better.

Jose Reyes Silk card numbered to 10!!!! The Reyes and Boesch were actually in the same pack.  Interesting, I've heard of other people getting multi-hit packs as well.
But it gets better.  When I looked at the autograph checklist when it came out months ago there was only a couple auto's I really wanted. I would have loved to get a Pacquio or LaMotta auto, but this this is the one I really wanted.
Holy Crap True Believers!!!!!! 
Man I really really want to keep this card but it's hard when looked on Ebay and his blue autos are going for around 70 bucks, his card could more than pay for the box and maybe get me another one.  But I think I'm going to hold on to it.  And I'm probably done busting boxes of A&G. After this box I really couldn't see beating it unless I got a bat knob book or something like that. 

Over all I'm going to have to give this product a Lucy.  I've been reading a lot of box breaks on Blowout card forums and there have been some really dude boxes out there.  Ones with no autos.  So my impression is definitely skewed here with this awesome box.  But I'm still giving it a Lucy.
and I think some bulging eye's just for the Stan Lee.

cb out.

Edit:  I've been mulling it over and I have to give the Stan Lee card the highest review rating ever here on Collector's Crack.  While the earlier ratings still stand Mr. Lee gets atomic, oh yes, I think it's deserved.

If you read any 2011 Allen and Ginter post make it....

my next post.
I broke down and bought a box of A&G and yes I'm going to blog about it because actually it was a pretty good box, but I haven't scanned the images yet and I'm at work so I'll probably have it up later tonight or tomorrow  morning.  In the mean time check out my need lists here or over on the side bar.  I recently update and added my 1981 Topps needs to the list.  I'm close to finishing off my 2009 Upper Deck Baseball and a few others and any help is greatly appreciated.  And I most definitely will be collecting a few of the inserts from this years A&G. 

I've been checking out the box and case breaks over at the blowout cards forums and they range from awesome to WHAT A CASE WITH NO AUTOS!!!!  I'm happy to say that the box I got had an auto. So stay tuned.

cb out

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Old School Continued: 1995 Studio

This is a product that screams cheap group break.  I vividly remember this offering in 1995 as well. Pretty much because this was Donruss thinking way outside the box.  Way before retro sets and off the wall designs were cool, along comes... Credit card baseball cards.  I guess it's not that original as Permagraphics put out a series of cards printed on plastic back in the early 80's, but these were kinda cool.  And you also got one insert card per pack.  Another innovation you only got 5 cards per pack as well.  Ah the future of things to come.  I remember these were pretty pricey back in the day so snagging a whole sealed box for 10 bucks seemed like a steal.  And this offering gives up lots of old stars and a few new ones (at the time) as well.

The hologram in the lower right corner doesn't scan well but it's a nice addition to the overall Credit Card look of the card.   The letters are raised just like a credit card too.

Even the backs get into it with the fake magnetic strip and signature strip.

Some great stars and HOFers and of course...

A fresh faced A-Rod.

Well the inserts are just parallels of the base cards.  The gold parallels the first 50 cards of the set and the Platinum parallels the first 25.  So needless to say for a Brewers fan, I get no love here as there are no Brewers in the first 50 card so no parallels for me.

The Platinum fall about 1 in 10 packs so for a box of 36 packs you can expect 3 maybe 4.  I got 3. and 33 golds.  I won't bore you with pictures of all of them just  a few.
Another nice addition to my Big Hurt collection.  I only wished I'd of snagged a Platinum too.

Oh and these parallel cards are cut like a credit cards and printed on plastic to feel like a credit cards too.

Not a bad haul and fairly decent collation.  I don't think I had many doubles of the base cards, but I had quite a few doubles in the gold.

Up next 92 Pinnacle Series 1, yep it's kinda a let down.