Sunday, October 2, 2011

Almost the easiest World Series contest contestants!!

Wahoooo.  What a great weekend for sports.  What a great lead in to the playoffs and what a great couple of first games.  We got 21 people that entered my contest.  I'm really pleased with that.  I also gained one more follow for an even 70.  I also want to thank anyone who pimped the contest.

I was thinking what to do for prizes.  At first I thought about giving away the Prime 9 set I won at trade night last month, but that's was the lady's over at A Cardboard Problem are giving away, so I decided that vintage would be the way to go. 

So the winner will receive these five 1960 Topps Baseball cards.  I've had these sitting around for awhile. I don't even remember where I picked these up.   The winner will also get a nice healthy stack of cards from their favorite team.  There will be base, inserts, parallels, who knows maybe I might even throw in a relic or auto if I have one.

So here are the 21 entries and guesses.  I'll update the list after teams are eliminated.

Play at the Plate - Rangers over Phillies in 6. 13 Homers.
Sports Card Blog - Tigers over Brewers in 6. 13 Homers.
Eric L. - Tigers over Phillies in 7. 15 Homers.
 The Lost Collector - Yankees over Phillies in 6. 8 Homers.
Dfwbuck2 - Tigers over Phillies in 7. 11 Homers.
Night owl - Rangers over Brewers in 6. 7 Homers.
Spankee - Phillies over Rays in 5. 5 homers.
Greg Zakwin - Phillies over Yankees in 6. 5 Homers.
Cardanathema - Phillies over Tigers in 6.  7 Homers.
The Dimwit - Phillies over Tigers in 6.  9 Homers.
Paul - Yankees over Brewers in 6.  11 Homers
Josh D. - Phillies over Yankees in 6.  8  Homers.
Matt - Phillies over Rangers in 6. 6 Homers.
Potch - Tigers over Phillies in 7.  9 Homers.
Dan - Yankees over Phillies in 6.  8 Homers.
Piratesfan731 - Diamondbacks over Yankees in 6.  8 Homers.
Stealing Home - Phillies over Rays in 6. 11 Homers.
Robert - Tigers over Phillies in 7.  11 Homers
Colbey - Cardinals over Tigers in 5.  7 Homers
Steve D.  - Phillies over Yankees in 5. 6 Homers
AdamE - Tigers over Phillies in 5.  7 Homers.
Alright there you go.  Good luck everybody.

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