Thursday, January 6, 2011

Almost the easiest Superbowl Contest on the Web 2 Days left

Only 2 days left slackers,  15 entries, 3 new followers, and one franchising fee so far.  If you liked my contest go over to Justin's World for his eerily similar Super Bowl contest.  Actually Justin gave me total props for the idea and even offered some free swag for using the idea, I say more the merrier, you can't have enough contests.  And it ain't that original of an idea.  But you should still enter my contest if you haven't.  I've had 84 page views for the contest and only 15 brave souls dared to venture a guess.  I'm still waiting for the guy who's going to risk it all and  take the Seahawks all the way.

I've also decided to add a bonus prize just for entering.  I haven't figured out what that is yet but it'll probably be something terrible, I mean great!!!

Also check out the other contests around the blogoteria.

My 2008 Topps Set Blog is having a contest even easier than mine for a box of Bowman Chrome all you have to do is follow his blog.  I do.

The Card Investor or TCI if your cool is giving away a shit ton of sets just for being a follower and giving some feedback.

You missed Play at the Plates first contest but you better be a follower so you don't miss anymore jackwagon!!

And don't forget the Wicked 1 over at My Past Time I Love It he's giving away a 2008 Masterpieces set, but arguably he's got the hardest contest out of all of us.

Hey you better get busy.

cb out

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