Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Topps Update Baseball Jumbo box break

Taking a break from the Top 100, I got a jumbo box the other day and I do plan to get at least one more, but I figure I'd wait a few weeks to see if they come down in price at the LCS.  Anywho here's what I got.

There no new inserts, but there are a few new parallels.  The most prevalent are the cognac diamond parallels seeded 5, yes 5, per jumbo pack.

I guess my only question is why?  I realize that the platinum diamond inserts were a big hit, but do we really need another sparkly unnumbered parallel?  And not only are the Update series paralleled, but both Series 1 and 2 were inserted in these packs and all the variations are paralleled in all the different sparkly parallels.

The other new parallel is the Hope Diamond parallels numbered to 60, just like the black parallel cards.

I got one out of the box just like my black parallel card.

It's always nice to get a card for you collection.

Jumbo boxes boast 1 auto and 2 relics, but I also pulled a bonus "hit" out of this box.

First the relics and I'll use that term loosely because I really don't consider manufactured relics, relics.

I really like how these Next 60 cards look.  The red really makes them pop.  But I'm not sure if there is a regular next 60 red card, as I didn't get any other than this Starlin Castro auto card.

And a few weeks ago I made a comment how I've never pulled a printing plate out of a box.  Well I can't say that anymore.

A Peter Moylan yellow printing plate.

Not a bad box.  I got a full set out of the box and I'll probably end up buying another box and building another set.  I'm putting most of this  up on ebay to help pay for my addiction.

Go Brewers!!

CB out

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