Friday, October 28, 2011

Winner Winner chicken Dinner!!! the Almost easiest World Series Contest on the Web has a winner!!!

It came down to 7 games.  We had 3 make it to the finals.  I asked you who would win.  Then asked for the opponent, number of games in the series and the total number of home runs (combine for both teams).

Well it didn't come to any of the tie breakers after all and Colbey from Cardboard Collections takes it all!!! Congrats Colbey I have those vintage cards coming your way and a nice stack of Braves cards and probably a few Panthers as well.  I have the Night Owl's address but if Play at the Plate will shoot me an email with his address I have some conciliation prizes for you guys. 

I'm kinda bummed the Rangers didn't pull it out, but I'm even more bummed my Brewers didn't.

So thanks to everybody who played and stay tuned for my next contest.


  1. I'll take a consy prize. I could use some consoling. Although not as much as others, I'll bet.

  2. I like to see the underdog win, but I like some of the players on the Rangers too so I wouldn't have been upset if the outcome was different...well other than not winning this contest that is.