Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 10th Annual Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web Grand Prize Winner has been crowned!!


We have a winner!! Not only that but we have a very decisive winner.  In the end we had 12 people correctly pick the winner of this year's World Series.  That most definitely has to be a record in the 10 year history of this contest, but I don't keep those kind of stats.  Out of those 12 we had two entries that correctly picked the match up between the Dodgers and the Ray.  But we only had one guy pick the correct games in the series and so the winner is......drum roll please...... Chris aka Nachos Grande!!.  Not only did Chris get the Winner, the opponent, the number of games in the series, he was only one off the total number of doubles in the series.  

A perfect entry would have been Dodgers over Rays in 6, 17 Doubles.  Chris came pretty damn close.  So congrats Chris who wins the lovely Mr. Cartoon Don Mattingly Project 2020 cards and also a nice stack of his Reds. 

But wait it ain't over yet.  I want to thank the 40 people who entered this year, that might also be a record for the contest.  Just for entering I also give a door prize away to one lucky random person.  If you were kind enough to promote the contest I also gave you a extra entry in the door prize drawing and thank you to those who helped promote the contest this year.  I entered all the names of everyone who entered into a list randomizer over at and randomized the list 3 times.

And our Door Prize winner is....

John Sharp!!! Who writes the delightful blog John's Big League Baseball Blog and is a Tigers fan.  Congrats John! I will be contacting you for your address shortly. 

Thanks again for all those who entered.

Here were the picks going into the World Series:

Joseph Blaschke - Dodgers over Rays in 5, 9 Doubles

FiresNBeers - Dodgers over A's in 6, 15 Doubles

Ben Morris - dodgers over jays in 7. 18 doubles.

gator415 - Dodgers over White Sox in 5, 11 doubles

IfbBirdsCards - Dodgers over Twins, in 5, 14 doubles

John Sharp - Dodgers over Yankees, 7 games. 24 doubles.

Nachos Grande -  Dodgers over Rays. in 6, 16 Doubles

Matt - Rays over Padres in 6 games, 10 doubles PIMP

Dion's IP Autos only - Dodgers over the Yankees in 7 Games 19 doubles. PIMP

OhioTim - Tampa Bay Rays over Atlanta Braves in six games with 17 doubles.

The Diamond King - Dodgers over Houston in 6, 14 doubles

bbcardz - Dodgers over the Yankees in 7 games, 15 doubles

KMack - Dodgers over Yankees, 6 games. 14 doubles.

AnalogKid - Dodgers beat the Yankees in 7 games. 12 doubles.

Jeff S- Tampa over Miami in 5 games 0 doubles PIMP

Bkesler - Dodgers over Yankees, 5 games, 15 doubles

gcrl - dodgers over yankees in 6 with 15 doubles


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dennis, and Congrats go Chris as well.

  2. Congrats to Nachos Grande. He's pulled enough Dodgers hits for me over the years, he SHOULD win when the Dodgers win. Also John is a Dodger fan, too, so super appropriate.

  3. Thanks for the contest! And congratulations to Chris, John, and all of the Dodgers fans out there.

  4. Congrats to the winners, great job! Thank you cb for an awesome contest!

  5. Congrats to the winners! Hopefully I remember to play next year!