Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A lot of's All Sport $1,000,000 Packs

Howdy All,

We'll I meant to do a box break from a 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball box but I decided to talk about the other box I got in the mail yesterday.

So I was perusing eBay. Because I'm bored and currently between jobs and have a lot of free time and I say this lot from AmazingPacks sold by dailybonus and it was for a lot of 10 $1,000,000 collection packets like the one pictured. Now it was a buy it now for 25 bucks and I kinda laughed because we all see these kinda deals on eBay. Estate sale huge lots who know's what your gonna get!!! I know what i'm going to get nothing!!! At least nothing I want. But I was curious so I went to their website and looked around at all the pretty pictures of jersey and auto cards. I decided to look at what else they had for sale at daily bonus and I say they had the same lot up at a live auction. mmmmmmmmmmm. So I said what the hell bid on one and got a lot for 12 bucks plus 8 bucks shipping so for about 20 bucks I got to see what was going on. Now this is a really good savings because the buy it now price also had a 8 dollar shipping fee. So onto what I got. These packs were multisport (Baseball, Football and Basketball) no hockey. I have to say it was mostly new panini basketball in the packs nobody in particular but I have some scans of my "hits" A bunch or 80's and 90's rookies some stars from that era too. Some older topps. I think the 79 dawson is my favorite. But I also like the 80 schmidt and 85 gwynn. There were some other nice inserts too.
Now for the real "hits" I got a nice 97 Press Pass Auto of John Thomas, A double jersey numbered to 199 from Sweet Shot of Jason Richardson and Mike Dunleavy, A nice clean jersey from topps DDP of Garrett Mills, a PSA graded Gem mint 10 2004 Fleer Tradition Green Roy Williams card, and I think my best pull was my favorite Baseball player of all time a 78 topps Robin Yount. Unfortunatley it wasn't in the best of shape but it'll be added to the rest of the 78's. All in all I figure I got over 30 bucks worth of good stuff and a lot of filler that I'll probably just throw in some random box never to be seen for 20 years. I got my moneys worth only dropping 20 bucks total including shipping. I might even go in for some seconds if I can get a lot cheaper than the last one.
I'll probably be posting my A&G box break later this afternoon seeing as it was fairly unspectacular.

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