Wednesday, October 27, 2021

11th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web - World Series Update


My apologies for the lack of update posts. I spent the last 10 days down visiting family in Wisconsin.  It's only been 3 years, but I had a lovely time and got to bring back a big box of Wisconsin delicacies.  But let's see who's still in this contest.

If your following the World Series you already know that the 117th contest has pitted the Braves against the Astros.  And last night the Braves won game one.

As it sits we have 7 people who picked either the Astros or the Braves to win it all and we have two player that will have correctly guessed the correct match up.  I think this is the first time I've had that going into the final round.  Right now Brett has the Astros beating the Braves, and Colbey (aka Flywheels) has the Braves beating the Astros.  Pretty neat.

Again thanks for everyone who entered. I'll have the final summary after the series is over and also announce our door prize winner.

GTT - Rays over Dodgers, 6 games, 17 home runs. Thanks!

OhioTim - San Francisco Giants over Tampa Bay Rays in seven games with 13 home runs

Brett Alan - Astros over Braves, 6 games, 7 home runs.

RJ Sahl - Brewers over the Rays in seven, 16 HR's.

Dion's IP Autos only - Rays over Giants in 6 games with 15 HRs.

AdamE - Astros over the Giants in 5 with 9 home runs.

dayf - Braves over White Sox 13 dingers

flywheels - Braves over Astros - 7 HRs

John Sharp - Giants over the White Sox, 5 games.18 HRS.

Derek - Dodgers over Rays in 6. 17 homers

Ymmat - Astros over Dodgers in 7. 15 homers

Shaw Racing - Dodgers over the rays in 6, 23hrs

Sportzcommish - Astros over Giants in 6 with 12 homeruns.

The Diamond King - Cardinals over Rays in 7. 14 homers.

Nachos Grande - Dodgers over Rays in 6. 24 homers.

Nick - White Sox over Brewers in 6, 19 homers.

Jeff Laws - White Sox over Braves in 7, 13 homers.

sandyrusty - Rays in 6 over Giants with 13 HR

Rounding Thirty 3rd - Rays over Dodgers in 6 with 14 HRs

Matt - Dodgers over Astros, 6 games, 16 homers. PIMP

Adam Kaningher - Giants over Astros, 6 games, 17 home runs

night owl - Giants beat Astros and I don't watch. Grrr. 7 games. 19 homers.

Bo - Rays over Giants in 6 games, 12 HR. 

mfreeman - Astros over Dodgers, 7 games 14 HRs

FiresNBeers - Brewers over Rays, 6 Games, 17 HRs

Jafronius - Dodgers over Rays in 6. 10 HRs. 

Elliptical Man - Dodgers over Astros, 6 games, 12 HRs. 

Lastcall77 - Rays over Brewers 7 games 15 HRs. 

bbcardz - Dodgers over the Astros in 6 games, 14 HRs. 

kcjays - Brewers over the Rays in 6, 19 homeruns. 

Fuji - Dodgers over Astros, in 6, 16 HRs

shanepatrickwrites - brewers over rays in 6, 12 homers

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