Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cynicalbuddha's Top 100 #18

The Hawk!!!
Andre Dawson has a very nice signature.  I'll admit that it's one of the nicest sig's in baseball.  This is the only really cool card of the Hawk I own.  Not that I'm not a fan of his.  He's one of those guys I grew up watching and all those guys hold a place in my love of baseball.  I probably remember Dawson best as a Cub, but we all know he started out as an Expo.  I can hear all those young'ens now saying who the hell where the Expos?  They're now the Washington Nationals.  Ohhh.

Another great pull from 2005 and one I don't think I could get rid of.  Just an awesome card.  The swatch is a plain piece of jersey and the auto, a sticker, but in 2005 this was my best auto pull, the Yaz was probably my coolest card.

Number 18 on the Top 100....
2005 Donruss Classics Andre Dawson Stars of Summer Auto Relic BOS-1 numbered 086/100

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