Friday, February 10, 2017

As if I didn't have enough to do...

So a couple months ago I found a fun group on facebook dedicated to comic books. Just comic books, no selling, no trading, just the pure joy of finding comics, reading comics, completing a runs, enjoying the medium, you get the idea.  It's a fun group full of comic geeks geeking out to comic books and it's just great.  I looked around facebook and tried to find something comparable, but most sites dedicated to cards are trading or selling groups.  So I decided to make one.  And the Trading Card Collector's Society was born.

So if you're looking for a group on facebook to share your cards, talk about cards, have questions about cards, but don't want to be bombarded by people trying to sell their cards stop on over.  And feel free to promote your blog on the group as well.

I only have a couple hard core rules.  No selling or trading.  I've been part of other groups that did allow this and I ended up leaving because that's all the group became.  And the big rule is keep it civil, keep it clean (no nudity or profanity), and no bullying.

That's it pretty much anything else goes.  Love hockey cards? Post about them. Love non-sport movie tie in card sets? Awesome post about it.  Love TTM?  Great post about it.  Love autographs, relics, have a favorite player, team, or card set?  Post about it!!!

cb out

Monday, February 6, 2017

Well Then - The 7th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web comes to a close

Ahem.  Well I thought the Falcons had this thing wrapped up in the first half, but let that be a lesson to you.  It's funny I have a female friend that lives in Houston, but doesn't know anything about football.  She asked at the half if 21 points was a lot.  I responded by telling her, yes 21 points was a lot, but not against Tom Brady.  I'm glad that the Pats made it competitive in the end.  To me it seems like after the first half the Falcons were playing not to lose.  Which is way different than playing to win.

I also have to say that it came to no surprise to all of you who was the favorite to win.  23 people picked the Patriots to win again this year, 23!  In the end though it came down to just 4 picks though.  We had 4 people correctly guess the match up, three of those correctly picked the winner!

The correct guess with all the correct tie breakers would have been

Patriots over Falcons, 62 points, 3 turnovers. 

And with the correct guess for the winner and two correct tie breakers and being very close to the third our winner is Dion from Dion's IP Autos only!

Dion's IP Autos only - Patriots over Falcons 59 points 3 turnovers!

Spankee-  Falcons over Patriots, 48 points, 2 turnovers

Wilson - Patriots over Falcons, 50 points, 3 turnovers  PIMP

Cardhobbyist - Patriots over Falcons, 51 points, 3 turnovers. PIMP

dgao - Pats over Cowboys, 47 points, 2 turnovers

RAZ - Patriots over Cowboys, 57 points, 3 turnovers.

Sport Card Collectors - Patriots over Cowboys, 44 points, 2 turnovers

Stealing Home - Patriots over Cowboys, 50 pts, 4 turnovers

Jon - Patriots over Cowboys, 40 points, 4 turnovers.

Daniel Wilson - Patriots over Cowboys. 45 points. 3 turnovers. - Patriots over Packers, 63 points, 3 turnovers PIMP

Fuji - Patriots over Cowboys, 62 points, 2 turnovers.

JediJeff -  Pats over Cowboys, 41 points 1 turnover.

GCA - Patriots over Cowboys, 31 points, 2 turnovers.

West Roxbury Animal Hospital Hospital - Patriots over Giants (finally), 58 points, 4 turnovers

Jafronius - Patriots over Cowboys, 37 points, 2 turnovers

B Man - Patriots over the Cowboys 35-14 PIMP

John Sharp - Patriots over the Cowboys... 56 points, 4 turnovers.

Matthew Scott - Patriots over the Packers 58pts , 3 turnovers

forestrydave - Patriots over the Cowboys, 52 points and 3 turnovers

Hal - Patriots over Cowboys, boring I know. 49 and two turnovers

Jason German - Patriots over Cowboys, 66 points, 4 turnovers. Much the same as others.

Marc- Patriots over Packers 59 points 1 turnover.

Alan - Patriots over Cowboys 41 points 3 turnovers

Now for the door prize winner!  I've added all the picks to a list randomizer at and randmoized the list 3 times. If you were nice enough to promote my contest on your blog or other social media accounts I gave you an extra entry.  And the winner is......

Fuji!! Who writes the great blog Chronicles of Fuji.

Thanks to everybody who played, we had a great turn out this year.  Now just 2 months till baseball!

Dion and Fuji I'll be in touch.