Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Brewers Team set Need list!!!

I'm a sad, sad baseball fan.  My team got so close and then fell apart. But I do love baseball and the World Series starts here in a few hours so I'm looking forward to that.  This post is just a quick plug for any traders out there that have some misc. Brewers commons laying around that you want to get rid of.  I decided a while back to organize my Brewers collections and start putting together team sets from all the major issues.  I've been keeping a needs list over at my Brewers Blog:  Miles From Miller, but seeing that this blog gets 1000 times more views than that one I decided to move my wants and needs over to this blog.  I also moved my Packers needs over here too.  My main goal, ultimately is to put together a team set from ever major issue ever. And while in the long run that's totally doable, to some extent, in the short term it's not.  So I've set some  goals.  My first main goal is to get my Topps Flagship sets done.  I'm slowly working my way through my cards.  I've collected quite a bit and part of my collection in still buried at my parents house over 2500 miles away.  I've been adding to the needs list as I work my way through.  So if a set doesn't have any needs or isn't labeled as Complete it just means I haven't worked through it yet.  Anything marked in red means I've either ordered it or traded for it but haven't gotten it yet.  Once I get cards sorted into the collection I remove them so if a set has listings, those are the only ones I need.

Back to my main goals. Like I said my main goal is Topps Flagship.  I'm close to finishing off the 70's and with COMC's Black Friday shipping deal coming up I'm going to probably try to take care of the rest of my needs in the 70's.  The 80's and 90's are coming together and so is the more recent releases.  Next I'll focus on the Fleer, Donruss, Score, Pacific, and Upper Deck flagships.  I've been recently going through a huge Brewers common lot I bought last year and have worked out most of the first decade of Upper Deck.  Then when I finally get all those done I'll start working on the ancillary issues from all the card companies.  It's good to set goals.  I've been using the resources of Teamsets4U and Trading Card Database to put together my team set lists.  The needs list is a little clunky as Blogger seems to get persnickety with you try to do a lot of  editing in it.  

Anyways this is just a heads up to anyone looking to trade.  I also have quite a stock of stuff from recent years and even some stuff as far back as the mid 80's.  So if anyone's looking for team cards from any of the old school breaks I did a while back or has a want list from some recent baseball or football let me know.  I'm always looking to help out and I keep my needs list pretty up to day with the sets I'm building.

Alright enough chatter, enjoy game one everybody. I'm pulling for the Rangers myself, still bitter toward the red birds.

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  1. hey there - sorry if i contacted you before..i contacted a few blogs and just cant rememeber all of them. i noticed your shout out and i wanted to let you know i have some brewers cards for trade. this is my blog's brewers page -

    stop by. u might see something you like.