Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Topps Update Box label and others.

I know a lot of set builders out there like to put there sets in 9 pockets and binders.  That's cool, but I don't have the room for that kinda storage.  So I put the cards in an old fashion cardboard card box.  I try to get the right size for the job.  You have to be careful and take into consideration card thickness with set size.  Up into 2008 Topps was including box label stickers with there flagship sets in Baseball and Football, both Topps and Bowman.  It was great for set builders like me who hand collate and store the set in a box.  Well Topps stopped doing it and I had to start making my own.  My first attempts were pretty lame. With me just either writing on the box itself, which looks unsightly with my awful handwriting or I'd type something up in Word and print it out and tape it on.  I tried to get as creative as possible, but some were much better than others.  Now that I have fairly decent photo editing software I'm trying to incorporate box design into the label as much as possible.  I also decided I'd like to share them with you if your looking for a label for you set.  I've been buying lots of vintage bad wax and putting cheap sets together so those box labels will be there too.  I'm going to add a nice stand alone page dedicated to the box labels.  So check it out.  And if you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see let me know. I can whip them out fairly quick if I can find a good scan or have one saved somewhere.  I might also offer a couple so you can have some variety.

What I do is for my labels is.. I have a Word document that I put six 2 inch by 3 inch boxes on the page.  Then I use the fill object function with the label I've made.  I usually do front and back label so it doesn't matter which way I put the box back on the shelf.

Here we have my new 2011 Topps Update box label.

I've done a little photoshopping to it. But it's basically the box top cropped.  You can see the box bends in the  photo sorry.  
Next we have 2011 Topps Football

With Dirty Sanchez

2010 National Chicle
2010 T206

2010 Magic. You can also replace the 2010 with 2009 if you need a 2009 box label.  This is probably one set I would love to put in a binder.  The card art is just so awesome.

92 Stadium Club Baseball

95 Select.  yeah not one of my best.

This years opening day box label.

I had a great 2011 Allen and Ginter box label but I can't find it and I might have, gasp, deleted it.

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  2. Great idea ! I'm very big on labeling.I have a large number of boxes of cards to sell and/or trade and labels makes it much easier to find what I'm looking for.I'm not a 'neat freak', but I like the labels to be legible and presentable.I may have to steal a little of your idea !! I'm working on new labels for my binders also.