Sunday, January 19, 2020

10th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web - Conference Championship Summary

Well this weekend went about as I expected it.  As a lifelong Packers fan I wish the outcome had been different and the Titans looks like they might continue what they started last week, at least early on. 

With the Packers loss we only lost two going into the final Super Bowl Round.  We still have 9 players in the game, but really only 5 have a shot with the tie breakers.  We have two players picking the 49ers to pull it out, Fuji and Adam, and 3 players picking the correct match-up of the Chiefs and Niners with the Chiefs to win.

Alright I'll have a winner post after the Super Bowl with the Contest Champion and Door Prize winner.  Good Luck everyone.  Here's who is moving on.

shanepatrickwrites - packers over ravens 51 points 3 fg's

Fuji - 49ers over Ravens, 65 points, 3 field goals.

Brett Alan - Chiefs over Packers, 48 points, 2 FGs.

Elliptical Man - Chiefs over 49ers, 47 points, 4 FGs

Bubba - Packers over Ravens, 49 points, 4 FGs

Adam Kaningher - 49ers over Patriots, 41 points, 2 FGs

Brad Hill - Chiefs over Saints, 55 points, 2 FGs

JediJeff - Chiefs over 49ers, 45 points, 1 FG

Robert - Kansas City Chiefs over the New Orleans Saints 31-20, 1 FG.

Trevor P - Chiefs over 49ers, 43 points, 5 FGs

bbcardz - Kansas City Chiefs over the Green Bay Packers, 67 total points, 5 FG's

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