Saturday, January 9, 2021

11th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest Official Entries


First off let me thank everyone who signed up what a great turn out.  I did have a couple people email me to tell me they couldn't sign up for some reason, so I've manually added them myself on the official sign up post.  Second I want to thank the few of you that promoted the contest, either on your blogs or social media accounts, I appreciate getting the word out and I've added the PIMP next to your names to remind me to give you an extra entry into the door prize drawing.  If you promoted the contest and forgot to post a link let me know and I'll make sure to mark your entry.

Here are the official signs up, if you see I made a mistake about your entry please let me know, otherwise enjoy the playoff.  As I'm finally getting around to writing this post the Bills have just beat the Colt and boy that was a great game. And it doesn't affect this contest one bit because no one picked the Colts to win.  Overall I see a lot of people predict the two #1 seeds going at it in the big game and that would be a hell of a Super Bowl, but any given Sunday or Saturday.

Josh D. - Kansas City Chiefs over Green Bay Packers - 48 points - 2 FG

The Angels In Order - Bills over Packers, 44 points, 3 FG.

John Sharp - Bucs over Ravens, 56 points, 3 FGs.

FiresNBeers - Packers over Bills, 52 points, 4 FGs - PIMP

GTT - KC Chiefs over Saints, 59 points, 4 FGs. 

Scribbled Ink - Bucs over Bills, 55 points, 3 FGs

bakerybum - Packers over Titans, 52 points, 4 FGs

Robert - Packers over Chiefs. 65 points. 3 FGs

bbcardz - LA Rams over KC Chiefs, 59 points, 5 FGs

night owl - Bills beat Saints. 55 points. 4 field goals.

Shaw Racing - Bills over Bucs 50 5FGs

OhioTim - Pittsburgh Steelers over Green Bay Packers, 51 points, 3 field goals

jlcre2003 - Kansas City Chiefs over Green Bay Packers, 61 points, 4 FGs

KMack - Chiefs over Saints, 34-24. 3 FG's.

Adam - Cleveland Browns over Green Bay, 72 points, 5 FGs - PIMP

Corky - Seahawks over the Bills 63 total points and 4 FGs

cardboardhogs - Packers over Chiefs 63 total points and 3 FG’s

Fuji - Kansas City Chiefs over Green Bay Packers - 61 points - 4 FG - PIMP

kcjays - Kansas City over Green Bay - 65 points - 3 Field Goals

Dion's IP Autos only - KC Chiefs over GB Packers total of 69 points 2 Field Goals.

RunForeKelloggs - Bills over Packers; 68 points; 3 field goals

Nachos GrandeJanuary 5, 2021 at 3:02 PM

Steelers over Packers in a Super Bowl revenge. 48 total points, 2 field goals

abraham - Kansas City over Green Bay, 69 points, 1 field goal

Joseph Blaschke - Bills over the Saints; 53 total points. 4 FG's.

Ben Morris - Tampa Bay over Buffalo. 74 total points 5 FG

Johnny Crim - Green Bay Packers over Kansas City Chiefs, 66 points, 3 FGs

Ymmat - Bills over Packers. 55 points. 3 FG's.

The Diamond King - Packers over Chiefs, 64 points, 4 FG

Matt - Chiefs over packers 62 pts

Alan Deakins - Packers over Chiefs, 69 points, 2 FGS.....

gcrl - packers over bills, 58 points, 3 fg

shanepatrickwrites - Bills over Packers, 51 points, 3 fg's

Trevor P - Chiefs over Bucs, 55 points, 1 FG - PIMP

ketchupman36 - Seahawks over Titans. 40 points. 4 FG

Wilson - Baltimore Ravens over New Orleans Saints, 57 points, 4 Field Goals.

Jafronius - Packers over Chiefs, 57 points, 4 FGs. Thanks for the contest!

ToddSteb - Packers over Chiefs 59 points 1 fg

Autographs2000 (TCDB) Kansas City over Green Bay, 60 pts, 2 FG

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