Saturday, January 15, 2022

12th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web - Official Entries


Sorry for the delay.  Been a busy couple days and I've got a busy couple more.  But wow what an exciting ending to the Bengals-Raiders game.  The Patriots-Bills not so much.  But here we are the start of my 12th yes, 12th Annual contest I want to thank everyone who entered.  We had 51 people put picks in this year!  I'm pretty sure that's an all time record for any of my contests so thank you for those that helped spread the word.  And it looks like my Packers are heavy favorites.  One hiccup we have 3 entries that got submitted by an unknown persons.  I'm assuming this is because they either weren't logged in to Blogger or don't have an account and I tried to get the word out, and a lot of people were really great about making sure their twitter or TCDb handles were included.  So if one of these three unknown entries is yours please let me know ASAP, as they will likely be removed after Wildcard weekend if I can't put a name to the entry.  Also please look over your entry.  I copied the entries over from the official sign up post, but you never know.

Here are your official entries.  Good luck everybody.  I'll have an update after Sundays games.

KMack - Kansas City over Green Bay, 71 points, 4 FG's

abraham - Dallas over Kansas City, 81 points 5 field goals

night owl - Buffalo over Dallas (REVENGE). 59 points. 4 field goals.

Unknown - Kansas City over Tampa Bay 64 points, 7 fgs

J L - Buccaneers over Bills 45 points 3 FGs

Fuji - Green Bay over Kansas City, 54 points, 4 FGs

(codence97 on TCDB) - Bills over Packers, 51 points, 3 FGS

bbcardz - LA Rams over Kansas City Chiefs, 72 points, 3 field goals PIMP

Adam Kaningher - Bills over Buccaneers, 41 points, 2 field goals

spazmatastic - Packers over Chiefs - 41 points - 3 field goals

ToppsrBest - Titans over Packers-65 points-3 FGs

Ymmat - Kansas City over Packers - 55 points - 4 FG's

Twinkiller on TCDb - Bengals over Packers, (Yeah that's right,) 54 points, 4 FG

suourange93 - Tampa Bay over Kansas City, 45 points, 1 FG

sandyrusty - Green Bay over Kansas City, 75 points, 4 FGs 

The Angels In Order - Bucks over Bills, 51 points, 3 FGs.

gregory - Green Bay over Pittsburgh. 40 points, 4 FGs.

Scottzoe - Tampa Bay over Kansas City , 65 Points, 3 FG

Jayoneill - Dallas over Kansas City, 75 points, 6 FG

CaptKirk42 - Rams over Bills 71 points 5 FGs

FiresNBeer - Green Bay over Cincinnati, 58 points, 4 FGs

jlcre2003 - Green Bay over Buffalo, 58 points, 3 fgs

(greatgazoo19 on TCDB) - Green Bay over Buffalo, 52 points, 1 FG

Autographs2000 - Chiefs over Packers, 66 points, 3FG

John Shar - Titans over Packers, 62 points, 4 FGs.

Matt - Buffalo over Tampa Bay, 69 points (yeah baby!), 4 FG  PIMP

Eric - Green Bay over Buffalo, 63 points, 2 FG

ckevink on TCDb - Green Bay over Buffalo; 51 points; 3 FG

cardcollector65jw - 49ers over chiefs, 49 points, and 5 FGs

Shaw Racing - Bucks over Bills, 57 points, 5 FGs.

Brett Alan - Buccaneers over Titans, 55 points, 3 FGs.

Dion's IP Autos only - Packers over Chiefs 83 Points 2 FGs

OhioTim - Pittsburgh Steelers over Green Bay Packers, 48 points, 2 field goals

Elliptical Man (Uncorrected Error on TCDB.) - Bills over Packers, 47 points, 3 field goals

abide (on TCDb) - Chiefs over Buccaneers  / 61 points / 2 field goals

Unknown - Cincinnati over Dallas 79 points and 1 field goal

shanepatrickwrites - patriots over packers 54 points, 3 fg's

Crocodile - Bucs over NE, 51 points and 4 fg's.

Brandon75 - Raiders over cowboys 55 points and 2 fg's  TCDB

packsux -Packers over the Bills, 51 points, 3 FGs. Packsux on TCDB

Sportzcommish - Pokes over Bills (again), 68 points, 4 FGs.

Jafronius - Packers over the Titans, 44 points, 3 FGs. Thanks for the contest!

gcrl - bucs over Chiefs 57 points, 4 FGs

Trevor P - Green Bay over Tennessee; 52 points; 1 FG PIMP

Robert - Bills over Packers, 50 pts. 3 FG

Sandy (Tscastle on TCDB) - Titans over Packers, 61 points, 4 FGs

Mark M (Chiken Biscuit on TCDB)- Pittsburgh over Dallas, 54 points, 4 FG

e.v.a.n (as myrke) - Packers over Patriots, 65 points, 3 FG

cardboardhogs - Green Bay over Tennessee, 56 points, 5 FG

Unknown - Titans beat the Cowboys, 56 points, and 4 field goals. Good luck to everyone!

Huskerfan22 - Cincinnati over Green Bay, 59 points, 5 FGS tcdb: Huskerfan22

Wilson - Bills over Cowboys, 50 points, 4 FGs

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  1. Still alive after one day!

    Granted, neither of my choices have played yet, but still! B^)